Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Donald asks…

what is digital marketing strategy?

barry0912 answers:

Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards, and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners. Internet Marketing is a major component of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a marketing process which leads to the development of any organization or brand by using a variety of digital channels such as email, social networks etc.
Digital Marketing can be defined as promoting of brands or products and services using all forms of digital advertising. Digital marketing uses Television, Radio, Internet, mobile and any form of digital media to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.
Apart from using many of the techniques and practices contained within the category of Internet Marketing, digital marketing extends beyond this by including other channels that do not require the use of the Internet. Due to non-dependence on the Internet, the field of digital marketing includes a whole lot of elements such as mobile phones or cell phones, display / banner ads, sms /mms, digital outdoor, and many more.

Thomas asks…

Has anyone been able to find any internet marketing or sales techniques/strategies that have worked for them?

If so, please explain. Thank You in Advance!

barry0912 answers:

It depends highly on what you are trying to market. The best answer is to hire a professional. We have dedicated our life to marketing and how it works.

Why do you not grow your own food, make your own clothes, build your own car, or perform your own surgery? Because it is easier and cheaper in the long run to trust a professional to do it for you.

Same thing with marketing. You’ll put out a little cash now and reap big rewards later.

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5 iPhone Tips & Tricks | Best Skins Ever

The iPhone is one of the most advanced smartphones on the market. You can use your iPhone for almost anything, from surfing the web to holding virtual “meetings” with friends, coworkers, and family members. Even with

Create AMAZING White Background Videos

Guess what?
I’ve discovered a new way (at least, for me) to create stunning looking videos with a white background. Inside this video, I’ll share
with you my new little setup and how you too can create videos like this. Welcome to another video! My name is Gideon
Shalwick. Inside this video, I want to share with you my new setup for creating white screen background videos. Something very similar
to the one you are watching right now. Up until this point, I’ve been using a Canon 60D DSLR camera to create my videos to get
this kind of effect. The reason I use that is because I had all these nice little settings for the white balance, exposure, focus and
the aperture setting. All those sort of stuff to create nice, professional looking, using a white background.

Recently, I got approached by Jules Watkins from iPhone Video Hero. He wanted me to have a look at his course that shows you how to
use your iPhone to create really wonderful, professional looking videos. So I thought I’ll give it a go and see what it’s like.
‘Cause up until this time, I haven’t really thought about using my iPhone as professional type of video cap up. I went through the course and this is the result. This is the result of going through the iPhone Video Hero course and creating this video that you’re watching right now.

What I’d like to do next is show you my setup because I’m pretty excited about it. One of the reasons I’m really excited is because
with your iPhone, of course it’s always with you. Whenever you’re carrying your phone with you, you’ve got a video camera with you, as
well. Not the case with a DSLR camera, ’cause you’re not always carrying that with you. It’s a little bit clanky, even with handicams,
it’s a little bit clanky to carry them around you wherever you go. For those opportunities here you just quickly want to record a video, you always have your iPhone with you, or a SmartPhone perhaps. I’ll talk a little bit more about that towards the end, so keep watching.

Next, I want to show you my setup; I hope you enjoy it. I hope you can see how simple it is to set up your own studio using your
iPhone to record white screen backgrounds as well. Here is the office space where I’m sitting. It is a very very simple setup actually. It
might look a little bit more complicated in the video but I’ll talk you through it. Where I was sitting before was actually in this chair; I was looking at my computer screen if I had some notes or presentation I was talking about. Over here was a little iPhone recording me. That’s basically the setup. The cord you see here is just the power cord and the data cord for getting the videos on to  my little MacBook Air here after I’ve recorded
them. But at some time, it’s powering my iPhone while I’m recording so I don’t lose any battery power. It’s pretty cool stuff. I will just show you a few other things that I’ve used for making this work. I’ve just tacked a little mirror here so that when I’m sitting in position, (actually let me just
sit down), you’ll be able to see me looking at the mirror. So basically, this allows me to see the back of my video camera, my little  iPhone. That’s just a nice way to let me position myself while I’m recording. There’s a way also that you can do other things to start and stop the video. But for me, I just really got up overtime, press record on the iPhone. I’ve got a fancy cover here that really isn’t iPhone. It was not a big deal getting up, pressing on recording, come down and sit.

Other things I’ve got here are some lights. One is sitting over here; and another one over here. These are just two lights of 45-degree angles from where I’m sitting at my desk. And here’s my chair. If I move back a little bit towards where the camera’s position is, you can see a white background and a couple more lights just to light that up to make it nice and bright. Over all it’s a pretty simple setup; not difficult  to set up at all. There are a few little tricks you can do or use the right piece of software  to make it all look good in the final production. But I’ll share with you in a second more of what we can learn more about that. One thing that I forgot to mention inside the little “show and tell” before was the microphone that I’m using. Also, the tripod… The microphone here is Rhode Podcaster microphone that I just plug in to my MacBook Air. I’m actually recording the sound using Screenflow on my computer. Afterwards, during editing I put the video image from my iPhone together with the sound that I’ve recorded on my little  MacBook Air. The iPhone is held just on a normal tripod. I just used actually the swivel container or holder to hold the iPhone. It’s not even a proper thing to do but you can also use other things like the Glif  little thing, but this one doesn’t work with my iPhone because I’ve got a fancy case on my iPhone. I thought I’ll share that with you, as well. There’s a ton of other things that you can do to make your videos look really amazing.

