Your Questions About Anonymous Mask

Mandy asks…

Why do people feel the desire to wear a mask that does not nearly show who they are behind it?

I already know some reasons, such as fear of others’ reactions to who they truly are, but I just want to know other reasons, and personal experiences as well, if you are willing.

Does that mask allow you to act freely and completley opposite of who you are? Or, in other words, do you feel the need to be anonymous to do what goes against your nature?
For those that constantly fake their true identity for whatever reasons, have you lost who you are in the process?

barry0912 answers:

Intricate questioning… I really agree that most people fear others’ rejection to who they really are. This is the bulk percentage. I also agree that a mask allows one to act freely, but only as they truly are. If it is a physical mask such as that worn in plays or this avatar, it might allows some to truly express themselves. But if we’re talking about figurative masks, such as displays of a certain personality or use of heavy makeup or embelliment with lifestyle, clothes, etc, then I believe they are displays of insecurity. They are used to cover up deep insecurities and the point is to portray someone who is opposite in nature.

For people who are stage-shy but have talent, their best act could happen with a mask on, or their hair wildly disguising their upfront image. That is because these people are introverted and rich with thoughts, ideas, and emotions and have more to show that stems from inside, leaving them all the more feeling vulnerable. A mask then allows the freedom to be oneself and feel exposed without really exposing the identity that would mean more profound feelings of vulnerability for such sensitive persons. A person of this nature would be prone to wear thick, “physical” masks such as a thoughtful gaze that fronts a deep inner life.

If you’re always in the pack you need only be superficial to belong and if that is your habit then wearing a mask really would hold less meaning. A person of this nature would be more prone then to wear more superficial masks, such as an affect or light disposition that fronts a more superficial inner life.

How do you know people fake their identity? What if it’s real?Many avatars are fragments of a complex inner life, aren’t they? You are “tennis guy”, but aren’t you also a “math champ” or “musician” or “student” or “millionaire” or “American Idol tryout”? (Had to scratch out the “husband” after I read your profile!LOL) We never know many aspects of of a person, however multifaceted behind an avatar at any given moment. It comes down to people’s multiple interests, I guess.

Paul asks…

How can i make an anonymous costume?

I’m trying to make the infamous green body anonymous costume (not the guy fawkes one). I have a good idea on how to make the mask, but how can I make skin tight gloves that go up my arms?

tl;dr: how do I make super long, green skin tight gloves?

barry0912 answers:

Congratulations on your costume idea, it’s quite original! 🙂
for the gloves, I can’t give you any advice if you want to make them yourself, but if you are going to buy them, then I can help you. You have to find gloves that are something like 26-27 inches long (it’s possible that instead of a measure in inches you find the mentions “16B” or “18B”, it stands for the length of the gloves in “buttons”; I would then suggest you to look for 18B gloves. For the gloves to fit very tight, there need to be at least 15-20% spandex in the fabric. From my experience it’s not easy to find such gloves; I would advise you to look for them in more specialised shops like bridal shops or shops that sells formal dresses.

Good luck on your search!!!

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