Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Sandy asks…

Different internet service?

I have AT&T DSL internet service. I live in a household of three. Two with laptops, and me with my desktop and PS3. I am sick of this internet service!!! Every time even one person starts surfing the web, my computer starts running so slow!!! The internet starts going in and out of service at the most random times. And I usually have to wait until late night in the AM when everyone else is sleeping just to get a HALF decent connection. Whenever I want to play my PS3 I can’t because of the others are on their devices and it causes so much lag to the point where I eventually get signed out of the network and I can’t even connect back to the servers. I would LOVE to switch back to Comcast (even though the customer support sucks! it would definitely be worth it over my current service provider) but I live in an apartment building that is under contract with DirectTV (which also sucks) so there is no other possible way to get Comcast because we would need to have a cable connection by Comcast even if we didn’t want cable tv itself. So pretty much we can only get Comcast unless we move, which is out of the question! So are there any other internet service providers that do not need a cable connection that are faster and more reliable than AT&T??? Or can anyone please tell me what I can do to make my internet connection faster on my PS3 at least? Thanks in advance guys!
Also, my desktop and PS3 are on wired connections. And the two laptops are obviously wireless. See the problem here? lol

barry0912 answers:

DSL is usually the cheapest broadband option, albeit the slowest.

DSL – DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a form of broadband Internet that is transmitted over standard twisted pair copper telephone lines. DSL speeds range from 256 Kbps to 6 Mbps depending on distance from the telephone company and plan that you purchase. Http://

Standard DSL is rapidly being replaced by newer, faster technologies. DOCSIS 3.0 cable Internet has speeds up to a blazing 305 Mbps in certain areas. Fiber optic ADSL2+ and VDSL products are offered in excess of 100 Mbps.

Google and Time Warner even have 1 Gbps fiber being installed, that’s a whopping 1000 Mbps. Http://

As far as wireless service go, There are some fast 4 G wireless services available. However you’ll not want wireless for your application for two reasons.

1.) Fair Usage Limits.

Most Internet providers impose limits on the amount of data you can download before they charge you overage fees or throttle your Internet speed to a crawl.

“Unlimited Internet” is a term often used to market Internet services.

Very seldom does it actually mean unlimited. What the providers do is add what is known as a “Fair Usage Policy” you’ll find it in the small print of the contracts. The effect is that you are either throttled to a crawl or charged extra for monthly bandwidth that exceeds the providers predetermined limit.

The worst are the cellular mobile broadband providers with under 5 GB per month, Satellite Internet is a close second with some providers throttling after 200 MB per day. Most cable and DSL providers allow 100-250 GB per month.

That being said, currently cable providers have the most liberal limits. However if you consistently download in excess of 250 GB per month you risk being canceled. Read this post for more info. Http://

At&t DSL caps at 150 GB per month and I believe Comcast is 250 GB

2.) Latency (Ping Time)

Online gaming lag is usually caused by two things, latency and upload speed.

You can check these on a speed testing site. Http://

Latency is the delay (ping time) in milliseconds that it takes the signal to travel to the server and back. The lower the number the better, but you’ll definitely want a ping time of under 150 ms or you’ll have major problems.

Upload speed also plays a factor in updating your player position data to the gaming server. Slow upload speeds can cause your online game to lag. The faster the better, but at least 0.5 Mbps would be my minimum recommendation.

Another factor that comes into play is if you are using a wired (Ethernet) or wireless connection to your PC or gaming console.

Unfortunately any network without cables will have latency issues. This includes wireless mobile broadband and satellite systems, but also can be caused by wireless router connections.

By nature, interference in wireless systems causes problems with smooth, consistent speeds.

A lot will depend on what Internet providers are available in your specific area and what levels of service they offer in that location.

To compare your local competitors, go to a ISP comparison site that lets you input your address, and compare the pricing and terms of the offers that are available in your area.

The physical address is needed because some services, particularly DSL, are very distance sensitive. For example you might be able to get a specific level of service while your next door neighbor can’t.

You’ll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In some areas this can be 300 Mbps+. But these high end broadband plans are expensive. You may find that something in the 5 to 50 Mbps range might satisfy your needs at a much lower cost.

Good Luck…

Linda asks…

what does internet marketing mean ?

i would like to know what internet marketing means and all that it involves. thanks for your insightful response

barry0912 answers:

Internet marketing is such a complex thing. It maximizes the internet for marketing of online and offline business.

