Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Ruth asks…

What is a recommended Internet marketing firm in South Florida?

I’ve owned my own hearing aid business in South Florida for many years. As my clientele is getting younger and more computer-savvy, I now have a website that I want to rank well in the search engines for hearing aid-related terms. I am seeking a reputable company in the South Florida area with a proven track record for this sort of thing. What marketing firm(s) are recommended in Broward?

barry0912 answers:

Like any other industry, look for reputation. BBEX, for example, is a Boca Raton marketing company that is really effective at boosting organic rankings. They use ethical SEO (search engine optimization) practices.

Check out their testimonials page to see a list of satisfied customers:

And check out their Facebook page with Cool Videos and frequent informative updates and they also have many online followers:

Chris asks…

how is internet marketing a key part of the overall marketing effort?

can someone please help me

barry0912 answers:

Its no surprise to know that the internet has become the biggest media for advertising revenue.

So internet marketing should be the number 1 priority

Look at the statistics on this page, which shows a report from 2007 with Google and other internet advertising making huge gains in advertising revenue against some TV companies losing market share.

“When it comes to market share gains in advertising dollars, Google outstripped every other media company in 2007, whether you look at the Web, TV, print, or radio”

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

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Daniel asks…

Are there any good resources online to refresh my marketing research/ statistics knowledge?

It has been a few years since I took my Marketing Research classes in College and was wondering if there was any resources out there that could give me a good review of marketing research. I used SPSS and I keep forgetting all the stats significance and what not.

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barry0912 answers:

Reading ebooks will help. Authority black book is a good book if you want to know about internet marketing strategies. Or you can search those topics online there will be a lot of resources for free.

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Lisa asks…

What would a work experience girl do in the marketing department at magazines?

I’ve got work experience in the marketing department at a magazine corporation, what sort of jobs would i be expected to do?

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barry0912 answers:

Hi Jessica…

I dont know what kind of role you have played in Marketing in your organization if you had given details would have been able to help you,

further Marketing is a strategic Fight where in you need to Put Many Many STrategies and excel…. If you were in sales then its all about number & targets…

Either you can get into sales or Marketing stratergies… You know better what you fit into and plan up…

Market reaserch is another Opportunity if you are good at analytical skills & observations,

Internet marketing is another opportunity if you have got lot of Patience and you are computer savvy…

I know i may not have answered your question propoerly but if you had given propoer info on you current role or work experience would have been able to help you…


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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

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Steven asks…

How to Specify My Position in Resume?

Hi, currently I’m working in Job Portals. I’m confused what to put as designation in my resume.

My work is: Posting Job, Internet marketing, Working with Blog, Internet Savvy, Social Media Marketing for promoting the site, writing newsletters, SEO – off site optimization.

Please help me regarding the same.

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barry0912 answers:

Check out sites like that offer objective resume writing services reviews on the different websites that offer resume writing. It can help you choose the website that best offers you what you need at the moment.

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John asks…

How is the logistics job market in Canada in 2012?

I am planning to do Logistics and Supply Chain Management course, I want to know how is the current job market for Logistics jobs in Canada, I have 4 years experience in warehouse management, and what is the salary range I should negotiate for logistics job once i finished my course, your answers will be highly appreciated, Thanks, Baig

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barry0912 answers:

The logistics job market is booming. Even though manufacturing is on the decline these days, global supply chains are getting more and more complex. As Internet sales increase, more and more companies are creating distribution centres to service online customers. A certificate or degree in logistics will give you a step ahead.

Check out and workopolis for logistics specialist jobs. Depending on your training and experience you can make upwards of $75,000.

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Groupon, Inc.


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