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Donna asks…

I was wondering if I can ask a simple question to promote my business without being considered to be a SCAM?

To the two people who answered my first question. You can call me direct at 951-488-4185. It was a posed questions to see how many people really respond to internet marketing. Ask for Adam.

barry0912 answers:

Advertise from a customer perspective with a testimonial on how great the product is. Also, only questions are supposed to be posted in Yahoo! Answers, so search for someone asking for the kind of service that you provide. Otherwise, you could post on public forums of related interests.

Paul asks…

Is it better that one reads a book on the basics of Internet marketing?

Will this save them time and money?
Will it help them avoid making costly mistakes?
What are some books you suggest?

barry0912 answers:

Hi Christopher,

I would suggest that you go straight to the source- online!

I have been learning internet marketing for the last 5 months or so, and I looked into buying books, and I was disappointed with the selection- the problem is, the field is continuously evolving!

A book can teach you the very basics, but you’ll end up paying for information you can find for free.

My advice is to follow the experts, the gurus- Do a search for a specific topic you’re interested in, and you’ll get tons of specific blog entries and articles to help you out- the nice thing about internet marketing is how active and growing the community is.

If you already have a site, it’s great because you can experiment as you go and see what suits your needs best. If you’re starting from scratch, consider getting a free blog or other personal site that allows you to manage content personally. Otherwise you may feel lost, and the truth is, you don’t need a textbook- the key to the Internet is, it’s interactive. Textbooks can never compare.

Plus, you’ll often get more actual information per paragraph than most books will offer.

Depending on your goals, there are many ways to market online. You have to start with a site, and you should learn some basics on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (I wrote a blog entry that offers some resources for beginners, I will add it below) – beyond that you have tons of options.

– Write original articles and submit to article sites (they provide good exposure!)
– Create videos and post them to YouTube and other video sites
– Write a blog and get it out there! (plenty of free sites)
– Make friends in the social network space (i.e. Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter) that will help you spread the word
– Record a Podcast and publish to different podcasting sites
– Visit other sites, forums, etc and post comments where you think your product or service could benefit the person
– If you’re strictly looking for traffic, don’t be afraid of paid advertising or sponsorships

ClickZ offers a number of columns on every topic in Internet Marketing

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

William asks…

What Is Internet Consulting?

Is it some thing like aligning business strategy with internet usage strategy – something which many sites claim ( Ihad gone through one called mag-corp dot com and find some thing like this mentioned there)
If the answer is yes — what woud be an appropriate approach to moving forward?

barry0912 answers:

Internet consulting is a broad term that is applied to the task of evaluating and developing strategies for businesses that wish to function on the Internet. The consulting may take the form of developing a retail interface and marketing strategy that functions in conjunction with a business with brick and mortar stores. Internet consulting may include the creation of a process to market business online.

Consultants may also assist in the creation of online sales tools that are used to support the efforts of agents or remote salespeople. Internet consulting may also apply to the selection of hardware and software components to assist a client in creating a general infrastructure that allows employees to access in house information, such as departmental newsletters or other communications.

In all its forms, Internet consulting is about analyzing the current status of the client’s online presence and assess what needs to be added, adapted, or replaced in order to help the client reach his or her goals for a web presence. The consultant normally begins the process by becoming acquainted with what the company produces in the way of goods and services. Assessing the current status of the customer’s online presence usually follows in short order.

David asks…

What are film marketing strategies?

As Media work

barry0912 answers:

Here are the film marketing strategies.

1) The Internet (online marketing) makes it easy for you to promote your film even if you don’t know what you’re doing

2) YouTube (online marketing) is a social networking website that makes it easy to get promotion for the videos that you have. You want to start with YouTube because of the massive amount of traffic that this website receives.

3) Direct mail (offline marketing). You can purchase a mailing list from the SRDS (available at your local library) and find a list of targeted prospects who would be a great fit for your movie.

4) Word of mouth (offline marketing).

5) Paid advertising (online or offline marketing).

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

John asks…

Does anyone know the promotional and advertising strategy for Coach?

I am doing a marketing plan for Coach handbags and the research I am finding is not too informative.

barry0912 answers:

There is lot of advertising strategy… Maybe thousands…
I make 2 category for advertising.
1. Free advertising
2. Paid advertising

for free advertising could be effective, with knowledge, on this category you can do
1. Socialize with internet users. (social networking)
2. Let every reader know what is new. (blogging)
3. Do some tricky things for search engine. (Blackhat SEO)

for paid advertising, you can make lot money too, or maybe broke if you are not good enough, or lack of knowledge about internet marketing and get scammed. (fraud rate on internet is really high).
1. Make a affiliate program.
2. Be advertiser on affiliate network.
3. If you have a know about blogging, you can try to make other blogger review your website.

Helen asks…

Do Twitter marketing really a good strategy to grow your business?

