Your Questions About Title 9

Carol asks…


7 is empty weight and #8 is carrying capacity. those were easy to find. What is tonnage? The car is a 1996 BMW 740iL

barry0912 answers:

You can leave it blank.

Those spaces are for TRUCKS, that can haul stuff. They don’t apply to private passenger vehicles.

Nancy asks…

What are all the quotes on the title screen of Final Fantasy 9?

I think one of them is Acceptance, but I can’t remember the rest.

barry0912 answers:


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Your Questions About Title 9

Mary asks…

because? of Title 9…many men’s sports programs were dropped at many colleges…at THESE colleges…?

because? of Title 9…many men’s sports programs were dropped at many colleges…at THESE colleges…have incidents of rape increased…(serious question)…please cite any evidence
It is a serious question…and i MIGHT be the first to ask it. Seems like there’s always someone out there measuring everything, so maybe someone, somewhere has already looked into this topic. I just want to know!

barry0912 answers:

That is serious stuff, are you sure? If this is true, a National Magazine our your town newspaper will be very interested in the statistics

James asks…

Does Title 9 for the NCAA mean that you have to have an equal amount of mens and womens scholarship sports?

barry0912 answers:

No it means women can play with men but not the other way around

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Robert asks…

How can you earn money from internet market?

barry0912 answers:

There are many ways to make money on the internet (internet marketing, affiliate marketing). I’ll list some details for you here:

You can sell Amazon products to people looking for them. First you have to sign up for an amazon affiliate account. Then make your website which centers around your product you want to sell. Don’t combine too many products on one site – you want to narrow it down to say… “lamps, mens shoes, sporting goods, etc.”

You can do this same process with selling ebooks, or other items. CJ, or commission junction is a network of companies looking for affiliates to promote and sell their products and services. Anything from Tax Info to Kids Stuff. To apply for an account with them – I think you;ll need a good website already.

Hope this was helpful.

You can also join cpa (cost per action) networks and get leads or actions which pay you also. See my sig.


Maria asks…

how internet marketing workes?

website advertising,signup,selling necessary things

barry0912 answers:

Internet marketing is the best way to promote your website. No matter how small or new business you have..There company is the best in marketing! Http://

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Your Questions About Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

Donald asks…

Are there any low cost vets in Los Angeles?

I’ve taken in a stray kitten into my care and it was fine the first two weeks and as of a few days ago he has begin to show symptoms of illness which need vaccinations. I’m 15 and have no hefty flow of money coming my way and my parents are not willing to spend money on pet visits. However, I refuse to just let him die. Is there any free or low cost vaccination centers in the Los Angeles area? Please, any help would b appreaciated!
In the past few days he has exhibited:
-weight loss
-decreased appetite
-depessive sleep
-Loss of interest in toys.

barry0912 answers:

I found this. It is a list of clinics. Most seem to be spay/neuter but I am sure they do other things.
Please get the kitty somewhere fast, fast, fast.
Good luck

Sandy asks…

Pet Vaccinations near Temple, tx?

Trying to get my puppy vaccinated but trying to find low cost places…i know sometimes animal shelters and stuff have certain days of the month and locations for these wondering if anyone knows of any soon?
and what vaccinations might i need for a 9-12 week puppy?

barry0912 answers:

There is a vaccination clinic on Saturday November 15th at the Temple PetCo from 9am to 10.30am. The Temple PetCo is located at 2112 SWHK Dedgen Loop. Their phone number is 254-770-1333. Hope this helps.

Oh by the way here is a great site that will answer more of your questions. Http://

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Your Questions About Low Cost Dental Insurance

Robert asks…

I don’t have dental insurance. Are there any resources that I can look into for low cost dental care?

I am looking for an actual “low costdental or medical healthcare insurance plan and NOT a “discounted” dental care service such as the AmeriPlan services. I am in need of oral surgery and possibly a couple dental implants or bridge work, which of course is very expensive. Can anyone help me by providing a list of beneficial information? I promise you that your feedback is highly appreciated…..thanks!

barry0912 answers:

As a dentist I recommend calling your counties local Department of Family and Childrens Services. A lot of these services actually have a dentist on staff that is available to help with any dental procedures you may need. If your county DFCS office does not provide any type of dental services they should be able to put you into contact with someone who will be able to assist you (ex: another state agency). Also try your local dental school if there is one around you, these procedures are usually provided and are very low in cost compared to a dental office itself. Good luck and I hope you find the help you need.

Sharon asks…

I am looking for low cost dental and vision insurance. Currently reside in Georgia and wanted to know if any?

Was looking at Humana but wanted to find out what other companies were out there. If you can please tell me why you chose the company you are currently with.

barry0912 answers:

I used to have dental insurance, but canceled when I signed for this discount program. It gave me almost 50% to 80% off regular dental stuff which is about what I would pay even if I had insurance.. But I don’t have to pay the $50 a month for the insurance. It’s 20 bucks, and it gives me dental coverage, vision, prescription and chiropractic. And it’s 20 bucks for anyone living in my house. My roommate (who is not related to me) gets the same discount on her stuff. If you sign up today, you can go the Dr. Tomorrow, no limits, no deductible. You just pay whatever your discount is.

It’s great. click on dental plus.

You can search for a dentist in your area, and then at the top hit join now. Register with the site, and you’re good to go! Good Luck!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

Helen asks…

internet marketing packages?

I tryin to find soem info out regarding internet marketing packages for my mother-in-laws Florist shop
At present she is using customer street, she is being bombarded by companies tryin to sell her websites and stuff and she knws nowt about them
What I would like to knw is are there and better companies than customer street and the company she is looking at is Freestart, I dont think they will give her the same sort of package has she has now

barry0912 answers:

Some of the ways you can advertise your business are:
1. Post an article about your business on related blogs and get free visitors and back links
2. Submitting to directories
3. Free classifieds
4. Forums

Send an email with more information about your business to for free help on finding new customers and increasing sales.

Lizzie asks…

Value investing/ stock market blogs?

Hi so my dad is interested in value investing, value investors and basically the stock market in general and has recently expressed a desire to communicate with others over the internet who are also interested in this. My question is where is the best place to do this, he just made a twitter account so he can talk to his favorite bloomburg radio host, but im afraid twitters to complicated for him ( were talking he still does two finger touch type, and can barely check his email without my help, but i have hope) and lacks much communication. So im thinking maybe tumblr, and he can follow blogs with similar interests as him, but looking for suggestions!!

barry0912 answers:

My opinion is that he subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Kiplinger, or any of the other financial reviews available online. The best thing he can do is become informed about the market, types of investment options, and the risk associated with each option. Investing decisions are very, very important, and the more information he has the better he’ll do.

If I can offer and advice it’d be the following: buy and hold. The stock market is too vulnerable to expect consistent, short-term gains. Think 5-10 years out, or more. Statistics show that the more one trades, the less likely that person is to beat the market’s average rate of return in the in the long term.

The economy’s still not very strong now, but if he’s committed to entering the market, beware! There is potential to make money, but there’s potential to lose a lot, too.

Step 1: Consistently check the following websites for relevant financial information, and become informed:

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