Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Betty asks…

Why we choose internet marketing? please suggest me any example too?

barry0912 answers:

The Internet marketing mix that your choose is a very personal choice. Many factors go into what will work for your company; and remember what works for one company may not work for all companies. Also, I suggest, at the very least, discussing this with an Internet marketing company to ensure, you’ve covered all of your bases.

Things that affect the decision on which Internet marketing services to choose, include:
Company size
Ability of company employees (and owner) to conduct their own marketing initiatives
Goals of company (financial and non-financial)
Products and services offered
Marketing budget
Age of the company
Location of the company
Company’s reputation

Start with this process:

Come up with 3 – 5 objectives that you would like your new marketing plan to achieve and when you would like to achieve them (3 months, 6 months, 1 year)
Are they prone to take several days to make a purchase?
Do they only shop during the weekdays?
Do they own computers in their homes?
Do they have access to the Internet while at work and at home?
Do they make purchases for themselves? For their family? For their friends?
Do some demographic research to discover who your customer base is and how (or if) they make purchases online
Do some research to see what your competitors are doing and where they are advertising their products and services. Do they offer special promotions? Do they partner with other companies to offer free items or services?

Paid Search
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Article Marketing
Research the different types of marketing available and how these tactics react under the circumstances that you’ve already researched above (i.e. Customer demographic, location, product/service offered, pricing, etc.); I would suggest having an Internet marketing company help you with this, you may be able to find a company that will assist you with this brainstorming and research and then will create a plan for you and send you off to implement the plan (this is a less expensive way of doing things). There are literally hundreds of tactics that can go into your

marketing mix:
Test things out, not everything on the plan may work or work well
Keep an eye out for additional marketing or promotional opportunities that may arise
Revisit your plan (with your marketing company) at least once a year or if your objectives change
Begin to implement the services that you (and your marketing firm) have come up with

Jenny asks…

Is Online Shopping relate to Internet Marketing?

Is Online Shopping relate to Internet Marketing?

Can you give me the reasons why it relate??

barry0912 answers:

Sure they relate. Company’s use online Marketing to either get you to buy online or to buy over the phone. For instance if I was working for a Mortgage Company, I would advertise low rates. I would than post these rates with a link that includes the name of my mortgage company on common real estate websites. On my own company website I might include a free quote analysis but than post a 1-800 number. After you do the free online quote you would probably have questions. So you call the 1-800 number and talk to a mortgage officer. This potential sale became possible because I had posted a Marketing link on a website with the target demographic.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Daniel asks…

I need help trying to create a marketing budget for a marketing plan?

I am making a marketing plan for a college level marketing class. This is the first marketing class I’ve ever taken, so I’m stuck on this part. I am doing my marketing plan for a private university. My budget per quarter is $65,000. What is a realistic amount to go towards social media (TV commericals, radio advertisement, etc), print advertisement, and internet marketing. These are the areas I’ve focused on in my marketing plan. Any advice?

barry0912 answers:

Try to get some ideas with some internet marketing consultants. They are very efficient in making internet marketing through various channels like social networks. I here mentioned a source to get some good internet marketing consultation.

Ken asks…

Does anyone really know how to do internet marketing for affiliate programs?

Does anyone know how to do internet marketing for affiliate programs? I’ve recently joined Linkshare, but I don’t have a website. I want to promote Linkshare merchant’s websites
without a website of my own. Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you,

barry0912 answers:

I have been doing affiliate marketing for a little over a year now. I have never marketed any merchant from linkshare.

I mainly market Clickbank products. I would highly recommend that you invest in this:

I saw a vast improvement in the amount of commissions I made after I implemented the strategies recommended in ClickbankAffiliateConfessions (CAC).

Although, it is geared towards Clickbank… I’m certain that you can use the recommendations just as well with Linkshare.

All the best…

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

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Lizzie asks…

Is there really any money in this field of work?

I have been contemplating going back to school for web site design and internet marketing. I just wonder if there is really money in the field? Is anyone out there making a real living off of it and is it better to go it alone (opening my own design solution business) or to take a job with an established company?

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barry0912 answers:

You listed two separate careers – web designing and web marketing.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in web marketing, I would strongly suggest getting a professional qualification at one of better web marketing programs in the country (somewhere like the University of Oregon – ) or possibly even an MBA in marketing. There is really not much money to be made in web marketing as a freelance or independent web marketer, unless you really establish yourself as an expert in the field by getting a top notch expert blog and building a high profile portfolio. However, if you get the right qualifications, you can posibly get a job at one of the big SEO or web marketing firms, which tend to be located either in the Boston/New York area, or in Silicon Valley. Salaries begin low ($30 to 40K), and the work is typically “grunt” work. However, you can build up to a six figure incombe, but that will take you time.

As regards being a web designer, the opportunities for freelance or independent work are much better, and you may not even need to go to school. The CIW qualifcation ( ) is more than enough, and there are many online web design degrees or certificates which are available (check out for some options). If you are going to set yourself up as an independent web designer, you are going to need to become well trained in several programming languages, get familiar with video and phot editing, and possibly even take a graphics art course or two from your local community college. As regards earning potential, that is going to be limited at the moment in the current economic climate, as businesses cut back on their marketing budgets (under which websites usually fall). However, you can make a reasonable income from web design on your own ($30 – 35K within the first year, if you are good), although you really have to concentrate on promoting yourself and establishing your credibility. Jobs with a web design firm are highly competitive, and are also under pressure from the economy. Firms normally hire on the basis of past experience with web design (so you might want to look at hunting for a job after you have had some experience out on your own and built up a portfolio), and usually want some sort of degree or qualification (although this differs from firm to firm). Salaries differ, but usually fall into the $45 to 55K range, with the top designers getting double or more than that.

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Richard asks…

How do I find affiliate marketing jobs in XXX?

I can’t find a job in my area in the field I’m qualified for. So, I am looking to support myself doing affiliate employment in the Adult Porn industry. I want something I can do from my home, on the computer and land line phone. Thank You.

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barry0912 answers:

Affiliate marketing is usually related to Internet marketing, etc. For starters, check out this website:

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How Much to Pay for SEO Services?

The question arrives up often. A lot of folks have been burned by SEO Services, but quite a few have additionally been rewarded by SEO Services. Like any business enterprise transaction or buy you should solely devote your cash once you really feel comfortable. Your comfort zone could pull from a variety of dependencies, such as how well do you understand this enterprise, how lengthy possess you been carrying out business with this person or entity, which is your first impression, how do you individually feel concerning this person or entity capability to present this support, and how well have you performed your homework.

The fact concerning SEO and link building services is which it is normally not very difficult work, but which doesn’t mean its easy. It still requires time, dedication, effort, technique, approach, method, ability, and occurence to perform quality SEO services. Everyone can use SEO solutions simply because it is inside your travel to learn, but not absolutely everyone can apply wise approach to generate SEO work. Which is why SEO engineers are essential to accomplish the just about impossible, but the question is how do you understand you are creating the correct choice and not overpaying for SEO solutions?

I can actually say for the a lot element SEO and link building services suppliers are on the up and up who desire nothing at all more than to do professional business and produce quality SEO solutions. Figuring out each and every shady SEO company may not be possible, but I have most advisable assistance which should help everyone get a fair and top quality price for SEO services.

– Set on your own a “real looking” marketing budget and purpose

– Store approximately

– Don’t buy right up until you experience at ease

– Recall “cheap does not constantly indicate far better”

– Ask for personal references / referrals / portfolio

– Verify recommendations / referrals / portfolio

– Ask for statistical expansion and progress reports