There are a few little tips and tricks to get the white screen looking the way that I’ve got mine looking; nice and clean and pure white.
But before I share too much, I like to share with you where you can get access to the course that I went through as well. It’s called iPhone
Video Hero by Jules Watkins. Amazing, amazing course! It is my number one video course of  the year, by far. I really loved going through
it because it has just really opened up a ton of other opportunities for me. In fact, I’m even considering getting rid of a lot of my professional production gear, or at least putting it into the cupboard ’cause  I’m not going to use it all that often. I’m just going to use my iPhone much more, especially for creating videos for my video blog. That’s a really big statement coming from me. And I’ve been a big fan boy of the DSLR
cameras. But so far, I’m really loving what I can do with my iPhone and I’m sure you will love going through the course as well.
Also, I’d love to hear your comments on what you think of using your iPhone as a professional video camera. And also, how the iPhone might
compare to a Samsung Galaxy or other SmartPhones of your choice. Perhaps, you’re not as much of an Apple fan boy as I am and you might
want to express your views in the comments area.

I’d love to hear from you whether it’s positive  or negative, it doesn’t matter. This is where the discussion happens, where the learning happens. So I’d love to hear your thoughts. But if you’re ready to join the iPhone Video Hero course through my affiliate link below this video  I look forward to chatting with you soon. Bye!

Watch solar movies on android tablet

Researchers from the Convergence Asking Group have forecast that by the end associated with 2011 more than 2 million households in theU.Azines.will turn the backs to cable and embrace internet TV. In fact over the last few years streaming television set has come to change the way people choose to be entertained. However currently the integration ofstream live TVtechnology with hand-held devices just like Smartphones and drugs has taken the world of leisure by storm.
Research workers from the Convergence Consulting Group have predicted that by the end involving 2011 more than 2 million households in the Oughout.S. will convert their backs to cable TV and take hold of streaming TV. In reality over the last few years internet television has come to revolutionize the way persons choose to be entertained. On the other hand these days the incorporation of stream are living TV technology along with hand-held devices like Smartphones and tablets has taken the world of entertainment through storm.

Many technological know-how pundits had seen this development coming. Watch solar movies on android tablet Based on them twin improvements in the telecommunications segment have made possible this particular convergence. Firstly reside streaming broadcast equipment like a Tricaster 6 video camera the satellite device a video encoder and Above phone is no longer excessively expensive. Secondly hand-held connection devices have soared in popularity and scope. Add to most of these reasons the innovations in communication technology resulting in improved and cheaper bandwidths available to the customers and it is not hard to grasp why television carriers networks are eyeing the particular hand-held devices market. The particular demand for TV that could be viewed from anywhere and also on the go of course had always been there.

In recent times there has been a flurry of cable TV companies releasing apps which will let their subscribers stream live TV straight to their mobile devices. The apple company tablet users Android os aficionados and in common boys who appreciate their toys usually are overjoyed at the media they can now get pleasure from live broadcasting of their favorite baseball sport or a catch up on whats taking place in the Basketball League while awaiting the traffic lights to turn green.

There are numerous of ways in which this particular seamless convergence of technologies can take place- through cable box which usually let viewers supply live TV any place in their house or by using Wi-Fi or the mobile multilevel allowing them to watch live streaming TV while on the move. Both ways of transmission have their takers and the ease-of-use and comfort afforded by either have got the nod of approval coming from TV viewers world wide.

Couch potatoes now take over more reasons to rejoice. With the ability to stream dwell TV they can currently leave their settees and yet not be instructed to give up on their every day dose of soaps sports and movies.

Watch solar movies on android tablet Using the popularity of the Ipad from apple validating the market for tablet computers fans of Search engine Android operating system continue to be waiting for an Android-powered pill to rival the actual iPad.
Since virtually no Android-powered tablet computer from a proven computer maker at this time exists lesser-known manufacturers possess tried to fill the void because of their inexpensive offerings. Whilst the two Android pills profiled in this article meet the needs connected with users wanting to browse the web or watch videos power users are in position to benefit from waiting until eventually more powerful Android supplements hit the market place.
This Augen GENTOUCH78 Android Tablet Computer
The actual GENTOUCH78 Android-powered tablet computer manufactured simply by Augen caused a thrill a few weeks ago whenever a Kmart circular in the Sunday newspaper advertised the product for only 149 350 cheaper than your lowest-priced iPad.

Adobe flash hd install for solarmovie

The R4 DS Revolution has been produced over Several many years back to be a indicates for men and girls to play homebrew Or open source matches and also apps on their Ds lite Consoles. Since its release there have been a lot of improvements and innovations to the R4 DS Revolution both in design and style as well as in the firmware application that runs your R4 DS.
Before the debut of the R4 DS Revolution there was simply no other low priced slot 1 NDS Display cards on the market. Really the only other way to engage in open source and home brew games on the Ds lite at the time was with a SuperCard SD or similar greeting card and adding to the idea the PassKey or SuperKey to use it to play NDS home brew files.

