Your Questions About Title Nine

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Ken asks…

Does anyone know the name of an asian film with the title sixty nine but with the numbers 6 and 9 in there too

I think it might be an independent film, and it was in Taiwan or another small Asian country and it was about a woman who lived in apartment number nine but the nine flipped upside down and was a six. The wrong people came into her apartment and she ended up killing them by accident. I can’t exactly remember the plot, but I watched it a year or two ago, anyone know?

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barry0912 answers:

The name is 6ixtynin9 in English or Ruang Talok 69 . It is a Thai film.

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William asks…

has title nine afected women playing in the pga?

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barry0912 answers:

Indirectly, yes.
While Title IX only effects school programs receiving federal money, it has led to a vast increase in the number of female players getting exposed to the game in a competitive situation. That increase in the number of players will not only gradually begin to increase the number of quality players (as illustrated in both men’s and women’s golf over the past decade or so), but will inevitably lead to a woman capable of playing on the men’s tour.

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