Your Questions About Anonymous Surfing

James asks…

What is a good program to use for anonymous Internet surfing?

A lot has happened in these past five years and although I don’t really feel any safer now than I did in 2001, I DO feel like Americans have more to fear from their government than from any terrorist. However, I don’t think that RIGHT NOW I have any real concerns about using the web, but who the hell knows what the laws will be in the future…?

barry0912 answers:

Umm … First step… Anonymous proxy.

Helen asks…

What is a good,safe, and reliable proxy to use for anonymous surfing.?

barry0912 answers:

This Free proxy will unblock some popular sites including Facebook, Youtube and MySpace.

The IP address changes every day.

Today’s address, July 22nd, is:

Configure the proxy setting in your browser to this address and port 80 to use this.

The daily address update is available at these sites every morning:

This paid VPN service gets past even the most restrictive blockers that block proxies. It will work where proxies fail.


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Your Questions About Anonymous Surfing

Paul asks…

Anonymous web surfing software decrease the internet speed?

i want to know that wether the softwares like anonymous web surfing and ghost surf platinum decreases the speed of the internet..Are they effect on your browsing speed?Is it a better solution instead of using a firewall?

barry0912 answers:

If you want to anonymous surf use a VPN as they are untraceable, other things like ghost surf show up as proxies and can easily be found out.

Also VPNs never decrease the speed and can in some cases speed it up.

Donna asks…

Free Proxies servers for anonymous surfing with Web proxy websites for internet security?

Free Proxies servers for anonymous surfing with Web proxy websites for internet security

barry0912 answers:

Off the top of my head.

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