Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Susan asks…

drawbacks of internet marketing?

barry0912 answers:

Personally I think internet marketing is the way to go but if you are looking for drawbacks, its the X factor. Entire weekends where online usage drops dramatically. I am not talking about Christmas, or an invasion someplace where everyone is watching the news. I am talking about random weekends where a large percentage of the population just inexplicably shuns their computers. But having said that— it isn’t a big deal in the overall scheme of things.

Paul asks…

www. in internet marketing.?

I had read somewhere that when you’re doing internet marketing, and using google search engine optimization for example, that having the (www) part of the web address is very important as apposed to not having it.

For example will be understood or found by google whereas won’t be.

Is this true? How important is the www?

barry0912 answers:

Many web addresses begin with www, because of the long-standing practice of naming Internet hosts (servers) according to the services they provide. The hostname for a web server is often www, as it is ftp for an FTP server, and news or nntp for a USENET news server. These host names appear as Domain Name System (DNS) subdomain names, as in The use of such subdomain names is not required by any technical or policy standard and many web sites exist without a www subdomain prefix, or with some other prefix such as “www2”, “secure”, etc. These subdomain prefixes have no consequence; they are simply chosen names. Many web servers are set up such that both the domain by itself (e.g., and the www subdomain (e.g., refer to the same site, others require one form or the other, or they may map to different web sites.

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Your Questions About Anonymous

Jenny asks…

What is the best free anonymous proxy server?

I am trying to use an anonymous proxy server to make it harder for the “internet” to know my IP address. Anyone know?

barry0912 answers:

Unfortunately good free Proxies are a thing of the past – You might find some if you asked on FacePunch or a Usenet forum (or torrenting forum for that matter) however most people are going to tell you that paid VPN and Proxy are the only real safe way to protect yourself these days – With all the file sharing laws up in the air, VPN and Proxy are big big business, and you are likely to have all the pages you visit over the VPN, passwords etc all redirected to/through third parties.

Look for a paid for service that will give you security, as well as a guarantee that if the law comes knocking on their doorstep, they dont have logs of your activity.

George asks…

What to write on an anonymous valentines note?

How do i start it? It’s for one of my best friends, hes a guy im a girl lol, but i dont want to ruin things all out by asking him out SO i thought i’d hide an anonymous note in his bag 🙂 any suggestions?

barry0912 answers:

That is really sweet of you. I love the idea of putting a little note in his bag. But you could be soooo much more creative. Why not use one of the anonymous mailing websites out there like . You can write a really sweet and insightful letter, and even include some meaningful photographs (maybe pictures of things that would slowly give him an idea of who you are, without actually telling who you are.) I would love to get an anonymous letter, with a few pics or art, or something I created for my crush or just some romantic photograph of something meaningful, like where you share a moment you think you connected (a place). Just an idea- It would be cool to do the extra mile. Good Luck hope this helps.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

James asks…

Desperately need to find a VERY ACTIVE forum, support group, chat or social network to discuss my issues?

Hi people

First of all, why does the Internet seem so dead and lonely?. I have been suffereing miserably with anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, etc lately and yet I can’t seem to find any forums, supports groups or chat rooms where there are people I can converse with and relate to. Most forums are dead, all of the active chat rooms are full of nasty talk and trolls and social networks want too much information to make me feel comfortable about joining them.

There are several major social networks I was really excited about joining but since I plan to talk about very personal (and often embarrassing) medical issues, I don’t want to have to provide my full name, date of birth, zip code, phone number, etc. I have also been stalked a few times in the past and I just don’t like the trade-off of having to lay my life out just for the privilage and having a conversation.

Is there any place I can go to talk to other like-minded people (preferably a very active health-type site) and where I can just use a screen name (ie; “fred123”)?. I don’t want to be watched, monitored, stalked, have my information sold to some marketing agency, be asked for my “full name” (or other personal info) that might identify me to some stalker, etc. I just want to TALK.

Thanks for any help, Nick

barry0912 answers:

Hi, Nick –

Wow, I agree with you – there indeed are too many (probably-for-profit) websites that publicize how they have all these different peer support groups – but then you go in, and find that most of those “groups” are just dark, empty alleys, where you might read of a couple of old “cries for help” in the unresponded-to-messages on the wall.

Here’s one that I hope you find most helpfully different…

Psych Central Forums
First, go to the 2nd category, “Mental Health Support,”
and see the two message board sections there:
– Anxiety, Panic and Phobias
But also go down to the 4th category, “Health & Other Support,” to see if one of those message sections there might be appropriate to sharing & discussing your “personal medical issues.”

Two other websites to check out, to see if any are “for you”…

Panic Survivor
Click on “Survivor Forums” on left.
See the message boards for those who suffer from different form of anxiety. The focus at this website is on setting your own personal goals, day-to-day survival skills, and recovery.

Panic Center
Message boards and tools for those who have panic attacks.

It’s been a long time since I registered with these websites, so I don’t recall the precise details. I hope they are acceptable to you.

In any case, wishing you the very best.

– Ed

David asks…

Are Q & A forums such as this going to replace Usenet forums?

It’s apparent that Yahoo and others are cashing in on the Q & A forum market. While generally good for internet users, I’m wondering whether this kind of thing is going to replace Usenet. I’ve always found the old-fashioned internet newsgroups to be a good source of knowledge.
Usenet’s adoption into the Google Groups utility has made it a lot more user friendly in the last few years, making it even more similar to Yahoo Answers.

barry0912 answers:

Not likely…

For one thing there are newsgroups where vendors such as Microsoft provide direct support for their products and they are not going to migrate to a product from say a Yahoo.

BTW I answered your license question, correctly I might add unlike all the other answers.

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