I just want to know if other entrepreneurs do this social media marketing to boos their sales.

barry0912 answers:

Hi Taz,

Yes, Twitter as one of the social media frontrunner, became as an avenue for business owners and solo entrepreneurs to advertise and to reach potential customers via the internet. It became one of the mainstreams when it comes to social media marketing.

The fact that Twitter rank as one of the ten-most-visited websites worldwide by Alexa’s web traffic analysis means a great opportunity to all business owners to promote their products and/or services on this platform.

Here are some tips on how to have an effective Twitter markting:

1. Know the basics and lingoes of Twitter.

2. Optimize your Twitter Bio.

Make sure to fill up all the required fields to set-up your twitter page. Make it detailed. Put your website URL to your profile to drive traffic to your website. This will also allow people to find out more about your business/company.

3. Schedule your tweets and interact.

If you’re a busy person, and don’t have a budget to hire a social media assistant, “automating tweets” is the best solution to keep your page active.

4. Build Active Followers.

There are a lot of sites nowadays that can give you tons of followers in a breeze such as twellow and twiends but twitter marketing is not just about following and having millions of dormant followers. It is about “interaction”.

In using twitter for your social media campaign, “interaction” is a must. The challenge is to give your audience reason to follow you back and engage in conversation with you. In conversing with your audience, you should talk about things that interest them aside from talking about your business.

By following these tips, you will get a larger audience and a wide reach for your online presence. Just explore, enjoy, and use twitter wisely!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

William asks…

What is the best internet marketing strategy?

I like to know what are the effective marketing strategies that can be use in promoting a websites without expending to much money.

barry0912 answers:

The best way to promote your website(s) online is to use a mix of the many different strategies now available. There really is no single “best” strategy.

You will get the best results by implementing, testing and tweaking different strategies in order to see which ones work best for you.

Video marketing, article marketing and social media are a few that come to mind if you’re looking for free or cheap channels and there are others as well.

If you don’t want to lose your shirt, you should stay away from Google paid advertising. However getting your website ranked high in Google’s Organic listings using search engine optimization can be very effective, but it is Very competitive these days depending on the niche you are in.

Because the are so many ways to market online these days and so many “Gurus” bombarding us with with their “make money systems”, it’s very easy to get information overload and find yourself not making the money or getting the traffic you should, because you’re being pulled in so many different directions at once.

One of the best programs I’ve used to learn effective Internet Marketing strategies and keep my focus through it all was Chris Farrell’s Program.

I’ve gone through it myself and it also comes highly recommended.

Hope this helps Angel.

Robert asks…

Any ideas on where I can find an article about the marketing strategy of a company?

I need to write a summary of an article on a company’s marketing strategy for a class. It can be any company I want. My problem is I can seem to find any good articles. Does any one have any ideas where I can find one?

barry0912 answers:

You don’t really find too many articles on ‘marketing strategies’ unless it’s by chance and it’s briefly stated since most of it is part of trade secrets anyway.

To do your project, first get a clear definition of what marketing actually is. A lot people think it’s just selling but it goes way beyond that. Basically, you can just simplify and that there are the “5 P’s” to remember:

Product – What are they selling?
Place – Where will they distribute?
Promotion – How you communicate your features and benefits to your customers and getting it out.
People – The value your people bring to your customers
Price – How much to make a decent profit?

With those questions in mind it gives you a solid idea of what it is. My apologies if you already know. I’m assuming you don’t since most people are clueless. 🙂

What you can do next is find a website of a company that interests you and simply figure out the answers as a that will spell it out for you anyway. Don’t make it a dull Question & Answer report of what I just wrote either. You need to grasp what it means and write in your own words what the main points are in your research. Put some heart into it. I’ll even give you a sample:

Lets say, Walmart’s marketing strategy. They sell every household item you could think of that people need at a very low cost. Thats how they appeal to people. They are able to do that thru cheap labor in China which workers there earn less than $3 per day. Without China’s slave labor (or anybody else’s), Walmart’s current lucrative money making system would not be possible.

From overseas, vessels arrive daily with thousands of containers of products to be picked up and distributed to the warehouses which are enormous in size, about the length of 3-4 city blocks long and a football field or two, wide. Planners create work orders for the warehouse workers to load up trailers with specific items needed that are automatically updated in the computer instantly (after a cashier scans a purchased item that goes thru their network) then full trailers are delivered out to their locations on schedule.

One good incentive to buying from them is you are constantly getting new products and name brands since even the store manager doesn’t know what they’re getting ever.

Walmart promotes themselves thru the radio, tv, newspaper, and the internet ad + website. ( and junk mailers.

The workers are people of all walks of life ranging from young teens to senior citizens and disabled. Workers are not customer service oriented, don’t like to be bothered and lack training & skills with proper etiquette but that’s the trade off if you want low prices. Prices vary as low as pennies on the dollar to picking a flat screen tv for $1500

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