Your Questions About Title Max

Chris asksā€¦

What about a Title Max job?

Hope to get a job there!! šŸ™‚ They pay very well or so I’ve heard! What do you think?

barry0912 answers:

Couldn’t find a lot of information about the job, just complaints about the business in general, but I did find this forum.

Http:// is also a good tool to search for local jobs. Good Luck

Robert asksā€¦

Title max ?I need some help here please ?

Last month I make my payment I give 250.00 cash and 300.00 on my debit card . so when I got home i got I fhone call tile max .And they told me they can’t found the 250.00 cash i got my recipt now i chek my new paymet for this month and I found the they took away the 250.00 WHAT CAN I DO?

barry0912 answers:

You don’t have to do anything. You said in your question that they took away the $250 so you got credit for the payment.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

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Steven asks…

Can anyone help me with a detailed affiliate marketing strategy?

I started getting involved in affiliate marketing a couple of months ago, but I feel like I am jumping all over and not getting anything accomplished. I need an actual affiliate marketing strategy that I can follow step by step. Does anybody have a good one to follow? I am willing to pay some money for a program or tutorial.

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barry0912 answers:

Just like you I only started doing affiliate marketing about 3 months ago, but before that I had researched it for about 3 months. I came across a website for Matt Bacak,, who is already a millionaire and I think he is only like 30 years old. He has several products that you can buy and also a newsletter that you can subscribe to you called Internet Marketing Dirt. I have found his products and even his free information on affiliate marketing strategy a ton better and more informative than anybody else’s that I have come across in the 3 months that I did research on affiliate marketing.

I have only been doing actual affiliate marketing part-time at nights and on weekends for 3 months, but I am seeing some pretty good income right now. It’s enough to pay my car payment as well as groceries for the month for our family of 3 so I can’t complain. And I know that it will only increase the more I work at it because I am learning how to be more efficient every day. Although I may never be able to quit my full-time job, I will continue to have this extra money for quite awhile, which means that my wife can stop working.

Anyways, check out Matt’s website and check out the different products as well as his newsletters as he has a great affiliate marketing strategy and is very willing to share it with anyone who will listen.

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John asks…

Are there any reputable schools teaching internet marketing?

Few questions. 1) is ecommerce the same as internet marketing? 2)are there any good schools with any credibility that teach these? 3)are any on campus?

Ive searched and am bogged down with the affiliate marketers pages.

I know full sail has a program but is that a real school? will employers recognize it?

Oh. I live in san diego and would like to do an on campus here in sd.

thanks in advance

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barry0912 answers:

Hi There!

To answer your questions: 1) eCommerce primarily applies to the methods used to sell products and services online (such as shopping cart software). Internet marketing refers to the methods used to build visibility for a product or service. Internet marketing methods include anything from building a website to writing articles, to other methods that have yet to be invented.

2) As for schools that offer an official degree, Full Sail seems to be the only school really promoting it. The thing is, I wouldn’t recommend an internet marketing degree, because the best internet marketing methods change every year, and in my experience, it is impossible for an institution to keep up with the “bleeding-edge” tools and tricks.

If it’s the actual degree you want/need, I’d recommend going for a business, marketing, or entrepreneurial degree, but learning internet marketing on your own. Internet marketing is a skill that is learned by doing, not just reading theory.

When I first got started, I took a free online course called the “Thirty Day Challenge”, in which each day you watched video tutorials that showed you how an online tool worked, and then you had to apply it to your own goal of making $1 online. The Thirty Day Challenge is now just called “The Challenge”, so you can take it at your own pace. I highly recommend it for learning internet marketing strategies.

3) Not sure if any of the internet marketing degrees are offered anywhere but on the internet šŸ˜‰ You may have to keep looking, but as I said, seek out a related major, then teach yourself the techniques via eBooks and online courses.

If you’re college age, a potential employer may only offer you an internship (unpaid) anyway, UNLESS you have already gotten results (made money) for yourself or others. So you might as well learn how to use internet marketing on your own to get those results.

The irony is, once you’ve mastered the in-demand skill of internet marketing, you may not want to finish school OR work for anyone else.

Good luck!

Carla L. Hall
Moxie Maven Marketing

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Your Questions About Title Insurance

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Joseph asks…

Do we need to get a new title insurance when we refinance our home mortgage loan?

We bought a title insurance when we first got our home loan. We are now refinancing with another bank and they are requiring us to get a new title insurance. Is this right?

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barry0912 answers:

I work at a mortgage company, and most banks require title insurance for every mortgage that they underwrtie.

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Laura asks…

How important Is Personal Title Insurance ?

I am closing one house on 31st and my Closing attorney recommands me to take Personal Title Insuarnce ? My question is , Is Personal Title insurance necessary ? I smell something fishy here, does attorney get something if i take personal Title Insurance.

P.S I am first time home buyer.

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barry0912 answers:

Typically, when a property transfers ownership and a mortgage is put in place, there are two types of policies issued.
1. Mortgagee Policy (covers the lender’s mortgage and insures that it is the first, best lien on the property)
2. Owner’s Policy (covers the new owner’s interest in the property)

Think of it this way. You carry insurance on your car, in case there is an accident. The insurance pays for damages that may occur to your car in the future.

You (hopefully) will carry homeowner’s insurance, which will pay for damages to your house in case of a fire, etc in the future.

Your Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance protects you against things that may have happened in the past. You pay a one-time fee that is collected at closing, that insures that no one else holds any interest in your new property (except for the lender on your new mortgage). It is your proof that the chain of title was clear up until the date and time that you deed filed, and no one can claim that they are “owed” something from your home.

1. A previous owner died, and one of the heirs did not get their portion of the proceeds from the sale of the property.

2. A previous owner divorced and their spouse did not get their half of the proceeds from the sale of the property.

3. A lien was filed against a prior owner that was never paid off and released.

If, in the future, you decide to refinance or sell the property, a new title search may be done. Chances are that a different examiner will do the search. If they come across something that shows a problem with your title prior to the date/time your deed filed, the owner’s policy protects you against that claim. You can file a claim against the underwriter who issues the owner’s policy for payment of any losses incurred.

Get an owner’s policy, and keep it with your important documents.

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