Your Questions About Low Cost Dental Insurance

John asks…

Is there a low cost medical/dental Insurance company anywhere in Michigan or worldwide?

I haven’t had insurance Since I was 18. im 27 now. It really sucks. Im a stay at home Step mother ( well.. step girlfriend ).. and I have no income. My boyfriend has a really good job and he supports me. but we arent married so I cant be on his insurance.

Anyone have any info for me?

barry0912 answers:

I have a discount medical benefits plan, it helps me save on my doctor’s visits, lab work, and good savings on my dental work. It is not insurance, but the savings are good. The website should have more info for you….. Http://

Donna asks…

What is the best, low cost health/dental insurance for a college student?

barry0912 answers:

Low cost won’t be the best it seems, but check yourself

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Sandy asks…

Different internet service?

I have AT&T DSL internet service. I live in a household of three. Two with laptops, and me with my desktop and PS3. I am sick of this internet service!!! Every time even one person starts surfing the web, my computer starts running so slow!!! The internet starts going in and out of service at the most random times. And I usually have to wait until late night in the AM when everyone else is sleeping just to get a HALF decent connection. Whenever I want to play my PS3 I can’t because of the others are on their devices and it causes so much lag to the point where I eventually get signed out of the network and I can’t even connect back to the servers. I would LOVE to switch back to Comcast (even though the customer support sucks! it would definitely be worth it over my current service provider) but I live in an apartment building that is under contract with DirectTV (which also sucks) so there is no other possible way to get Comcast because we would need to have a cable connection by Comcast even if we didn’t want cable tv itself. So pretty much we can only get Comcast unless we move, which is out of the question! So are there any other internet service providers that do not need a cable connection that are faster and more reliable than AT&T??? Or can anyone please tell me what I can do to make my internet connection faster on my PS3 at least? Thanks in advance guys!
Also, my desktop and PS3 are on wired connections. And the two laptops are obviously wireless. See the problem here? lol

barry0912 answers:

DSL is usually the cheapest broadband option, albeit the slowest.

DSL – DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a form of broadband Internet that is transmitted over standard twisted pair copper telephone lines. DSL speeds range from 256 Kbps to 6 Mbps depending on distance from the telephone company and plan that you purchase. Http://

Standard DSL is rapidly being replaced by newer, faster technologies. DOCSIS 3.0 cable Internet has speeds up to a blazing 305 Mbps in certain areas. Fiber optic ADSL2+ and VDSL products are offered in excess of 100 Mbps.

Google and Time Warner even have 1 Gbps fiber being installed, that’s a whopping 1000 Mbps. Http://

As far as wireless service go, There are some fast 4 G wireless services available. However you’ll not want wireless for your application for two reasons.

1.) Fair Usage Limits.

Most Internet providers impose limits on the amount of data you can download before they charge you overage fees or throttle your Internet speed to a crawl.

“Unlimited Internet” is a term often used to market Internet services.

Very seldom does it actually mean unlimited. What the providers do is add what is known as a “Fair Usage Policy” you’ll find it in the small print of the contracts. The effect is that you are either throttled to a crawl or charged extra for monthly bandwidth that exceeds the providers predetermined limit.

The worst are the cellular mobile broadband providers with under 5 GB per month, Satellite Internet is a close second with some providers throttling after 200 MB per day. Most cable and DSL providers allow 100-250 GB per month.

That being said, currently cable providers have the most liberal limits. However if you consistently download in excess of 250 GB per month you risk being canceled. Read this post for more info. Http://

At&t DSL caps at 150 GB per month and I believe Comcast is 250 GB

2.) Latency (Ping Time)

Online gaming lag is usually caused by two things, latency and upload speed.

You can check these on a speed testing site. Http://

Latency is the delay (ping time) in milliseconds that it takes the signal to travel to the server and back. The lower the number the better, but you’ll definitely want a ping time of under 150 ms or you’ll have major problems.

Upload speed also plays a factor in updating your player position data to the gaming server. Slow upload speeds can cause your online game to lag. The faster the better, but at least 0.5 Mbps would be my minimum recommendation.

Another factor that comes into play is if you are using a wired (Ethernet) or wireless connection to your PC or gaming console.

Unfortunately any network without cables will have latency issues. This includes wireless mobile broadband and satellite systems, but also can be caused by wireless router connections.

By nature, interference in wireless systems causes problems with smooth, consistent speeds.

A lot will depend on what Internet providers are available in your specific area and what levels of service they offer in that location.

To compare your local competitors, go to a ISP comparison site that lets you input your address, and compare the pricing and terms of the offers that are available in your area.

The physical address is needed because some services, particularly DSL, are very distance sensitive. For example you might be able to get a specific level of service while your next door neighbor can’t.

You’ll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In some areas this can be 300 Mbps+. But these high end broadband plans are expensive. You may find that something in the 5 to 50 Mbps range might satisfy your needs at a much lower cost.

Good Luck…

Linda asks…

what does internet marketing mean ?

i would like to know what internet marketing means and all that it involves. thanks for your insightful response

barry0912 answers:

Internet marketing is such a complex thing. It maximizes the internet for marketing of online and offline business.

Basically, Internet marketing is also known as web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing. It all about marketing of products or services over the Internet.

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Your Questions About Anonymous Movie

Nancy asks…

Can Some1 explain the movie Anonymous to me?

Can somebody explain the whole plot and story and make sense of it for me, I’m watching it and I’m lost….please the whole plot or nothing at all, thanks 🙂

barry0912 answers:

First of all, a movie shouldn’t be confusing. This one’s confusing because it sucks. Sucky movies are confusing.

