Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Betty asks…

Why we choose internet marketing? please suggest me any example too?

barry0912 answers:

The Internet marketing mix that your choose is a very personal choice. Many factors go into what will work for your company; and remember what works for one company may not work for all companies. Also, I suggest, at the very least, discussing this with an Internet marketing company to ensure, you’ve covered all of your bases.

Things that affect the decision on which Internet marketing services to choose, include:
Company size
Ability of company employees (and owner) to conduct their own marketing initiatives
Goals of company (financial and non-financial)
Products and services offered
Marketing budget
Age of the company
Location of the company
Company’s reputation

Start with this process:

Come up with 3 – 5 objectives that you would like your new marketing plan to achieve and when you would like to achieve them (3 months, 6 months, 1 year)
Are they prone to take several days to make a purchase?
Do they only shop during the weekdays?
Do they own computers in their homes?
Do they have access to the Internet while at work and at home?
Do they make purchases for themselves? For their family? For their friends?
Do some demographic research to discover who your customer base is and how (or if) they make purchases online
Do some research to see what your competitors are doing and where they are advertising their products and services. Do they offer special promotions? Do they partner with other companies to offer free items or services?

Paid Search
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Article Marketing
Research the different types of marketing available and how these tactics react under the circumstances that you’ve already researched above (i.e. Customer demographic, location, product/service offered, pricing, etc.); I would suggest having an Internet marketing company help you with this, you may be able to find a company that will assist you with this brainstorming and research and then will create a plan for you and send you off to implement the plan (this is a less expensive way of doing things). There are literally hundreds of tactics that can go into your

marketing mix:
Test things out, not everything on the plan may work or work well
Keep an eye out for additional marketing or promotional opportunities that may arise
Revisit your plan (with your marketing company) at least once a year or if your objectives change
Begin to implement the services that you (and your marketing firm) have come up with

Jenny asks…

Is Online Shopping relate to Internet Marketing?

Is Online Shopping relate to Internet Marketing?

Can you give me the reasons why it relate??

barry0912 answers:

Sure they relate. Company’s use online Marketing to either get you to buy online or to buy over the phone. For instance if I was working for a Mortgage Company, I would advertise low rates. I would than post these rates with a link that includes the name of my mortgage company on common real estate websites. On my own company website I might include a free quote analysis but than post a 1-800 number. After you do the free online quote you would probably have questions. So you call the 1-800 number and talk to a mortgage officer. This potential sale became possible because I had posted a Marketing link on a website with the target demographic.

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Your Questions About Title Insurance

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Joseph asks…

Do we need to get a new title insurance when we refinance our home mortgage loan?

We bought a title insurance when we first got our home loan. We are now refinancing with another bank and they are requiring us to get a new title insurance. Is this right?

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barry0912 answers:

I work at a mortgage company, and most banks require title insurance for every mortgage that they underwrtie.

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Laura asks…

How important Is Personal Title Insurance ?

I am closing one house on 31st and my Closing attorney recommands me to take Personal Title Insuarnce ? My question is , Is Personal Title insurance necessary ? I smell something fishy here, does attorney get something if i take personal Title Insurance.

P.S I am first time home buyer.

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barry0912 answers:

Typically, when a property transfers ownership and a mortgage is put in place, there are two types of policies issued.
1. Mortgagee Policy (covers the lender’s mortgage and insures that it is the first, best lien on the property)
2. Owner’s Policy (covers the new owner’s interest in the property)

Think of it this way. You carry insurance on your car, in case there is an accident. The insurance pays for damages that may occur to your car in the future.

You (hopefully) will carry homeowner’s insurance, which will pay for damages to your house in case of a fire, etc in the future.

Your Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance protects you against things that may have happened in the past. You pay a one-time fee that is collected at closing, that insures that no one else holds any interest in your new property (except for the lender on your new mortgage). It is your proof that the chain of title was clear up until the date and time that you deed filed, and no one can claim that they are “owed” something from your home.

1. A previous owner died, and one of the heirs did not get their portion of the proceeds from the sale of the property.

2. A previous owner divorced and their spouse did not get their half of the proceeds from the sale of the property.

3. A lien was filed against a prior owner that was never paid off and released.

If, in the future, you decide to refinance or sell the property, a new title search may be done. Chances are that a different examiner will do the search. If they come across something that shows a problem with your title prior to the date/time your deed filed, the owner’s policy protects you against that claim. You can file a claim against the underwriter who issues the owner’s policy for payment of any losses incurred.

Get an owner’s policy, and keep it with your important documents.

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Your Questions About Title Insurance

Mary asks…

Title Insurance?

I understand that I need Title Insurance for my mortgage, however, do I have to have this through the same company that supplies the mortgage?

Point being, my mortgage company have asked $1,700 title insurance (Virginia) for title insurance on a property that is valued at $300k.

As I understand it, this insurance only covers them, and not me in any way if anything goes wrong.

Is this correct?

barry0912 answers:

First of all, title insurance rates are a set percentage of the purchase price of the house.

Second, the title insurance protects YOU, in case it turns out after all the paperwork goes through, that there’s a PROBLEM with you getting clear title (like, some guy 50 years ago willed it to someone else, and a third party who had no right to it, sold it).

So you’re not going to get a better rate elsewhere, and it doesn’t cover them – it covers YOU.

John asks…

title insurance?

what exactly does title insurance cover? is it true you only pay for it once

barry0912 answers:

You pay for it once every time you get a title to a property. It covers the purchase price of the property, if it turns out there’s a problem with your title of ownership to the property. Example: Five owners ago, someone forged the name of the seller, and now the TRUE owner wants the property back. Or, the registrar of deeds made a mistake 25 years ago, and your lot that you THOUGHT you owned is actually the wrong number, and your ACTUAL lot is in the middle of nowhere, or doesn’t exist.

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