Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Steven asks…

Any real jobs out there my dad can do from home on Google or Yahoo?

I see these kind of jobs advertised sometimes but they seem bogus? He’s okay at home but doesn’t get around much anymore. Still sharp and etc. Needs extra cash.

barry0912 answers:

Perhaps the majority of money making offers on the internet are scams of some sort. Most people who try to make money on the internet fail, the worst may be the surveys, paid to click, shopping rewards thing that I doubt anyone can make a living from. That one fake new blog showing the mom making some $10k part time, used to say posting links for Google before they sued 50 such sites.

If you can write you can find web site article writing freelance jobs that mostly pay $3 to $5 though a writer qualified to write for as an expert for major sites might get more like $10 – $75 per 500 word article.

Someone with unique knowledge might be able to write a blog that eventually, it really has to be an exceptional site with regular new additions to get search engine ranking and enough visitors to earn a bit of advertising revenue. One can start with a free blog host like

A small percentage of people who try affiliate marketing actually succeed, some do quite well, having web development knowledge, sales experience and good management skills would have a better chance.
Many Internet Marketing rookies hang out at member written WSO tutorials sell for relatively little money.

I am always suggesting the one looks into freelance marketplace sites as a way to earn money more immediately, these include and, while more geared for technicians, you also can find writing projects and simple seo tasks, while there is worldwide competition, a native English writer has a big advantage. One of the easiest to get into is it’s also prone to having lower paying projects and wild west lawlessness, older established sites like elance or vWorker have tighter standards and may have membership fees to keep out the riffraff.

There are also micro task sites that pay small change for a few minutes work, popular with 3rd world countries, some in the U.S. Do them instead of crossword puzzles, the original was created by Amazon, the online store to ‘automate’ tasks a computer couldn’t do, like pick the better of 2 pictures, they named after the 18th century Mechanical Turk chess playing machine that had a man hidden inside, shortTask and microworkers have similar micro tasks, some individual jobs are a bit shady, like signing up for product trials, doing surveys, but you get to choose which tasks to perform.

Charles asks…

does anyone know where i can find a telephone interviewer job in chicago,illinois?

I am looking for a market research,telephone interviewer job that pays good and in the chicago area. My internet search isn’t doing me any good. Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe somewhere they work?

barry0912 answers:

I don’t know what you mean by good pay, but I do know that the company peoplescout is always hiring.

Call them at 1-800-214-4473

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Lizzie asks…

How to get a job with GAD and Depression?

I am almost 20 and I dont have a job.. I have pretty severe anxiety/ depression so I am litterally scared to death to even attempt to put in applications because Im scared that they wont like me, or hire me EVER (ive put in 1 application in this year).. What do I do??? My mom and my sister are getting more and more aggrivated at me.

barry0912 answers:

I’m in the same situation, I’ve created my own jobs online. Try freelancing websites or learn internet marketing and seo. That’s where jobs are going to be in the future. Try a forum called blackhatworld, read it for hours and learn different methods to make money. You can pull in some serious cash once you find what you’re good at.

John asks…

What is a good email marketing solutions?

I am looking to email 8000 users on a daily basis, emailing them about every 2-3 days by deleting old users and importing new ones. I am looking for a good email marketing solution that would send emails to my users’ inbox and not mark them spam. I am looking for softwares only, or a good and cheap site thanks.

barry0912 answers:

The best is aweber… They are simply great. Its only $20 a month, you can create unlimited email lists, you can set up unlimited auto responders, and set everything on auto and its click of a button easy.

They have a spam control generator which shows your a color coded spam setting of each email you send out, you simply have to tweak things that get labeled as spam before you send it out. There is not a better service out there… Check it out at

at the site they also have a free tour you can take and kinda test drive it. Trust me its worth the 19.99/ mnth fee..

Its makes your job so much easier.

Then if you’d like you can sign up for my newsletter that I actually use this service with… The newsletter is free and it is about tips for internet martketing and website traffic buidling at

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Affiliate Marketing: Where to begin when you are just beginning; Steps as easy as one, two, three. Make your family number 1! Don’t wait  

Article by Kari an Marketing Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing-is working for a business to market a product orproducts and for each costumer or visitor you bring to them you will

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As a beginner there are many important steps you will need to know

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Listed are a some steps for a beginner that are crucial for being


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beginners to learn how to become a successful marketing affiliate. I

used “My Online Income System” and I was so grateful that I decided

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It was very informative, easy to follow, and great for beginners. I

did lots of research to make sure this was a legit system. I

must say that it is very legit and I have learn the ropes from this

system, I did it and I know that you can too.

Step two: After sign up for a system to learn how to be successful,

make sure that you do not give up. It is a process that is taken a

day at a time. What happens with a lot of beginners is they give up

before they have learned what is needed to make money on the

internet. Take baby steps, there is much information to be obtain. If

you don’t understand something make sure you take time to go back

over it and understand it before moving on to the next step.

Step three: If you sign up for the system mentioned above. You will

be given a free website. This is a great opportunity because this

program teaches you how to make money on the internet with out

spending money. I found this very helpful because I did not want to

spend tons of money in the beginning on a website, it just was not

feasible for me. It is possible to make money with out spending

money, I do it everyday.

So in conclusion: Find a reputable company, don’t give up, and make

sure you are not spending money to make money. Now, it is time for you

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My Online Income System

About the Author

So here is my story!! I am a stay at home mom, I have a wonderful

husband and we are proud parents of two little girls. My husband

and I had decided before we had children that it is very important

for me to stay home to raise our children. Yes, we financially had

to make some sacrifices but, it was well worth it to our family.

As you have probably found out like I did, there is not very many

job opportunities that make this so easy. So, I decided to become

a marketing affiliate and I am so glad that I made this decision.