Basically, Internet marketing is also known as web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing. It all about marketing of products or services over the Internet.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Mary asks…

Internet Marketing Websites?

I am doing some research on internet marketing. However I am having difficulty finding websites on why use interment marketing, advantages and disadvantages, how internet marketing started etc. All i can find is HOW to internet market I DON’T want this.

barry0912 answers:

Internet marketing has more pros than cons. Nowadays, many traditional businesses are leveraging the advance of internet technology to expand their businesses.

Why is that? Here is the list of pros and cons using internet marketing.

1) Simplest and quickest way to expand your business globally. Driving more traffic or visitors to see what you have to offer.
2) Automate your sales. 24/7. That’s the reason people say you make money while you’re sleeping.
3) Less headcount to operate your business.

1) Be aware of the dark side of online marketing, particularly when operating pay per click advertising campaign. It will suck dry your wallet if not careful.
2) Information overload. No doubt, you will see lots of how-to internet marketing. Stay focus else you will go no where. You will just spending more money on information products rather than growing your business.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Donna asks…

What is Internet Marketing?

barry0912 answers:

Internet marketing is sometimes called digital marketing or web marketing – basically it is your marketing strategy using the web/internet.

Samples of which are web ads, email ad/alerts, social media ads and the like. Nowadays, this kind of marketing is very popular as the market now goes mobile and more techie in a sense. Traditional ways like newpaper and magazine ads are slowly losing its appeal as more and more people use the internet to get information.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

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Michael asks…

In your opinion, do you think Google would like a bigger share of the internet market in China?

I have an idea that would shut out Yahoo from the People’s Republic of China and allow their rival Google to have a much bigger share of the Chinese internet market, do you think the Chinese government would be interested in dismissing Yahoo in return for a new energy source that generates unlimited electricity for 365 days a year and for free if they bar Yahoo from the Chinese market?
i read a report about the People’s Republic of China and they have @248 MILLION internet users, that are currently being supplied by Yahoo! Inc., and Google partnership with a couple of Chinese Internet Service Providers.
Yahoo! Inc., currently enjoys @51% of the Chinese internet market and Google enjoys @21%, but are making steady gains in securing a bigger slice of the Chinese Market.

China and India are the biggest users of energy in the world, meaning they have to purchase foreign oil to keep their economies growing, don’t you think they would jump at an opportunity to generate their own electricity and at a fraction of the costs, and terminate Yahoo! Inc., as their primary ISP?

Who agrees with this?

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barry0912 answers:

I think you are being naive. Google and Yahoo are behind China’s main search engine, (stock symbol BIDU). BIDU is actually trading above $300/share. China tightly controls media and information consumption. China supports Baidu, so unless you are mainland Chinese and sleeping with government officials, Baidu is pretty well entrenched. China is not a democratic free market. While Communist, their market works similar to social democracies – ergo, the monopolies of Japan, Korea (Korean “chaebols”).

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Sandy asks…

What are the advantages of internet marketing?

I wants to know that what are the importance of internet marketing in today`s Marketing Business..?

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barry0912 answers:

Advantages are speed to market, lower cost, and immediacy of responses – as well as issues like viral marketing that you cannot really get from “normal” marketing. Hence the importance of it – have a look at the business press/marketing press for numerous examples of how important this now is.

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How to watch solar movie on samsung tablet

