Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Thomas asks…

What colleges offers internet marketing?

i need to know that what colleges offers the internet marketing

barry0912 answers:

Colleges offer “marketing” courses and taking those courses would definitely give you an edge when you get into internet marketing.

Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate? They are an Internet Marketing University that teaches you to become an internet (affiliate) marketer.

If you’re new to internet marketing and are just checking things out for the first time, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a great resource for you! Here you’ll find an extensive library of solid, useful information, courses, videos and tutorials that will give you a good foundation from which to start and build your own internet (affiliate) marketing business.

WA is famous for its FORUM COMMUNITY, members from all over the world are there to help you so that you are never alone.

So check it out and I hope that helps.

Stephen Willie (WA I.D. Mywa32)

Robert asks…

How does Internet marketing differ from traditional marketing?

barry0912 answers:

Contrary to popular belief, internet marketing does not differ too much from traditional marketing.

The internet affords us a faster and more convenient way to reach our target audience. It also expands our target audience to include those globally, where traditional marketing would be focussed more on local targets. Those points would make up the main differences.

One of the very exciting things about internet marketing is that it opens the floodgates for the everyday man or woman in the street to participate in an arena where they can own their own business, for minimal outlay and small ongoing costs.

When you cut through all the hype and clutter online, its very easy to see that the traditional marketing systems, focuses and requirements are still there. Its just that many enterprising folks have found a way to make things easier and faster, via the internet.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

Chris asks…

What is a good and cheap way of marketing my website?

I need a good way to market my social website, that has been recently constructed. What are some good ways doing this?

barry0912 answers:

Hi buddy..

Here are my “Top 7 FREE Traffic/Advertising Or BLOG Visitors Generating Tips”

1)Viral Pictures
Viral is closely connected with something that may spread easily.So i suggest you to create a viral picture which is closely connected with your products and spread it.
Everyone likes funny pictures and they don’t mind sharing it with others.It’s viral.So, If you’re selling a health product, then you may create a funny picture about it and put your website’s name on it.
Next, just forward it to as many contacts as possible using e-mails. Whether it’s a 12 years old kid or 21 years old adult.They would just love and share it with others. Can you see how easy it is?

2)Viral Videos
Videos are the most famous entertainment on the Internet.People would just love it dues to it’s effectivenes in spreading the message. So i suggest you to create viral videos about your product and again put your link in it.
If you got 3 minutes video, then make sure your website’s link is visible throughout the whole 3 minutes.If you don’t have the neccessary tools to create a video, then you can simply collect 5-10 viral pictures and then convert it into video using Windows Movie Maker.
Then just upload it to You Tube or Google Videos. Now using bluetooth everyone is exchanging videos from their mobiles or computers. If your video is viral enough to attract others, it will easily spread to others.

Suggested Link

3)Yahoo Answers
I probably won’t be answering your question if i don’t know the answer. And i won’t suggest you any websites link if i think that it’s not going to help you.
So simply answer any questions that you’re knowleadgeable(your niche market) at and put a link to your websites as extra source for others.
If your answer is good and solved the questions, people would also expect for more tips and suggestion from you.If you suggested any website links, there are high chances for anyone to visit it.

4)Forum Marketing
Forum Marketing works just like Yahoo Answers. They would be a lot of tips and questions exchanged in any forums.
So start getting active and contribute to any forum members and they will appreciate your expertise and start visiting your websites fo more up-to-date tips.

Suggested Link:

5)Newsgroup Marketing
Promote your expertise and links in newsgroups by contributing your tips to other members.

Suggested Link:

6)Article Marketing
Write articles within your niche and submit it to article directories.Write good and informative articles and a nice bio box that’ll attract visitors.

Suggested Link:

7)Social Networking
Use social networking sites to promote your products and links. As you know social networking sites are self promotoable. If you got a nice profile with beautiful pictures in it, i bet you’ll get a lot of visits from other members.

Suggested Link:

Lisa asks…

Pl provide any certified internet which offered money related work?

