Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Donna asks…

Marketing Timeline?

Could some of you internet business owners tell me how you started your business, your marketing timeline? What did you do first and then after you got started. Press release? Media? SEO work?

barry0912 answers:

Marketing is a continuous everyday work. You do everything simultaneously because there is no single way where you can get traffic so you need to make sure that every possible source of traffic is reached

My suggested timeline is:


– Do an extensive keyword research analysis. has a very good listing of free tools that you can use to research the keywords for your site including: keyword density, determining the keywords you want to target, who are your competitors for your targeted keywords.

– Start mapping out your link strategy. You need to start making a list of who should link to you and where you can request for links.

– Start thinking of how you can get the word out about your business. Do you plan on writing articles? Will you harness viral marketing? Be sure to equip your site with tools Get a Recommend this Site script from websites such as and similar directories of scripts. Some even go as far as giving incentives to those who recommend the site to their friends. If only 10 people go to your site, but these 10 people invite 10 more – that’s additional traffic that you get for FREE!

Recommend Site Scripts (various)
Big Nose Bird Recommend this Site
CGI Resource Index

– Beta test your site and start inviting people (if applicable). If you are planning a social networking site for example, you can do a soft-launch for your site and invite people you know or friends of your friends to try out the site. This way you can iron out the kinks before you do your full blast marketing


– Make sure your on-page factors (e.g. Title, metatags, keyword densities) are right on-target

– Issue a press release announcing the launch of your new site. Press releases are also a way to get inbound one-way links to your website. Here are some places where you can submit your press release for free

– Submit your site to the major search engines. If you are going to read only one piece on search engine optimization, I suggest you read Brett Tabke of’s “Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone: 26 steps to 15k a day.”

SEO for Google
SEO for Yahoo! Http://
Tying It Together: SEO For The Big Three

– Start submitting requests for links. You will find that some will not link to you because you have 0 pagerank because your site is new. But start submitting to DMOZ and other directories and build your pagerank

– Do offline marketing. Whether you are planning to print brochures or do direct marketing, now is also the time to do them


– Try to do marketing at least 1 hour every day – whether asking for reciprocal links, submitting articles or submitting your site to directories

– Keep abreast of what’s happening with the search engines.

– Do email marketing or send a newsletter on a regular basis

Robert asks…

Piano Store Marketing Strategy?

I have invested in a Piano Store recently and was wondering what would be the best means of communicating with my target customer i.e. younger parents with kids in the range 5-10.

Does anybody have any experience with creating a Marketing Plan or Strategy for a Piano Store?

If I was to tie-in with a Brand or product; what would be the best options?

Any suggestions please?

barry0912 answers:

Although it predates the record album as an entertainment source, I guess your business has not entirely vanished yet, but it certainly has to be marketed differently than 20 years ago, I assume the manufacturers touch on traditional family values, as well as the decorative value of a traditional instrument.

One potential method to reach a small number of local prospects may be with paid Facebook advertisements, their demographic targeting is quite powerful, you can have ads only appear for married women between 25 and 40 who live in cities in close proximity to your location, there may be an “interest” like piano playing you may be able to target as well, they show you the potential reach of members a given ad setting would have, you could have such ads send people to a free Facebook business page.
While on the subject of internet resources you for sure need to have (and probably already do) a free Google Places page, they may provide a generic listing automatically, but you need to claim it and improve the content with more lengthy text, photos an potentially even video.

Sorry I m not more in touch with how kids are introduced to e piano these days, perhaps you can be a sponsor of some school events for the publicity and music evangelist opportunities, there are some cities (where the weather is friendly) that have old pianos in public places setup by some non profits.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Richard asks…

Where can i find information about free mass traffic?

I have heard its a new internet marketing tool and I’m not sure if its a scam or not. Does anyone know if its a scam or if it’s for real? it claims it will help you get traffic from the internet but before I buy it, I just want to make sure its legit.

barry0912 answers:


Free Mass Traffic is a tool for internet marketers. It is not a scam.

It is a package that gives you complete training of online traffic generation sources, including Social Bookmarking video marketing, linkbuilding, video marketing, web 2.0 strategies, press release marketing, article marketing to name but a few.

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you really can’t go wrong.

I’ve bought products before by the same guys who are launching free mass traffic, and their products are top quiality and have really helped me online.

There is a Free Mass Traffic Review site I found which has some information you can have a look and more info should be posted when it is actually launched on 17th january 2011.

Hope this helps


Mandy asks…

Where can I go to read a marketing plan that someone wrote for a business?

All I can find on the internet is outlines, but they tell me what goes in each section. I want to read an actual one, not hear what I’m supposed to put.

barry0912 answers:

When analyzing and explaining Market Needs: Define your Products and Services’ Offerings in terms of Target Market Needs, and focus not on what you have to sell but more importantly, on the buyer needs you satisfy. Determine why customers buy from you and formulate that strategy behind your Market Segmentation.

