Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Donna asks…

Marketing Timeline?

Could some of you internet business owners tell me how you started your business, your marketing timeline? What did you do first and then after you got started. Press release? Media? SEO work?

barry0912 answers:

Marketing is a continuous everyday work. You do everything simultaneously because there is no single way where you can get traffic so you need to make sure that every possible source of traffic is reached

My suggested timeline is:


– Do an extensive keyword research analysis. has a very good listing of free tools that you can use to research the keywords for your site including: keyword density, determining the keywords you want to target, who are your competitors for your targeted keywords.

– Start mapping out your link strategy. You need to start making a list of who should link to you and where you can request for links.

– Start thinking of how you can get the word out about your business. Do you plan on writing articles? Will you harness viral marketing? Be sure to equip your site with tools Get a Recommend this Site script from websites such as and similar directories of scripts. Some even go as far as giving incentives to those who recommend the site to their friends. If only 10 people go to your site, but these 10 people invite 10 more – that’s additional traffic that you get for FREE!

Recommend Site Scripts (various)
Big Nose Bird Recommend this Site
CGI Resource Index

– Beta test your site and start inviting people (if applicable). If you are planning a social networking site for example, you can do a soft-launch for your site and invite people you know or friends of your friends to try out the site. This way you can iron out the kinks before you do your full blast marketing


– Make sure your on-page factors (e.g. Title, metatags, keyword densities) are right on-target

– Issue a press release announcing the launch of your new site. Press releases are also a way to get inbound one-way links to your website. Here are some places where you can submit your press release for free

– Submit your site to the major search engines. If you are going to read only one piece on search engine optimization, I suggest you read Brett Tabke of’s “Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone: 26 steps to 15k a day.”

SEO for Google
SEO for Yahoo! Http://
Tying It Together: SEO For The Big Three

– Start submitting requests for links. You will find that some will not link to you because you have 0 pagerank because your site is new. But start submitting to DMOZ and other directories and build your pagerank

– Do offline marketing. Whether you are planning to print brochures or do direct marketing, now is also the time to do them


– Try to do marketing at least 1 hour every day – whether asking for reciprocal links, submitting articles or submitting your site to directories

– Keep abreast of what’s happening with the search engines.

– Do email marketing or send a newsletter on a regular basis

Robert asks…

Piano Store Marketing Strategy?

I have invested in a Piano Store recently and was wondering what would be the best means of communicating with my target customer i.e. younger parents with kids in the range 5-10.

Does anybody have any experience with creating a Marketing Plan or Strategy for a Piano Store?

If I was to tie-in with a Brand or product; what would be the best options?

Any suggestions please?

barry0912 answers:

Although it predates the record album as an entertainment source, I guess your business has not entirely vanished yet, but it certainly has to be marketed differently than 20 years ago, I assume the manufacturers touch on traditional family values, as well as the decorative value of a traditional instrument.

One potential method to reach a small number of local prospects may be with paid Facebook advertisements, their demographic targeting is quite powerful, you can have ads only appear for married women between 25 and 40 who live in cities in close proximity to your location, there may be an “interest” like piano playing you may be able to target as well, they show you the potential reach of members a given ad setting would have, you could have such ads send people to a free Facebook business page.
While on the subject of internet resources you for sure need to have (and probably already do) a free Google Places page, they may provide a generic listing automatically, but you need to claim it and improve the content with more lengthy text, photos an potentially even video.

Sorry I m not more in touch with how kids are introduced to e piano these days, perhaps you can be a sponsor of some school events for the publicity and music evangelist opportunities, there are some cities (where the weather is friendly) that have old pianos in public places setup by some non profits.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

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Lisa asks…

How do you internet market?

I put money into a website that makes money from internet marketing but i dont know how to do it? It sounded real easy at first. I dont have anything to sell. But I have my own websites for blogs and everything but is illiterate when it comes to knowig what to do. I need step-by-step help 101……

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barry0912 answers:

Oh jeez. You invested in internet marketing without a product, or even the idea of a product? Hahahaha 🙂

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Linda asks…

I want to get started in SEO where do I start. Can anyone point me in the right direction.?

I’m currently a marketing major in college. I’m want to get started in Internet marketing, SEO, and SEM. I’ve been reading everything I can of those subjects, plus google analytic.

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barry0912 answers:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now-a-days covers quite a range of items that your website will need.

First of all there is no single item that will do the trick. Its a combination of of various pieces to the puzzle. Part of it lies within your website and the other part you can call an “outreach” program by getting your links onto other websites (e.g. Blogs, social bookmarks, forums, press releases, etc)

Outside of that you also are missing a DocType in your HTML code. Take a look here:

While you’re at the W3C take a look at your validation errors too:

We have an article that we wrote you can read here:

Also, touch base with Webmaster forums for more information like the following three:

Also, here is another good resource:

One last thing. You will need to get into the process of generator a sitemap of your website regularly as a sitemap.xml file. You can read more about this at created by Google, Yahoo and MSN and you will need a sitemap generator at You can then submit your sitemaps to the search engines in their respective areas.

Learn about Link Popularity, Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Keyword Density

Hope this helps

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

William asks…

How do you make websites for internet marketing?