I shall be grateful if any body provide internet work from where a person can earn money.

barry0912 answers:

I think the best way to earn money through internet is Blogging. You can use Google’s blogger for this purpose. There are millions of people looking for something interesting to read, to play, to chat with some one, to share their ideas on the web. If you are creative, start writing a story and put it on your blog in pieces. People will keep coming to your blog to read the next part of the story. Or if you do not like to stress your mind in writing stories, you can even create a blog as a warehouse of useful information. You just need to keep yourself abreast with the latest things going in the world. It could be about share market, about some news event or about some book launch. Google for it and put the best and most useful links on your blog (provided you do not do any copyright violation).
You can think of some other innovative ways too.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

George asks…

I want to start a blog site?

I have seen people having their own blog site, so am planning to create my own blog site. Regarding that i have some question.
1. How much money i need to spend as a initial investment.
2. Do i earn by creating a blog site.
3. How to make my blog site popular.

barry0912 answers:

I think you have used all three wishes.

OK 1 no money needed, you need to go to blogger, forget wordpress for now, if you have never blogged before you need to start with the basics. That way you wont get frustrated and will keep going with it.

OK 2 Earn money from a blog, well that should be question number three. I know you are eager to earn money with a blog but there are specific reasons why you should start to make your blog reasonably popular first. In a nutshell if you put advertisements on your blog before it is popular you can be penalized for it and earn nothing, and earn nothing for a long time. It’s best to get some regular visitors first.

OK 3 How to make a blog popular, very good question. If you can make a blog popular enough you can make some serious money from your blog. There are literally hundreds of ways to attract and put your blog out there so it is visible on the net. But to build a strong following you need to have a really good topic and excellent material on your blog.

If you want some more support on this, I can send you heaps of stuff to read which will get you on the right track, also some really kewl tools that will save you heaps of time. Just go to my blog and leave an email address and I will send you some ebooks on internet marketing.


Also I highly recommend this program

Ken asks…

When can I get more info about Internet Marketing?

I would like to learn more about internet marketing. I am wondering to start my business online

barry0912 answers:

Hello Claudia.
I am not sure what kind of info you are searching about internet marketing, but i think on this blog you will find some useful information.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

James asks…

So I know most work at home jobs on the internet are scams but I signed up anyway!?

So I know most work at home jobs on the internet are scams but I signed up anyway!?
So I know most work at home jobs on the internet are scams but I signed up anyway!?
So I know most work at home jobs on the internet are scams but I signed up anyway!?
I really would like for this to work. I have signed up with, and I’ve started placing my ads and even signed up with a ppc on Yahoo Direct marketing. I’ve only did this for about a wk and I haven’t made any sales. Is there anyone out there that has been successful on Do you have any tips. If I don’t make at least 1 Sale I’m just going to CL my membership but this one got really good reviews. I work thru isn’t that where I would see my sales. Please Help!

barry0912 answers:

Yeah, you are so right. SCAMS!! When you sign on and participate in these kinds of “opportunities” . . . What you usually do is just make someone else rich . . . But at any rate, I want to wish you the best of luck . . .

Helen asks…

Are there any Work from Home jobs that are not a scam?

I am desperately trying to work from home so I can be a mother to my kids. I have lots of experience in sales, advertising, marketing, computer/internet work, etc. Just something on the computer would be great. I am not looking for one of those programs where you pay money to be an indepedent rep. I tried a few of those already and frankly I have wasted my money. I need something that I can do day or night from home, that does not require me to pay a start up fee or deposit. Can anyone please help ? Thanks to all who respond.

barry0912 answers:


I’ve found many good ideas for work from home jobs on this blog, it doesnt sell anything or require payment, but contains some useful information and suggestions on working from home jobs.

