Your Questions About Internet Marketing

George asks…

International Business or Internet Marketing?

I dont know which one I should make my major and my minor. I want to open up my own company and work with a company as well. I want to be able to build a start up from home and be able to travel whenever I want and be able to live anywhere and not have a job keep me in one place. I love both so I dont which one to focus on. Is there something I should pair one or the either with? Ideas and insight would be adored 🙂

barry0912 answers:

Both are great choices I’ve been doing internet marketing. I’d say international business for your major and internet marketing for a minor. In my opinion internet marketing would a great way to create some stream of income and use that as a source or stepping stone towards your international business ideas.

“The trouble is that most people really have no idea where to start. The average person flounders around for months, trying out this and that, skipping from one opportunity to another. That’s no way to make money. That’s just a surefire way to end up in the poor house!”

Hope I was of help 🙂

Good Luck

Joseph asks…

How to learn Internet Marketing?

I want to learn about Internet Marketing. Plz Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barry0912 answers:

Internet Marketing is your keyword phrase to use in google to search.

I’d recommend you also use the word free in your search.. How to learn internet marketing free.

You should discover a number of interesting articles and free downloads to help you get your initial
learning on the way.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Carol asks…

Do programs like TrafficSwarm really work or are they a waste of my time?

I am an internet marketing newbie. I have two sites that I want to promote, and Are there ways to get traffic to my websites without spending tons of cash on advertising?

barry0912 answers:

Yes,there is my friend..I’d suggest building links to wherever you would like searchers to land. If your category pages are the most useful, link there – if the articles are most useful, link there.

The main purpose of these links is to get higher ranking with search engines when someone types in a relevant keyword phrase.These keywords will send visitors searching for information on a specific topic to your website and allows you gain a new reader or make some money from whatever affiliate program or ad scheme you are running.

I’ve recently set up several websites for some friends and link building was my main concern because I needed links for the webpages to be indexed and start showing up in the search engine. I did also use the free ebook course i got here to optimize my list building

On the other hand,TrafficSwarm systems are not fool proof. People can cheat, meaning, you could have someone running a program that ‘views’ your site, but it’s a program not a person, taking away ANY chance of a action happening.It is time consuming sitting behind your desk surfing other people’s sites.It also kills the bandwidth, and for South Africans, that’s a problem.
Aside from that your subscription rate, even though you will receive subscriptions, is lower than through advertising mediums,cause these users are users that want traffic for their websites in exchange and aren’t necessarily interested in your products and services.Your increase in ranking only lasts as long as you’re a member of the system. As soon as you stop using the system, the users disappear and you drop in rankings again.

Robert asks…

How much return on investment can I expect for internet marketing efforts?

Is it unreasonable to assume that a paid bundle for ad/tweet that reaches 1 million users, probably gets actually seen 500,000 times, clicked through 50,000 times, and assuming I have a great landing page and a relatively cheap service at $20, gets purchased AT LEAST 50 times?

50 purchases for 1 million potential impressions? Reasonable?

barry0912 answers:

Hi, in theory this sounds good and reasonable. In practice, you have to be extremely careful. If you reach for untargeted audience, the ROI can be very bad.

Do you have the sources to target the audience for free? If not, you have to calculate your costs.

For example, you buy 200 gigs in fiverr, each gig targeting 5000 people, you spend 5$ / gig. This is already 1000 $. If the audience is targeted, and you do get your 50 purchases, you earn 20$. ROI is 0.

For Google ads, the cost per click (CPC) can be everything from 0,4 $ to eternity – you have to analyze this in forehead.

Let’s assume your CPC is great and you pay 0,4$ times 50,000 = 20,000. If I were you, I would say – I don’t think so. Absolutely does not worth it.

The best way is to make return on no investment, meaning spend close to nothing and get great returns. There are ways to do this – you need of course the knowledge, the time and the practice.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

Sharon asks…

Best way to start advertising a blog to a specific audience?

Looking to gain a readership of my soon-to-be blog…how exactly do I ‘get the word out’ to people who might be interested in it? This would definitely not appeal to most of my friends and family, so my current social networking contacts aren’t exactly the way to kick start it. Any advice on internet marketing for a new blog? Thanks!

barry0912 answers:

Standard Search Engine Optimization tactics include creating content feature keyword phrases that represent your topic, this happens naturally but you can help improve your ranking with a little more attention to keywords. The free Google Keyword Tool (search for it) will list the most used search phrases based on a few samples you enter, save a list if these, you might search for them one by one to gauge how good a site has to be to get on page one for that particular phrase. Stay on topic as much as possible to make abundantly clear to the search engines what your site is about.

Spend some time at Webmster or Internet Marketing Forums to learn more SEO techniques, getting links from other sites is key, commenting on other blogs can be a nice start.

Susan asks…

What is a great product to buy to get traffic for my new blog?

I am new to internet marketing and I just created a blog. I am excited as I have learned a lot of SEO information but now want to see if there is something that may be available for me to buy to help getting traffic. Thanks for the help!


barry0912 answers:

PPC – adword Google
PPV – trafficvance
Facebook advertising
Media buy

those are the famous traffic sources

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Titlemax marketing

When we discuss internet marketing then the expression SEO instantly hits our mind. Its very because SEO services have been a persistent section of internet marketing and during the very last decade their value has increased owing to the increased use of internet as well as the need to cope with the actual escalated merchandise with the internet. It was inside mid 1990s in the event the web masters and some content material providers started to optimise sites for the search engines like google and since then it has been carried forward through web professionals which has now evolved into this vast range of Search engine optimization. Today SEO services have been demonstrated to be the best and the majority effective marketing techniques.
The web is the best place for promoting your products because nowadays it is the place which often sees a maximum number of users. For those times you want your business growing at a faster rate then it is critical to have a strong on the internet presence and the quickest way to be seen online is via the top yahoo and google. It is through these engines like google that you get traffic increase and leads to your services and products. Titlemax marketing The search engines get their own way of rank websites and are generally based on the search terms which have been used to find virtually any particular website. Today through Search Engine Optimization one is able to optimize a web site by finding the search words which are relevant to the site.

The main significance on this internet marketing strategy is that it can bring the preferred specific audience straight to your website with the help of the keyword phrases. Whether it is local search video search or picture search with the assistance of SEO services you can make your web site accessible via these types of searches. The Search engine optimisation tactics have often worked out in the world-wide-web world. They are the finest mode of getting organic results. The first thing that the internet marketing companies offer to their clients is affordable SEO services because they are aware that they are the very heart and soul of internet marketing.
Some great benefits of SEO services are perhaps much more that can be penned lower. Whether it is for small company or brand consciousness SEO is the most swift way to spread anything about your service or perhaps brand. The significance of Search engine optimization is very prominent and cant be ruled out the way it is the very first and the most essential aspect that will forms the very spine of internet marketing.
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