Your Questions About Low Cost Auto Insurance

Carol asks…

What auto insurance offices offer reduced cost auto insurance program in the San Fernando Valley?

Details below if you do not know which one I am referring to?
I’m not talking about the cliche “low cost auto insurance” that is available to everyone. etc…I’m talking about a specific plan offered by the state of California available at some insurance offices for low income individuals. I found one office with it, it isn’t close enough, does anyone know of any more offices ?

“The California Low Cost
Automobile Insurance Program (LCA):
The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Pilot
Program, created in 1999, established a lowcost
automobile insurance policy for residents of Los Angeles
County and the City and County of San Francisco.
California Law requires that all drivers be insured.
However, too many low-income drivers remain uninsured
because the costs of standard auto insurance premiums
are beyond their financial reach. The program’s purpose
is to provide lowcost automobile liability insurance to
good drivers who demonstrate financial need.

barry0912 answers:

It’s my understanding that the program is only available to those that are certifiably below the poverty level and the liability limits are reduced even lower than what is normally required by the State of California.

I’m a Texas agent but have a lot of friends that are agents or brokers in CA and they tell me that they do not HAVE to sell it and choose NOT to since it IS a low premium product (hence low commission to them) and they cannot charge any broker fee.

Irregardless of how far the agent that you FOUND that WILL write the program, you may be compelled to use them. It’s either that or ask around to someone you know that might have the program – perhaps they can point you in the right direction. You might also contact your Department of Insurance in Sacramento for a list of qualified agents.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Ken asks…

Where can I get cheap auto insurance?

I am looking for good and low cost auto insurance.

barry0912 answers:

If you search this site you’ll see that this question has been asked before…

Insurers base their quotes on different factors for different people, Try getting a quote online or from a local broker. I am paying less than ½ of what I was paying before.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Richard asks…

Internet marketing and F-1 visa.?

I have a very difficult question. My just found in internet company with internet marketing system. My question is: May I work with them if I international student and have F 1 visa or not? That’s what i found when I tried to register myself in this system :

United States Federal Law and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) require us to obtain a valid Social Security Number for all United States citizens and residents, who wish to be a part of our program. The Social Security Number you specify must be accurate. Failure to provide your valid SSN can be prosecuted under federal law as identity theft.

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* – 3 days left to answer.

Additional Details

1 second ago
This is not a real job.. This is registration of domain… I know that student can’t work. That’s why I am asking. I f I registered domain name and have will have some income from this system is it allowed for the f 1 students?

barry0912 answers:

Read your visa – NO WORKING!

Nancy asks…

Internet Marketing Centre or

Has anyone else had experience of the Internet Marketing Centre.

Maybe you have been sweet talked into parting with a large amount of cash for a guaranteed money making website.

The trouble is once you parted with the cash the person who was so keen to talk to you at first now does a disappearing act and doesn’t answer your e-mails or return your calls. No I am not talking about a customer service rep, this person is “allegedly” a Director of the company – or so he told me!

Ever get the feeling you have been spoon fed large quantities of BS and stupidly swallowed it.

Has anyone else made this costly mistake?

barry0912 answers:

That is/was Cory Rudl’s company, one of the first big internet marketers, Corey died in a tragic car accident and was succeeded by Derek Gehl, Derek recently resigned and I don’t know what is going on there.

I have purchased their Internet Training Secrets, multiple times, it used to be real good cutting edge stuff, within the past couple years their angles have changed and after I received a call from them offering me some website/coaching package I stopped talking to them and purchasing their goods.

They wanted like 5000-10,000 and told me to get a credit card to ‘invest’ in my future!

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