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Solarmovieso malware

Problem- Keying in a URL into your address bar involving Internet Explorer causes this browser to frost nova up. If you open up task manager the thing is that the process IEXPLORE.exe triggers CPU usage to be able to spike to 100 .
I have seen numerous discussions concerning this one and I include addressed it more than once. Bear in mind that this is just a single solution to a problem that may have numerous causes adhere to what they youve been dealing with this problem then youll know it truly is worth looking into. Firstly you should try to get rid of virtually any malware that may be skulking in your PC. Make sure your virus defense is up to date. Run scans for spywareadware having Spybot Search and Destroy or perhaps Ad-aware or BOTH Its probably also a good idea in order to scan for any rootkits to make certain your AV software packages are picking everything upwards. Solarmovieso malware If after that you happen to be satisfied that your Laptop or computer is clean then you may be dealing with a few incompatible IE Add-ons.
Its a reasonable presumption that when your computer all of a sudden starts acting curiously that you are under attack by some charlatan malware. Believe me as being a PC repair tech that is always the first thing that pertains to my mind. However often the problem is not malevolent at all. Many times its simply bad coding through an otherwise well-intentioned software developer. The problem of viruss along with Spyware though is becoming so pervasive we tend to get caught up in this mentality that it just has to be a virus therefore we wind up chasing dark areas and never really amuse the idea of a significantly less sinister cause. When you havent eliminated viruses as a possible cause of your browser lockups I suggest you make it happen first before moving on to the next suggestions outlined in this article. Download a totally free trial version of SUPERAntiSpyware Download the Free trial offer of the PRO variation for best results. When you download your content install it and attempt a FULL system check out. If you Do have any spyware and adware on your system this program will find it. After youre sure that all your bases have been engrossed in Spyware and viruses then try this-
Option- In Internet Explorer simply click Tools Internet Options. Select the Programs tab. Press Manage Add-Ons. Make sure you have picked out Add-ons that have been used by net explorer in the drop-down box. Today go down the entire listing selecting each entrance and checking the actual Disable radio button. You will definately get a message for each one particular telling you that you have to reactivate Internet Explorer. Just click OK and moving down the checklist until all articles are disabled. Youll be able to restart Internet explorer kind a URL in the address bar if the freeze-up problem has faded.
If IE isnt going to freeze then youve simply just discovered the source with the problem Now get back on the Manage Add-ons dialog box and start re-enabling the BHOs. Dont enable every one of them at once. We need to discover the guilty party. Enable two or three at any given time restarting IE right after each time and try keying in in an address. If your browser freezes you might have found the culprit. Depart any entries which have been having a problem arranged to Disabled
Other than a number of minor cosmetic differences in the interface this process is pretty much the same for all versions of Internet Explorer.
If youre dealing with this matter I know how frustrating it may be. I hope this article has already been helpful. For lots more useful information and articles please visit my website at . Solarmovieso malware

Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

Maria asks…

I need a good quality internet marketing or webmaster forum?

I have tried some of the major ones and have been left dissapointed.

Digital Point – Mostly taken over by spammers posting lame one line comments or asking the same question that was just asked 3 threads earlier.

Warrior Forum – Mostly a bunch of marketers and wannabe marketers all trying desperately to sell each other ebboks.

V7N – Little in the way of traffic or useful information.

Can anyone please offer me some suggestions, are there any better forums out there for discussing things such as blogging, website creation, marketing, SEO and similar?

barry0912 answers:

I am currently posting over 100 webmasters forums what i realized that most of the forums has filled with spammers. Only few of webmasters forums has never disappointed me such as,,, and
You can try these forums which i mentioned above hope they will not disappointed you as digitalpoint or warrior forums did.


William asks…

In terms of Affiliate Marketing, do internet forums do well in attracting traffic?

Or would another type of site be more profitable?

barry0912 answers:

NO — because:

1 – many forum owners and administrators don’t like people spamming their forum and putting in links; or merely using their forum to advertise their affiliate programs

2 – you can get traffic, but not a lot of traffic. You will have to spam a lot of forums with your affiliate links to be able to get a sizeable traffic

Getting traffic should be a multi-pronged approach, and not just using 1 strategy. Examples include

Send out press releases. While outfits charge as much as $650 per release, there are free press release submission places on the Web. Press releases allow you to (a) attract media attention; (b) get more back links to your website without sending each website an email request; and (c) get more visibility especially if your press release gets in Google News or Yahoo News.


Submit articles. Write articles and submit them to websites accepting author submissions. You get exposure for your business; establishes you as an authority in your field, and allows you to get backlinks for your website. If 50 websites publish your article and it contains a link back to your website, then you easily get 50 links from a single article. The more links you have, the greater your chances for increasing your search engine rankings.

Here is a comprehensive list of where to submit your articles;_ylt=AhzreGmnCUicOoyedqypscUjzKIX?qid=1006022407481

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