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Thomas asks…

How do I manage separate Customers in Microsoft Project 2003?

I have Microsoft Project 2003, and own an Internet marketing company. I am struggling with how to manage where each Customer is currently at, task-wise at any given time period, like weekly or monthly. One customer may have been with us for a few months (therefore some specific tasks have already been completed), while a brand new customer is just starting specific new tasks. We have over 20 customers to date.

How in Project do I enter different Customers/Companies with specific tasks assigned to each one? ie. CompanyA, CompanyB, etc.

Ultimately, I’d like to view a weekly report showing each customer, and tasks that have been completed for each customer, and which tasks are still pending completion, to be completed that week.

I’m sure I don’t Create a New Project for each company name, with tasks assigned, correct? Otherwise, it would be extremely tedious opening separate project files to view each customer’s tasks and their standing each week.

Please help…so confusing.

barry0912 answers:

A couple of assumptions:
1. Each customer would go through the same or very similar set of tasks
2. You would prefer to work with one Microsoft Project schedule as opposed to multiple files (and a Master plan)

Here is what I would suggest.
1. Create a summary task for each customer
2. Under each summary task, insert the set of routine tasks
3. Set up each customer as a Resource on the Resource Sheet
4. Assign the proper customer to the corresponding set of tasks
5. To see who should be working on what, you can use the Filter for and select the proper date range.

Be sure to maintain the % Complete column and keep dates in line with reality.

For additional tips with Microsoft Project, try this link:

Joseph asks…

What types of personal information do you think should be illegal on the internet?

The amount of data and information about individuals that is stored anywhere on the internet increases every day. Marketing companies gather and sell information about consumer habits and detailed transaction information. Cell phone records can track your calls and also where the calls were made from. Sometimes incorrect or embarrassing information can damage reputations.
Do you think certain information should be illegal for people to find online?
If so, what types of information?

barry0912 answers:

I don’t think anything should be withheld by law. As long as the government is posting information that is inherently confidential (which they aren’t).

Frankly, I don’t think ease really stops anything if the person or company is determined, it certainly didn’t start any of this. There have always been surveys, our information has always been sold. Anyone having a problem with it should only enter into contracts with privacy clauses.

The problem with fighting to abridge free speech is that you open the door for ANYTHING to be censored. Who exactly decides what’s unnecessary? Embarrassing v relevant information? A gubernatorial candidate in my state plagiarized an article. That’s embarrassing, so it can’t be posted online? It’s damaging his reputation pretty severely. Would he be able to decide whether or not it can be posted? Would you?

See what I mean?

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

George asks…

marketing plan or strategies for an indoor market?

Does anyone know where I can find on the internet any marketing plan or strategies for an indoor market where people sell fruits, vegetables, meat etc.? Thank you!

barry0912 answers:

Marketing Speakers surely know this. Speak to them, visit

Lisa asks…

Any tips on a good successful path for beginners in Internet Marketing?

Just started promoting products with Amazon Affiliate program and ClickBank. I only have a free blog and no website yet. If you can guide me with tips on where to start or some proven methods to success that have worked for you would be appreciated. I am reading a lot of books on this and learning about SEO and getting traffic, I just want to see if there are any recommendations to books that helped you or just strategies to draw free traffic etc. Thank you in advance

barry0912 answers:

Here are a few methods that should help you to increase website traffic.

1) Hire a SEO company that will work to optimize your website so that it ranks well in organic (non-paid) search results. They generally make you sing a contract that lasts at least 6 months and their prices start around $400 a month. Do you research and make sure it is a honest company with experience and that will use methods that will not get your site penalized by search engines.

2) Use a company that will distribute ads about your site to various classified sites. These sites can be free if you have very few products but most people pay $20 dollars or more a month.

A site that will do this for you and even offers free posts is

3) Buy traffic for your website from a company that specialized in sending website users to websites for a few. Most charge around $30 or more for a few thousand visitors. The visitors are somewhat random and there is no guarantee that anyone will buy anything but it only takes a few sales to have a great return on your investment and gain some new customers.

One such site for this is

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3 Confirmed Approaches To Power Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing that actually works because it’s done right takes into consideration that certain businesses, not every business, but some are heavily dependent on the power of well-grounded relationships. Relationships that are built on trust and dependability tend to do better in terms of profits as well as long-term growth. To avoid any possible confusion, let’s be clear that we are solely talking about the relationship a business has with its customers, or other businesses. The people who are your customers need to be able to trust you as much as possible in order to have a strong relationship. It is the newer customer that presents the greatest challenge as well as the potential customer, and there is a period of time in which you’ll be given a chance to engage in relationship marketing. Keep reading to discover several proven relationship marketing tips that we feel you can benefit from in your business. 

A great place to start is by ensuring you have adequate information available about your customers. Even the smallest business can benefit from this, so don’t think this doesn’t apply to you because it most certainly does. As far as the actual information is concerned, there will be some overlap as well as some differences, and it just depends on your particular business. If you have any personal information, you’ll find that type to be of most value with relationship marketing. If you know their birthday, for example, then you can use that when their birthday comes around. So always remember that it’s a person’s emotions that are most important with buying. If you touch them in a positive and emotional-based way, then that will help them to keep you in mind when it comes to purchases. So any time you can take the opportunity to interact with them on an emotional plane, then that will add another brick in the relationship marketing foundation. 

You should also try to exceed what your customers expect from you by providing additional value. By over-delivering to your existing customers you will boost your returns since they want to work with you. Offer them the appropriate solutions to their issues in a timely fashion and help them as much as you can. You will be able to gain their trust this way which will help your business expand. 

Be aware that relationship marketing allows you to touch base with new customers through referrals. Whenever you gain a new customer you can leverage that customer into even more potential customers.You only have to make one customer happy to get the ball rolling. When you take advantage of relationship marketing you can really set the bar high for your business fast. It’s not easy to find a more powerful method of promoting your business. 

There are so many approaches and methods that you can use relationship marketing with, and often you just need a little creativity. When you have a good relationship with your customers, then they will be open to your business and marketing efforts. Just imagine that more possibilities can exist if more people are warm customers and actually will trust you and listen to what you have to say. Another terrific benefit to relationship marketing is that your customers will take care of a lot of advertising for you – won’t that be something great?

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