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Lumosity mobile itunes

Apple App retailer has become a boon to game builders considering its launch in 2008. It allowed iPhone and iPod Contact people to obtain apps straight towards the system or onto a Laptop or Mac by way of iTunes with a single of the most consumer friendly interfaces actually developed for the mobile product. With shut to ten billion applications downloaded so far through the App Retailer which incorporates both equally paid and cost-free applications the App Keep is a great achievement for Apple and an individual from the critical reasons why Apple is on the forefront of your cellular market.
The App Keep was launched in addition to the SDK to allow developers working Mac OS X 10.5.four or higher on an Intel Mac to build apps working with Xcode that should natively run within the iPhone iPod Touch and iPad. Lumosity mobile itunes The SDK was an fast hit between builders who capitalized on the growing cellular app market at that stage of time and therefore the fact that Applications are matter to approval by Apple which makes it pretty much impossible for inappropriate pretend applications to surface around the save attempting to con its customers. Precisely the same can not be says for the Android.
Not long ago Apple has developed new announcements concerning the App Store providing extra power for the builders in the kind of Apple subscription dependent provider making it possible for publishers dont just to advertise from iTunes where profits is shared at present shared 70 30 Publisher Apple however they can also be allowing publishers to distribute their subscriptions right from their web sites which can be a second major enhance for Apple and can make it possible for a lot more builders to establish apps for the machine.
It goes devoid of stating that games have played a tremendous function within the good results for the App Store with some amazing free iphone video games like Chupacabra Ninjump and Papertoss all of which happen to be large hits on the App Retail outlet. Thats to not say that only zero cost iPhone video games market properly as paid games provide just about as well because of Apples distinguished userbase.
Apple will soon be launching the following version of their iPhone the iPhone five inside coming months. Its going to be intriguing to determine no matter if the brand new telephone will attribute the considerably anticipated 3D with no 3D eyeglasses technological innovation. It is going to also be exciting to check out new applications take complete benefit from the 3D interface its got to supply generating the iPhone 5 a immediate competitor with the Nintendo 3DS which was a short while ago launched this year. Lumosity mobile itunes

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content supply platform

When you have a considerable amount of time to kill or maybe you are waiting in a good queue or you have to have a break from the perform the best option is to play a nice entertaining sport on your mobile. Currently youll find more older people than teens getting together with mobile games. Buyers between the ages of 25 as well as 34 not only down load more games as compared to any other age group and also play and purchase these more. Female avid gamers are also starting to become a part of the mobile video gaming community.

Mobile gaming is so popular that people have actually become addicted to them. One of the primary main reasons why mobile games are usually in high demand is the relaxed comfortable and involved gaming engagement they offer. The gaming companies are constantly working on creating innovative games together with intricate and enhanced video gaming features. They are regularly struggling to make this kind of addiction a complete burning passion for people. Ww college sexe video pillme frome mobile
You can find variety of mobile activities found in different types of racing games puzzlelogicskill online games action games video games role playing games card and casino games adventure games strategy games as well as lifestyle games. To check different peoples wants developers design sole player or multi player games based on various technologies that include eg. Embedded game titles SMSMMS games browsing games J2ME games BREW games and native Computer itself games.
One serious problem faced by the publishers and developers regarding mobile game is actually describing a game in a way that it attracts the customer to make the buying decision. They are largely sold through community carriers operators portal marketers by attracting person by their wording descriptions and desirable screenshots. There are some well known and established play behaviour that decrease the identified level of risk to the buyer which includes hands per hour mechanics that are instantaneously recognizable such as Tetris Place Invaders or Online poker.
On the other hand platforms as well as technologies for mobile gaming have significantly improved. The available memory space size processor capacity display size and resolution on mobile phone devices have all improved as time passes thus enhancing the general gaming experience to the user. Nowadays end users find latest intriguing java games already fitted in mobile phones at the time of manufacturing. Many websites present mobile games with their freetrial options allowing clients to play it for a long time and if they like the item they easily can find it. Apart from most of these mobile games can be also downloaded by using infra-red and Bluetooth.
Juniper Research indicates that end user produced revenues for both equally one-time downloads and subscriptionrentals involving mobile games provide a substantial market regarding 5bn in 2007 which is expected to grow practically to 16bn by the end involving 2012 . Mobile gambling industry is not only developing numerous opportunities for game publishers along with game developers but opening new doors of great entertainment for users.
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Sarah Shaukat is a technological writer who has prepared extensively on cellphone applications softwares in addition to games. Most of the woman writings are on Newest Java Games and Entertainement Software.

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