Your Questions About Anonymous

Thomas asks…

What is Anonymous and Scientology mean and what is the conflict all about?

I’ve heard about this Anonymous and Scientology conflict but, what do those two words mean? And, what is the problem about?

barry0912 answers:

Anonymous is a computer group that oppose the cult of $cientology with demonstrations at their “orgs” (they like retarded tech and abbr. Speak) they were quite aggressive with website hacking and other malicious acts like sending huge faxes to them and so on, but i think they have stopped all that malicious stuff now. Many will wear the masks of “V for Vendetta” – guy fawkes to protect their identities when they attend demos as $cientology members have been known to play dirty tricks of their own.

$cientology are a lunatic fringe cult based around the works of scence FICTION writer L Ron hubbard, who was quoted as saying the “quickest way to make money is to start your own religion” – you do the maths on those two facts!!! They charge exhorbitant fees to progress through their pointless levels and pose as a religion in order to evade tax. They have an interestingly colourful history of antics, lawsuits and even had the founders wife thrown in jail – its worth reading about. Type “operation snow white” “operation clambake” into google.

They also believe in an evil galactic overlord who sent billions (they appear to like the billions in their cult, everything is billions) of people to earth to be blown up by hyrdrogen bombs and it is the spirits of these people that afflict human condition today. And no, i am not making this sh-it up. They only get this story when they have reached a certain level. Searc “Xenu”. This story can be heard in hubbards own words as well, so it can be backed up – it is on youtube.

Some people will believe anything they are told, sigh……

William asks…

How are the anonymous group going to shut down facebook on Nov 5th ?

Does it need thousands of people around the World to participate or is it a single hacker ?

Does anyone know the website for the anonymous group ?

barry0912 answers:

They’d probably use a DDOS attack if they were targeting Failbook. A single hacker could do it if they were in control of a large botnet, but most likely A will use lots of affiliates to participate in their plans.

According to this link, they’re going to hit Fox news, a far more deserving target. Http://

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