I have dedicated my life to internet marketing. I want to become an affiliate for some companies, or join MLM business and make alot of money following jonathan budd’s trainings. Jonathan budd’s training is state of the art, but he doesnt teach how to make websites or blogs. If you are an internet marketer, could please throw me some tips on where I can learn to make websites?

barry0912 answers:

Hey friend,

Firstly create blog on wordpress or blogspot. WordPress has many SEO plugins which you can use for SEO, write article with good keyword density.
For websites you have to do some Onpage and offpage optimization.
On Page activities consist of
Title tag,
Meta tag,
XML sitemap,
Alt tag etc creation and optimization

Off Page activities consist of :
Forum posting,
Do follow Blog commenting,
Directory submission,
Social bookmarking,
Business listing,
Article Submission,
RSS Submission,

Pay Per Click activity

All these activities help you for understand Internet marketing


Carol asks…

How to start a affiliate internet marketing and be successful?

I want to start my own internet marketing business, and I want to Affiliate. What tips can you guys give me to start and to be successful at it?

barry0912 answers:

Hi, Google Sniper 2 is your answer if you want to get loads of traffic without having to pay per click.

I started using this myself and was so impressed, that I made a review about it. I got to 1st page in Google within 3 days.

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SEOPressor – Best WordPress SEO plugin of 2010

Before introducing the new best WordPress SEO plugin, SEOPRessor lets put it into perspective . WordPress is a absolutely excellent platform . And there are many reasons that it is the most popular blogging platform in the world . WordPress is easy to use and has plenty of developers providing a constant stream of themes and addons, and its extremely SEO friendly Search Engines love wordpress blogs due to their simple and easily indexable structure. But of course it doesn’t mean you should just set up your blog and put no effort into its search engine optimization

SEO can be split into 2 major components, on-page and off-page Off-page SEO focuses on getting links to your site , preferably with specific anchor text, and preferably from the site with the highest page rank possible . On-page SEO on the other hand focuses on your blog itself. Keyword density of your articles , alt tags for images , internal link structure, headers and titles, etc

It is important to keep your WordPress blog SEO friendly on both fronts. Obtaining high on-page SEO will help you leverage every single link you have to your site. And both parts of the process can be very time consuming. But here the strength of the WordPress platform comes through again with an abundance of tools at your disposal.

Most popular SEO plugins , like All In One SEO, Headspace 2, Platinum SEO, RSS Footer, Related Posts, Redirect, etc are a huge help and they cover most of the spectrum of the work that needs to be done to have good on-page SEO.  But now there is a brand new tool that fills a lot of gaps and will help you save a lot of time. Its not a replacement for All in one SEO. Its an incredibly valuable addition. 

Meet SEOPRessor  .

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SEOPressor is a brand new tool and is rapidly becoming a must have part of every WordPress blog, perfectly filling its niche and complimenting other SEO plugins. You can read more and download SEOpressor from this link. However there is another option, where you can get some great bonuses with your SEOpressor plugin . Don’t miss. Don’t let your competitors to beat you in the optimization game.




Basics of Good SEO

Search engine optimization is not something to take lightly. The internet is continuously growing and this means you have to learn the rules of the search engines as soon as you can to keep up with the trends of searching and buying online. You see, if you don’t know how to work the search function online, you will be spending so much on your website and business for nothing. Your business must show up on the search engines if you want to reach your potential customers.

All your other marketing strategies will depend on how well you know SEO. Whether you’re marketing your own business, or you’re being hired to promote someone else’s business, you need some SEO tools to make life easier for you.

There’s no denying that search engine optimization is a tedious task. You just need to find software and free tools for search keywords, page rank analyzers and software that measure anything from link popularity to keyword density on a page. However, this process is necessary if you want your business to thrive.

Essential Factors in Search Engine Optimization

1. Search Terms – Keywords are the exact words or phrases that people use to find products and services over the internet. You need to look for the best terms they use so you can build a viable marketing campaign around that keyword. There are keyword analyzers that automate this process. Free tools for keyword research include the Adwords Tool on google and wordtracker software.

2. Your Ranking on the Search Engine Pages – If you want to know your rankings on the search engines, you can try the free services from Google Rankings, Yahoo Search Rankings and Alexa Page ranking system. If you’re hiring an SEO expert to help you, checking your search ranking can help you find out if you’re appearing on the first page of the search engine results.

3. Page Ranking – Google, which is the biggest search engine in the planet today, has a way of measuring the relevance of a website. The page rank’s exact algorithm is not divulged to the public, but speculations on PR or page rank tell us that the higher it is, the better your standing in google’s eyes. A lot of page rank tools are free, and they can tell you in an instant what your site’s PR is.

4. Analysis for Your Link – Your link popularity rating must be high if you’re getting constant traffic from search engines. If you want to quantify your website’s visibility online, you can use link popularity methods to count the number of inbound links and to determine whether your link building campaigns are working.

These resources can increase the probability that you’re building your website promotions properly. With these, you can build a good marketing strategy to beat your competition.

SEO is one way that you can learn How to make money online. So, be like Russell Brunson and Mike Filsaime today!