I forget their names, so bear with me. Dude 1 writes genius plays but doesn’t want to be associated with them so he asks Dude 2 to say he writes them, but Dude 3 takes credit. Dude 1 dates Queeny and finds out that Queeny is his mom.

The end.

Sharon asks…

Is the movie Anonymous about to come out or something, because it’s not playing anywhere…?

barry0912 answers:

It only had a limited release from the 28th October 2011..

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Your Questions About Watch Putlocker On Ipad

 solar movies

Jenny asks…

Picking a tablet help!?

Ok its all in the title. I have a price range of $200-250 maybe a bit higher.
Really my main use for it will be watching flash videos. I’ve never used android so does anyone know if i can play videobb, putlocker, videozer, etc?
When looking online i saw there were alot of chinese knock offs and i really dont want to waste my money on something that will stop working after a while.
Any one know of a good tablet? Be much apprechiated thanks

 solar movie online

barry0912 answers:

Yes, Android can do flash videos, along with just about everything the iPad doesn’t do. The Galaxy Tab 7″ is $200, but that’s about the best you’ll get in that budget.

 watch movie solar

Betty asks…

Dell Streak 7 or Samsung Galaxy?

I am comparing both tablets online right now and someone said that the Samsung is better because it has more battery power but other then that I don’t see much of a difference and right now they are the same price (on and so I was just wondering if anyone has any advice about them?

Also my main reason for wanting to get it is for the Adobe Flash Player to be able to watch online videos like on a computer. (I will be traveling around the country on my bike and I do not want to carry a giant laptop. I would like to be able to catch up on my shows while on the road) Does it work for any flash site..such as Megavideo or Putlocker or just any random flash video site?

 solar movies

barry0912 answers:

I own the Dell streak 7 and the Galaxy Tab (Both 7 & 10.1)
In my opinion the Dell streak 7 is a total waste of money, I might add, at the time that I purchased it the pricing of the 7 inch Galaxy was pretty steep (at that time it was contending with the Apple iPad 1). The main thing that really sucks on the Dell streak 7 is the battery life. Coming from a full charge i strained to get 4 hours out of it , also its “Thick” and “Bulky”, let me also point out its a lower resolution screen and on several occasions (back then when I was trying to get to like it) the screen would frequently “foreclose”. With the pricing being very similar on both, the Galaxy tab 7 is a better choice (app 7 hours of battery life) as I was very happy with it until recently when I picked up the 10.1 version which is thinner and lighter than the iPad II. If it helps at all , I recently read where the OS on the Dell streak 7 will soon get a Honeycomb update and that might help make it a more attractive option. (check out the links below).

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Thomas asks…

Does Article Writing Really Suck?

I have heard people complaining that article writing as a internet marketing strategy sucks, they don’t receive the desired results as per their expectations. How will you advice such people? Is this true?

barry0912 answers:

Article writing doesn’t suck, but it is a great way for marketing…

If people don’t succeed in article writing , then there may be some simple flaws that they are not paying attention to.. I have been quite successful in article writing and I have been doing it for over a year..

A good quality content which is optimized for search engines will definitely get more viewers and lot of people will look at your resource box…An interesting article that engages the reader and talks to them in a conversational tone, can promote itself without requiring any further promotion to it..

Also, if you have a website that you want to get more traffic to, and you are trying to achieve it by writing articles for Ezine, there is even a better way: Writing articles for sites like Bukisa! This way you not only get to market your website but you also get paid for the views you get for Bukisa articles.. But they don’t tolerate any self-promotional or affiliate links!

Many people ask this basic question, ‘How do I write an article?’… The article link in the source is a guide to write good articles and it has 15 steps to write a good article

Michael asks…

Where Can I sell Articles (website content)?

I am trying to find a place to sell 175 original website articles w/ SEO. I was just wondering if any website builder would be interested in this. These articles are about SEO, blogging, adsense, Adwords, and other articles of the like. They are all between 200-1200 words. I will leave an example of one below. Paypal for XML file, $50.00 for all. They would be great for a new website that doesn’t get too much traffic yet. I only left a partial article sample which is currently listed on my website.

Google Affiliate Network Marketing 101
Google Affiliate Network Marketing 101
Have you wondered what and how does affiliate marketing work? Affiliate marketing is in everybody’s lives every single day of the week. Affiliate marketing is actually a marketing strategy in which a certain business allots affiliates with rewards when new visitors and customers get associated with their business through you or your website. The efforts used to market these businesses is of great value. Google affiliate network marketing really has its benefits!

A good example to think of is one of those reward sites you see on the web. These sites offer you a prize of cash or goods after the completion of one of their thousands of offers. Another good way of looking at this is remembering back when you have received a monetary value for the referral of others. Affiliate marketing is all about helping someone else out in order to help you. The whole term of Google Affiliate network marketing goes round and round like a cueball which never gets locked up or stuck in a hole.

There are actually four core players when it comes to Google affiliate network marketing. These “players” include: The Merchant, the network, the publisher and finally the customer. Each player has their own role when it comes to affiliate marketing and it happens around every human dozens of times a day, whether you know it or not. The complexity of affiliate marketing has grown like weeds in a potato garden. The complexity of newer affiliate marketing strategies are due to the second tier of players.These secondary players of affiliate marketing include affiliate management agencies, specialized third parties vendors, and even super-affiliates.

Affiliate marketing has the ability to intertwine with many other internet marketing methods. With the ability to market both on the web and off, many businesses get to enjoy the flexibility. These intertwining affiliate and internet marketing strategies include many.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Maerketing (SEM)
E-mail MarketingDisplay Advertisingand
so much more

barry0912 answers:

The best place to sell all your articles is at freelance websites. This kind of websites pay writers for original content and you can get a good price for your hard work.

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