If you are a fan associated with television and want to sit down and watch a film you might have heard of internet streaming TV shows and movies to your PC. If you have you might be wondering if this is for you or not. So if you are at present debating if you should do that here are a few reasons that might help you to decide. I will also be discussing a high-quality satellite TV to PC software that I am applying to watch more than A few500 HD Channels worldwide for free.
Getting television programmes and the movie of your choice streamed is straightforward – in fact once youve done it once you will wonder why you been doing it for years. In case you regularly surf the net you will find that using a Tv series or movie is just as easy. So why not check out for yourself -. How to watch solar movie on samsung tablet – You will not require a technician come to your own home to set you up – often if you have cable installed you should set a date to get a technician to come out along with install it. When you choose to observe TV in this way it is possible to set everything right up yourself. Even if you are an overall novice you will find that the installation of the program on your computer and running it is so simple and easy and straightforward.
You will save a lot of money – it can be genuinely expensive to pay for cable connection to be installed and this also is something that applies a lot of people off. You will not have to pay anything to possess this kind of program attached with your computer. As you can see it is a definite benefit to anybody who is looking to save money.
You can watch what you want when you want to be able to – simply get the show or motion picture you want and watch it. Its really that simple to observe anything that you want inside of a matter of moments if you use this method of using buffering TV on PC software. That is why everybody is opting to watch television programs they really like fire that personal computer rather than on their wire subscription.
You do not have to purchase costly equipment — the only things that you will require is your existing computer and Internet connection. You wont have to pay for new Television or any other satellite equipment. Clearly this can save you a lot of money and will mean that you can spend your money on other things.
You will not employ a monthly cable expenses again – you will notice that you will only make one particular payment to have the service in your home. You can wave goodbye to your regular cable bill. This really is good music all set when you find that cable television is too expensive for them.
These are merely some of the reasons why you should start streaming TV shows and films to your PC. As we discussed very easy and straightforward to achieve this and you will have a fantastic choice associated with things to watch. Thus look into it right now and you could be having a movie or a unique TV show tonight. I take advantage of a satellite TV with PC software that allows me to watch in excess of 3000 overseas television channels online and suggest it.
How to watch solar movie on samsung tablet If you want to take our most effective technical today around along with you for the easiest way to interact with your friends meet up with or e-mails or anything else make a choice of these tablets.
ASUS Eee Sleeping pad Transformer TF101-A1 10.1-Inch Tablet Computer Tablet Only
This new tablet made by Asus provides Android 3.0 with 16 as well as 32GB models for sale. With a weight of 2.8 pounds youll be able to carry it almost anywhere and will be able to gain access to the internet and sleek HD multimedia. Your Asus Eee also has a full QWERTY keyboard that is completely removable for a tablet as well as PC experience.
Samsung Galaxy Tab
This kind of tablet has not nevertheless been released yet it is still very popular along with highly anticipated.

