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Road Trip Warrior – Extreme Street Racing
Slightly Social

Genre: Games

Release Date: June 13, 2013

Your heart is pounding. Your engine is revving. You are behind the wheel of the coolest retro muscle cars in history, and nobody can stop you.

Take these speed machines on an extreme road trip, leave the other weekend warriors in your rear view mirror as you collect nuts & nitro to prove that you are the most extreme speed racer of them all!

Risky off roading & extreme stunts over bridge gaps are just the start of the adrenaline pumping thrill ride that awaits you!

Download now!

Still not convinced? Here’s 10 reasons why you have to download Road Trip Warrior – Extreme Street Racing

â‘  It’s Free And Has Kids Mode 🙂
â‘¡ Arousing Retro 3D Car Racing!
â‘¢ Earn Real Prizes with P4RC Rewards!
â‘£ Simple Controls & Addictive Gameplay!
⑤ Game Center Leaderboards & Challenges.
â‘¥ Get Coins & Mystery Boxes To Buy Better Cars!
⑦ Lots of Toilet Time Missions!
⑧ Radical Air Stunts & Replays With Everyplay!
⑨ Content Updates To Come!
â‘© Stunning Soundtrack and FX!

* Any real money purchase instantly removes ads from this new must-have free game!

Other Features

•Different car attributes, fitting to your play style
•Develop Your Air Time Skills and Perform Barrel Rolls and Nice Landings
•Tap the screen to boost your speed
•Keep it fast Achieving Combo Multipliers That Allows Double Or Triple Barrel Rolls
•Be Rewarded by the Extra Risk of Performing Close Shaves in Other Cars
•Get Bonus Upgrades in our Garage to get better rewards of your Extreme Road Trip

© © Slightly Social

Your Questions About Anonymous Surfing

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Maria asks…

What is the best anonymous surfing service.?

It doesn’t have to be too complicated. I just don’t want my Myspace friends know where I am and my IP address.

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barry0912 answers:


Simple enough, right?

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James asks…

If someone is using an open WiFi connection that doesn’t belong to them, will he be surfing anonymous?

For example if Mc Donald’s WiFi is used, university WiFi, or other free, open WiFi spots. Will he give up any other information than his location, and the web pages and information that is entered while surfing? Will a laptop or mobile leave any kind of footprint?

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barry0912 answers:

It all depends on what the wifi is logging.. If in order to log into your “open” wifi connection at school you need to log in, then you could be being logged.. If it is just a random wifi that someone forgot to put a password on, usually the only thing you are leaving is your MAC address that will usually expire in 30 days.. If it is a wifi that is trying to log everything you are doing, it can obviously get your location, your MAC address, EVERYTHING you send on the network, including all your sites, passwords, etc.. It can even send you fake sites.. You could be thinking that you are looking at facebook and you put in your password and username, but the wifi actually is just pretending to be a faebook site in which case you are just giving away your login credentials….

What i would do is this..
Make sure you change your MAC address, have a software firewall installed, use encrypted connections..

For the MAC address, you can use something like TMAC

for the firewall, you can use your windows firewall assuming you are using windows..

For the encryption, use an encrypted proxy of some sort.. I just have a proxy server at home that i always connect in which case i know i can trust it…

Additional things you can do.. The wifi you are connected to can easily identify your OS that you are using by looking at the packets you are sending.. Each OS usually sends slightly different packets that can be used to identify your OS… So if you care enough that you dont want the Wifi to find out what OS you are using, you can use a “OS Obfuscator” that will make your computer look like a linux or a mac or a windows.. Or a mixture that will just confuse them..


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Your Questions About Title Vii

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Michael asks…

is their a difference between the civil rights act of 1964 and title vii?

i’m trying to define the two and they have the same meaning

i don’t want to seem repetitive during my presentation about these two….is there another definition or a way to say the meaning so it doesn’t seem redundant?

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barry0912 answers:

Title 7 can refer to Title 7 of USC–agriculture. Or too title 7 of the civil rights act. Thus its a subset of the act.

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Robert asks…

How does the civil rights act of 1964 title vii deal with business?

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barry0912 answers:

It provides protection form negative employment actions based SOLELY on the fact that a person is of a certain race, sex, religion or national origin……
Sexual orientation is NOT covered
disability was added by the ADA
age for those over 40 was added under ADEA
active military duty and those returning from active duty protections fall under USERRA. And SCRA

as far as how a business operates it also protects customers to some degree from the same types of discrimination however customers are NOT protected under ADEA or USERRA but they are protected to a degree (and.or circumstance) under ADA and SCRA.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Ken asks…

A friend is looking for a marketing job in Orange Co., CA?

just received her resume from my network…….She’s in marketing and has 19 years of experience that includes, branding, direct response, Internet, direct mail, media, and event planning; hands-on, a go-getter, and always looking for a new challenge.

Please provide a website or contact I can share with her. Thnx!

barry0912 answers:

I know someone looking for Marketing people in that area:

Laura asks…

are there any jobs i can do from home, without paying a ton of money?

i was doing avon for a while, but got tired of it… is there anything similar?? i dont want any marketing-scam internet ‘business’… i don’t want a business… i want a job.
i’m unable to go to a traditonal job due to me not having any child-care for my son. i’m also in school, and busy with that.

crash crate isnt a job……
who the hell is michelle miller?

barry0912 answers:

Good typist? Type manuscripts for authors, college professors and college student’s reports. If you are good at using search engines offer to do their research for them. Easy work and pays fairly well. .Advertise to call senior citizens without families every day to say hello and make sure they are OK (charge a small fee but only takes a few seconds) Senior centers will give you leads. If you are talented on computer, and know Publisher, make flyers, brochures and business cards for small business people and college students. Public bulletin boards at colleges etc can generate work for you.Slow at first but can build up. Do not fall for work at home advertisements, they are usually phony and just want money from you.

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