This was good except that the container would always be noticeable of your Nintendo DS and most that you had to transform each and every single file previous to being able to load the action or app to your Nintendo DS console. Adobe flash hd install for solarmovie This is a limitation with the cards because they were originally made to perform GBA games and not Nintendo ds lite games this was something that was accepted space however begrudgingly.
The R4 ds revolution DS cleared this slate and produced one thing really different possible. And this is usually the reason why the R4 ds revolution DS is as fashionable as it is today — its was the primary card every that really went into the NDS game card slot. And of course the first card that has been able to make use of highly affordable Micro SD Card thumb media for saving and loading your games something that got just not been carried out before.
Its a much bigger about characteristics for your R4 DS Trend than just the look and incredibly feel. It built homebrew game along with app loading simply quick and extremely easy. How easy So easy that you have to do nothing more than select the files your own want on your micro SD Card and pull and drop them then load these up. The R4 DS Card supposed no more converting of ones files. No need to stress about converting a home brew app before you could load it.
It had been really the R4 Nintendo ds lite that made home brew easy to enjoy for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo dsi. And we are all thus thankful that it did Not in the leat because in the event the DSi was released there was no more slot A couple of for the GBA flash charge cards that had been used earlier. You were no longer able to work with GBA flash cards such as supercard SD in your Nintendo DS system to play your home brew game and purposes. With out a card just like the R4 DS Emerging trend you would not be actively playing your homebrew complements today.. and that is a tremendous shame.
Find out more on the R4 Nintendo ds lite Revolution at the established R4 DS Trend web site at

Adobe flash hd install for solarmovie It seems like finally and approximately time too that games that are appealing to both kids and adults are proliferating taking the realm of play out of the kids only world and giving people the desire to get in touch with their inner baby again. Flash video games have taken the internet through storm and you can today find funny game titles and cool games coming from all varieties with just a rapid web search. Most of these games are very addictive and many will probably while away times on end playing these simple but amazingly fun games.
Theres a chance youre wondering what is stand out about Flash games that has caused these to become such a favorite phenomena. Well for one these are typically games that are obtainable via the internet and can end up being played on a home desktop computer or a notebook computer – many can even be played via Smartphones and other mobile devices.

Solarmovie for ipad

Earlier this week we had a long discussion with Luggya Jude a advertising and PR wizard who wanted to know if Tablets can be of a typical benefit to his work. My reply ended up being crystal clear that supplement like iPad takes computing into spots it could not previously proceed. From now lets start Jude declared that hell probably want some sort of keyboard to type up his work but he can increase his consumption of media on his or her phone and drugs. An Archaeologist who is a distant relative recently told me hes using iPad within his field work.
Doctor Wayne Jackson a health care provider who is based in gulf London recently laughed and said via email which he has been using Straight talk samsung Galaxy Tablet with patient consultations. We all used the discussion in discussing greatest medical applications that could be of help to him or her as well. On the situation of the launch of the second generation associated with Apples iPad tablet Boss Steve Jobs essentially proclaimed the end of the two-decade Personal computer era. Last night I spent time watching video of iPad 2 introduction and most interesting portion was Steve Jobs remarks that these are post-PC equipment that need to be even easier make use of than the PC . Solarmovie for ipad Much more intuitive Jobs employed the phrase post-PC a dozen or possibly even longer times in highlighting on the year due to the fact Apple once again placed the PC and gadgets industries on observe with the launch with the original iPad.
I was not surprised when the former kindergarten tutor told me in August last year that she has been using iPad in her classrooms there inside hometown of Victoria. As a matter of fact I am obsessed with Tablets and have all versions with the exception of yet to be unveiled versions because of their mobility that is well combined with electrical power and offers changes to the way I used to analyze applications and complete presentations. According to Harun Makandi an analysis expert passing some sort of tablet computer around is far more natural than driving a laptop between the two. His statement had not been surprising bearing in mind during the last quarter of recently smartphone shipments overtook Laptop or computer shipments for the first time actually in history.
To make it a whole lot worse to PC fans both smartphones along with tablets are expected to continue eating into Computers market. Recent stats shows that almost More than two hundred million smartphones have been shipped worldwide this past year with Apples 15 mil iPads into mindset. This week to my surprise a German friend Steffan Reuters who is Motorola fanboy sent me an email with pics showing his most up-to-date Motorolas new Atrix mobile phone with a lapdock accessory. He said that he plugs the unit in and it power his laptop. With the help of a multimedia ipod dock his phone associated with his TV.
Solarmovie for ipad In these demanding instances real estate agents are constantly working on the go- at an open house displaying a property or affixing your signature to papers at a identify agency. Agents desire a virtual network which could keep up with their cellular work life. An increasing number of agents are using laptops and tablets like Apples iPad to program with the Internet along with their virtual office network applications. In addition real estate agents with smart phones running on Googles Android operating system are becoming commonplace as well. Its no for a longer time a luxury for a virtual network to support mobile computing hardware and software but a necessity.