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Road Stumbling- Custom Vacation Manual For Herding Dogs
Herding puppies have been prized by means of shepherds and farmers for thousands of years. They are quick powerful and highly smart. They are excellent students and look to their entrepreneurs for instructions on the behavior. Herding dogs have to have lots of exercise or perhaps they can become bored and find into mischief. For a total list of herding dogs look at petsides list of breeds.
Automobile Suggestions- SUVs are great for this group.
Petsides Selects-
Ford Explorer- Foundation MSRP 25755
Why we like that- Space Space Area. You can easily fold up your seats to fit 3 crates. This is a excellent American-made 4-wheel drive SUV. Normal Features include- Cargo-management process Antitheft-system Outside temperature exhibit. For a complete listing of features check out
Jeep Commander- Bottom MSRP 28610
Why we like it- Cargo room inside back will suit one large cage with room to be able to spare and plenty of freight anchor hooks. Ultrasonic mlm The spine is a little high started so we suggest a puppy ramp. Jeep can make there own and has other pet equipment that make Jeep won. Standard Features- Trip Computer Ultrasonic back parking assist Top rack rails Keyless accessibility. For a complete list of features check out
Pet Trip Suggestions
Try visiting pet friendly parks so your herding dog can function walk and enjoy. Search for agility contests in the area. These pet dogs love games and therefore are can very quickly college students.
Check out this Travelskoot for detailed trip ideas. Path Tripping- Custom Vacation Guide For Sporting Dogs
Sporting canines like to be around his or her owners and communicate with them. Theyve often worked side by side with people so they pay attention and therefore are quick learners. They may be active and attentive so they need a very good daily workout regarding play and exercise. For the full list of showing off dogs check out petsides report on breeds.
Car Strategies- Wagons and Crossovers
Petsides Picks-
Pontiac Vibe- Base MSRP 15985
Why we like it- This chariot will fit your four-legged good friend with no problem. The back seating folds flat supplying way to a large products area. Plus it is priced right so you-ll have extra money to go on a great vacation. Standard Features Include- Day running lights XM satellite tv on pc radio 115-volt AC household style power electric outlet. For a list of features check out
Subaru Forester- Base MSRP- 19995
Why we like that- The exterior is luxurious and the interior ample making it perfect for your pet companion. Standard Attributes Include- 16-inch steel small wheels with wheelcovers Rear eye-port washerwiper 6040 split-folding rear Cruise command. For a list of capabilities check out
Pet Trip Suggestions
Puppy Friendly beaches are the way to go. These pets love water plus a good run so go for a swim or toss the Frisbee. Remember- keep your pet safe. Check out Medical professional. Lauren travel tips and Water safety ideas.
Check out this Travelskoot for precise trip ideas.
Road Tripping- Custom Getaway Guide For Not for Sporting Dogs These pet dogs are not known for presently there athletic abilities but are known for their companionship for this reason a road trip is perfect for the actual non-sporting dog. For a full list of Non-Sporting dogs have a look at petsides list of breeds.
Car Suggestions- Hybrids
Petsides Selects-
The Toyota Prius- Base MSRP 20950
Exactly why we like it- This fuel efficient auto is loaded with safety features making traveling enjoyment green and risk-free. Small is prominence but large about space the Prius is a good choice for the open road. Standard features include- Intelligent Climate control 6040 split-folding rear seatbacks Push-button start off Power windows. For a list of features take a look at
The GMC Yukon- Foundation MSRP 35690
Why we like the idea- Like most of our recommendations this car is definitely spacious which is very beneficial on long excursions with your four-legged friend. The actual Yukon isnt the best about gas but much better than your average Vehicle. Standard Features contain- Side assistant actions DVD-based navigation system Rearview video camera system three-zone climate control. For the list of features look at
Pet Trip Suggestions
Take to the path and go. Be sure to make some doggie pit stops along the way. They are fun suggestion with regard to pet lovers. Remember never to leave your canine in your car un monitored. Check out the feature in pet-friendly hotels for space suggestions on your sight-seeing ventures.
Check out this Travelskoot for in depth trip ideas.
Route Tripping- Custom Vacation Guide For Model Dogs
With their child size and wonderful expressions they are attractive to almost everyone. Because of their little size though plaything breeds are gentle. These dogs must be protected from hot or cold temperature. The toy dog breeds enjoy being spoiled. Their size makes them transportable so you can take them practically anywhere with you. For a full list Model dogs check out petsides list of breeds.
Car Suggestions- Luxury Sedans
Petsides Picks-
Merecedes CLS63 AMG- Bottom MSRP 93975
Why we like that- This car is actually luxury at it can be finest with it truly is leather upholstered chairs and genuine wooden interior. Merecedes are known for their safety measures and this car isnt a exception. The CLS63 just isnt great on fuel but it-s great about looks. Standard Characteristics include- 18-inch alloy added wheels daytime running lighting. Power-adjustable power folding hot auto-dimming outside mirrors. For a list of features look at
BMW 7-Series Sedan- Base MSRP 75800
Exactly why we like it- The security features and Belgium engineering make the BMW one of our favorite high-class sedans. This car manages like a dream. Check out the travel product tips to find the best harnesses along with seatbelts for this ride. Regular Features include- Ultrasonic parking assist Intelligent Climate Control Leather furniture GPS navigation system. For just a list of features check out
Pet Journey Suggestions
These minor guys loved being spoiled and so in case you. We suggest taking these types of pooches to luxurious resorts and gyms. Check out detailed getaway suggestions from travelskoot-
Read this Travelskoot for detailed vacation ideas.
Road Tripping- Custom Vacation Manual For Cats
Who ever said you could not travel with your pet Cats dont usually like to be left behind and after this they dont have to be.
Automobile Suggestions- Campers or maybe RV
Petsides Pick-
This Winnebago Adventurer- Base MSRP 137470
Why we like it- Whats generally there not to like This really is basically a house about wheels. You can proceed anywhere with this Motorhome and never miss home. This RV offers everything you will need on the road literally. But notice there are many places for the cat to hide — so always keep track of your kitty and provide a crate intended for sleeping. This For a full list of features and other winning Winnebagos look into
Pet Excursion Suggestions
Cats love the wild but it is probably not a good idea to let them roam free. This is exactly why RV and Motorhome camping parks will be the way to go. Some recreational areas will let you keep your kitten in your RV while some have pet getting on facilities near by check each listing.
Check out this Travelskoot for detailed trip ideas. Visit the Petsides dog travel center for further great ideas on vacationing with your pet
Ultrasonic mlm While solar lights are increasingly popular due to technological improvements that makes the lights both brighter and more reliable many people are not aware that there are several other styles of solar-powered products and services readily on the market for the household garden and recreational motor vehicles.
Improvements in photo voltaic technology mean excellent new products are regularly additional for the current market at affordable selling prices.As with solar lighting the return on ones investment is promptly viewed by means of price savings in utility expenses.
Here is a short rundown of several of the services now readily out there that do the trick likewise or much better than old fashioned electric options when using the ease of now electricians and major price savings on utility fees.