Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Mark asks…

Im starting my own internet marketing business. What steps to take to be successful?

Hey guys, Im starting my own internet marketing so hopefully in the long run I can be successful. What steps do you think I should take? I will be affiliating for a major company; however, I have seen others who are also publishing for others on there website I think. What is the publishing part?

Thanks guys!

barry0912 answers:

Do your market research. What are your competitors doing right and wrong will help you make the right decisions.

Do not get into any debt. Find out how can you do everything more affordable. The attorney who handles my corporations told me. Cash-flow is king.

Ask yourself How can you improve on your website, and marketing strategies.

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Sandy asks…

What internet marketing wealth secrets do people really need?

What are the top 5 internet marketing wealth secrets
people would really want to know?

barry0912 answers:

Hey Duane,
there a great number of IM secrets. To succeed in online marketing, you need to create it into a business, art and a lifestyle.
The most important question in IM is: How can I constantly grow my list and build my networks?

A few other crucial questions are:
How can I drive constant targeted traffic to my website/s?
How can I monetize my site?
How can I create and sell a winning product/s of my own?
How can I leverage my IM efforts?

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3 Confirmed Approaches To Power Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing that actually works because it’s done right takes into consideration that certain businesses, not every business, but some are heavily dependent on the power of well-grounded relationships. Relationships that are built on trust and dependability tend to do better in terms of profits as well as long-term growth. To avoid any possible confusion, let’s be clear that we are solely talking about the relationship a business has with its customers, or other businesses. The people who are your customers need to be able to trust you as much as possible in order to have a strong relationship. It is the newer customer that presents the greatest challenge as well as the potential customer, and there is a period of time in which you’ll be given a chance to engage in relationship marketing. Keep reading to discover several proven relationship marketing tips that we feel you can benefit from in your business. 

A great place to start is by ensuring you have adequate information available about your customers. Even the smallest business can benefit from this, so don’t think this doesn’t apply to you because it most certainly does. As far as the actual information is concerned, there will be some overlap as well as some differences, and it just depends on your particular business. If you have any personal information, you’ll find that type to be of most value with relationship marketing. If you know their birthday, for example, then you can use that when their birthday comes around. So always remember that it’s a person’s emotions that are most important with buying. If you touch them in a positive and emotional-based way, then that will help them to keep you in mind when it comes to purchases. So any time you can take the opportunity to interact with them on an emotional plane, then that will add another brick in the relationship marketing foundation. 

You should also try to exceed what your customers expect from you by providing additional value. By over-delivering to your existing customers you will boost your returns since they want to work with you. Offer them the appropriate solutions to their issues in a timely fashion and help them as much as you can. You will be able to gain their trust this way which will help your business expand. 

Be aware that relationship marketing allows you to touch base with new customers through referrals. Whenever you gain a new customer you can leverage that customer into even more potential customers.You only have to make one customer happy to get the ball rolling. When you take advantage of relationship marketing you can really set the bar high for your business fast. It’s not easy to find a more powerful method of promoting your business. 

There are so many approaches and methods that you can use relationship marketing with, and often you just need a little creativity. When you have a good relationship with your customers, then they will be open to your business and marketing efforts. Just imagine that more possibilities can exist if more people are warm customers and actually will trust you and listen to what you have to say. Another terrific benefit to relationship marketing is that your customers will take care of a lot of advertising for you – won’t that be something great?

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SEOPressor – Best WordPress SEO plugin of 2010

Before introducing the new best WordPress SEO plugin, SEOPRessor lets put it into perspective . WordPress is a absolutely excellent platform . And there are many reasons that it is the most popular blogging platform in the world . WordPress is easy to use and has plenty of developers providing a constant stream of themes and addons, and its extremely SEO friendly Search Engines love wordpress blogs due to their simple and easily indexable structure. But of course it doesn’t mean you should just set up your blog and put no effort into its search engine optimization

SEO can be split into 2 major components, on-page and off-page Off-page SEO focuses on getting links to your site , preferably with specific anchor text, and preferably from the site with the highest page rank possible . On-page SEO on the other hand focuses on your blog itself. Keyword density of your articles , alt tags for images , internal link structure, headers and titles, etc

It is important to keep your WordPress blog SEO friendly on both fronts. Obtaining high on-page SEO will help you leverage every single link you have to your site. And both parts of the process can be very time consuming. But here the strength of the WordPress platform comes through again with an abundance of tools at your disposal.

Most popular SEO plugins , like All In One SEO, Headspace 2, Platinum SEO, RSS Footer, Related Posts, Redirect, etc are a huge help and they cover most of the spectrum of the work that needs to be done to have good on-page SEO.  But now there is a brand new tool that fills a lot of gaps and will help you save a lot of time. Its not a replacement for All in one SEO. Its an incredibly valuable addition. 

Meet SEOPRessor ĂŻ»¿ .

Here is what it does:   It allows you to create SEO optmized post from the start. Every time you make a new post, you insert a keyword that the post will be optimized for. SEOPressor will AUTOMATICALY make sure you have your keyword in bold, underlined, underscored, will insert your keyword in the title and alt image tag in a very SEO friendly form.  All done for you, so you didn’t have to keep all these important details in mind and could focus on creating great content for your site. It will also evaluate your internal linking structure and will wiegh several other factors and will provide you with an SEO score for every post on your blog. It will also make suggestions on what can be optimized in your post further for maximum SEO effect .

SEOPressor is a brand new tool and is rapidly becoming a must have part of every WordPress blog, perfectly filling its niche and complimenting other SEO plugins. You can read more and download SEOpressor from this link. However there is another option, where you can get some great bonuses with your SEOpressor plugin . Don’t miss. Don’t let your competitors to beat you in the optimization game.




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