Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

William asks…

What is the best internet marketing strategy?

I like to know what are the effective marketing strategies that can be use in promoting a websites without expending to much money.

barry0912 answers:

The best way to promote your website(s) online is to use a mix of the many different strategies now available. There really is no single “best” strategy.

You will get the best results by implementing, testing and tweaking different strategies in order to see which ones work best for you.

Video marketing, article marketing and social media are a few that come to mind if you’re looking for free or cheap channels and there are others as well.

If you don’t want to lose your shirt, you should stay away from Google paid advertising. However getting your website ranked high in Google’s Organic listings using search engine optimization can be very effective, but it is Very competitive these days depending on the niche you are in.

Because the are so many ways to market online these days and so many “Gurus” bombarding us with with their “make money systems”, it’s very easy to get information overload and find yourself not making the money or getting the traffic you should, because you’re being pulled in so many different directions at once.

One of the best programs I’ve used to learn effective Internet Marketing strategies and keep my focus through it all was Chris Farrell’s Program.

I’ve gone through it myself and it also comes highly recommended.

Hope this helps Angel.

Robert asks…

Any ideas on where I can find an article about the marketing strategy of a company?

I need to write a summary of an article on a company’s marketing strategy for a class. It can be any company I want. My problem is I can seem to find any good articles. Does any one have any ideas where I can find one?

barry0912 answers:

You don’t really find too many articles on ‘marketing strategies’ unless it’s by chance and it’s briefly stated since most of it is part of trade secrets anyway.

To do your project, first get a clear definition of what marketing actually is. A lot people think it’s just selling but it goes way beyond that. Basically, you can just simplify and that there are the “5 P’s” to remember:

Product – What are they selling?
Place – Where will they distribute?
Promotion – How you communicate your features and benefits to your customers and getting it out.
People – The value your people bring to your customers
Price – How much to make a decent profit?

With those questions in mind it gives you a solid idea of what it is. My apologies if you already know. I’m assuming you don’t since most people are clueless. 🙂

What you can do next is find a website of a company that interests you and simply figure out the answers as a that will spell it out for you anyway. Don’t make it a dull Question & Answer report of what I just wrote either. You need to grasp what it means and write in your own words what the main points are in your research. Put some heart into it. I’ll even give you a sample:

Lets say, Walmart’s marketing strategy. They sell every household item you could think of that people need at a very low cost. Thats how they appeal to people. They are able to do that thru cheap labor in China which workers there earn less than $3 per day. Without China’s slave labor (or anybody else’s), Walmart’s current lucrative money making system would not be possible.

From overseas, vessels arrive daily with thousands of containers of products to be picked up and distributed to the warehouses which are enormous in size, about the length of 3-4 city blocks long and a football field or two, wide. Planners create work orders for the warehouse workers to load up trailers with specific items needed that are automatically updated in the computer instantly (after a cashier scans a purchased item that goes thru their network) then full trailers are delivered out to their locations on schedule.

One good incentive to buying from them is you are constantly getting new products and name brands since even the store manager doesn’t know what they’re getting ever.

Walmart promotes themselves thru the radio, tv, newspaper, and the internet ad + website. ( and junk mailers.

The workers are people of all walks of life ranging from young teens to senior citizens and disabled. Workers are not customer service oriented, don’t like to be bothered and lack training & skills with proper etiquette but that’s the trade off if you want low prices. Prices vary as low as pennies on the dollar to picking a flat screen tv for $1500

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Thomas asks…

How do I manage separate Customers in Microsoft Project 2003?

I have Microsoft Project 2003, and own an Internet marketing company. I am struggling with how to manage where each Customer is currently at, task-wise at any given time period, like weekly or monthly. One customer may have been with us for a few months (therefore some specific tasks have already been completed), while a brand new customer is just starting specific new tasks. We have over 20 customers to date.

How in Project do I enter different Customers/Companies with specific tasks assigned to each one? ie. CompanyA, CompanyB, etc.

Ultimately, I’d like to view a weekly report showing each customer, and tasks that have been completed for each customer, and which tasks are still pending completion, to be completed that week.

I’m sure I don’t Create a New Project for each company name, with tasks assigned, correct? Otherwise, it would be extremely tedious opening separate project files to view each customer’s tasks and their standing each week.

Please help…so confusing.

barry0912 answers:

A couple of assumptions:
1. Each customer would go through the same or very similar set of tasks
2. You would prefer to work with one Microsoft Project schedule as opposed to multiple files (and a Master plan)

Here is what I would suggest.
1. Create a summary task for each customer
2. Under each summary task, insert the set of routine tasks
3. Set up each customer as a Resource on the Resource Sheet
4. Assign the proper customer to the corresponding set of tasks
5. To see who should be working on what, you can use the Filter for and select the proper date range.

Be sure to maintain the % Complete column and keep dates in line with reality.

For additional tips with Microsoft Project, try this link:

Joseph asks…

What types of personal information do you think should be illegal on the internet?

The amount of data and information about individuals that is stored anywhere on the internet increases every day. Marketing companies gather and sell information about consumer habits and detailed transaction information. Cell phone records can track your calls and also where the calls were made from. Sometimes incorrect or embarrassing information can damage reputations.
Do you think certain information should be illegal for people to find online?
If so, what types of information?

barry0912 answers:

I don’t think anything should be withheld by law. As long as the government is posting information that is inherently confidential (which they aren’t).

Frankly, I don’t think ease really stops anything if the person or company is determined, it certainly didn’t start any of this. There have always been surveys, our information has always been sold. Anyone having a problem with it should only enter into contracts with privacy clauses.

The problem with fighting to abridge free speech is that you open the door for ANYTHING to be censored. Who exactly decides what’s unnecessary? Embarrassing v relevant information? A gubernatorial candidate in my state plagiarized an article. That’s embarrassing, so it can’t be posted online? It’s damaging his reputation pretty severely. Would he be able to decide whether or not it can be posted? Would you?

See what I mean?

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Degree

Michael asks…

Internet Marketing (Fresher) Resume Help?

I’ve got MBA(Marketing) degree. And now, I am to be an Internet Marketing Professional. I have no prior experience though I have got descent knowledge of SEO, SEM, Social Media etc.
Please help me by forming a good Objective statement and Career Summary sections of resume as I am really stuck in it.

barry0912 answers:

This would help u I believe!



Daniel asks…

iam master in business adminustartion in real estate and my doctor degree same college too i need job internet?

marketing so at the moment i lieveing in iran but i will take up with international real estate when i continue my course and university degree i dont like any risk befor treavels so i want try from internet markting.

barry0912 answers:

You may want to consider taking some English grammar courses. You will be taken more seriously if your writing is perfected.

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Will solarmovie give you viruses

Computer infections have been a common time period for all computer users. Nonetheless if we use the laptop or computer all day really know the way to remove computer viruses and do the data healing when unexpected intruder suffer from these horrible In fact as you see this article and discover some basics concerning computer viruses you must know several ways to remove yourself or automatically. It isnt just so horrible. Removing viruses now
Do you have a computer virus

If you think possibly you have a computer virus please confirm first. The most common signs of a computer virus infected personal computer is very slow quite a few unknown errors arise constantly showing Advertisements Windows restart laptop randomly blue screens or error and so on. In a word a committed team that is and so abnormal. If some of these cases your computer might be infected by infections. So do not panic. Will solarmovie give you viruses Rest assured that you can deal with your computer virus itself.
How to remove trojans automatically
The quickest and easiest way to remove a pc virus is to manage antivirus software. Definitely you need a removal tool in place to protect your laptop.
1. Close many running processes. Prior to running antivirus software be sure you save and close up all running programs file or other purposes. This is because most of the malware software you must restart the computer to eliminate the entire process of a computer virus. Scan your computer with antivirus software. Get rid of the virus detected.
A couple of. Update your antivirus software. For the latest pass on of the virus a superb anti-virus software should always update its database involving virus definitions every once in awhile. So before you start Malware Removal Tool see the first virus meanings update.
3. For you to detect and remove a computer virus. Run malware scanner of your malware software to find computer viruses along with other malicious threats. Then remove the detected malware and other harmful components.
How to manually take off the virus
In general its authorized and easy to automatically remove malevolent computer virus or a computer virus removal tool. But some people have the idea of guide and automatic removing computer viruses Effectively its a good idea. If you should also know how a handbook virus removal you can look at the following manual ways-
1.Remove suspect programs from Increase Remove Packages
Most computer malware enter your computer along with spyware programs then you definately must remove any kind of suspicious programs out of your computer. You can start laptop computer in Safe Manner by pressing F8 once you restart the computer. Subsequently select Start Cp Add or Remove Programs. This will make a summary of all programs attached to your computer. Find individuals who is associated with the malware or spyware and take away them. At the same time you can search online to get a report on programs corresponding to a particular virus.
2.Remove Virus Files
This list of files linked to a specific virus might be searched via the Internet. Next simply compare this files on your computer as well as delete them.
3.Remove unnecessary wood entries
The virus for you to insert some pc registry entries in the pc registrywhen installed on your personal computer. Again look for data online and remove these kinds of surplus entries to fully flush out the virus through your computer and to perform the data recovery.
Computer virus removing services are available in the key city like Hillsboro in addition to famous as Virus removal Hillsboro they also offer you services for computer repair. They also offer the computer repair Hillsboro services throughout affordable services.
Will solarmovie give you viruses Of all the computer system issues that the company encountersthese 7 troubles are frequently being noted.Fix Computer Present day fix computer products and services can solve these types of computer problems.By making use of the professional functionality of resident techsthe company is able to provide their clients well.
Are mainly the usual top 8 computer problems-Not enough memory
Computers knowledge this kind of problem simply because too much data has been stored.With the help of fix computer servicesdata backup will then be made so that the computer could get back to business yet again.