Your Questions About Internet Marketing

George asks…

Is there any Internet Marketing guru who would be happy if I promoted his successful internet money maker?

As long as you are a genuine internet marketing guru, webmaster or seo specialist with your genuine money making internet or ecommerce business, I would be happy to start learning from your experience and knowledge by simply promoting your successful online money making system and of course making my money out of it.
Please, understand I am an absolute beginner (not a fool though) in this field and tell me what you have to offer and how we could start working and making money together.
Many Thanks and God Bless!

barry0912 answers:

After studying Internet Marketing for over 2 years I will be tell you this…

Go to & and figure out your niche, & your passion. Read and listen to others there.Pick 1 or 2 IM Gurus and listen and follow them.

Then JV (Joint Venture) with others that need your help.
You are called a “newbie” take one step at a time…because it is a big learning curve. Enjoy the day!

Laura asks…

What are the main issues facing newbies to Internet Marketing?

I’m getting into Internet Marketing and I’m being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of advice, opinions, information, systems and more. I have a good idea of what it’s capable of but I want to hear from newbies and recent converts of their thoughts.

barry0912 answers:

The main issues that I see people encountering is the shear volume of information and all of the ‘experts’. Your best bet is to find one or two well known gurus to follow and just pay attention to them. You can subscribe to many others but just don’t spend much time reading their ‘offers’ just yet.

Learn the basics of SEO and how to optimize your page. Little by little it’ll all come together. Learn keyword research and how to pick the right market. Learn how to analyze your website data to see where to make changes.

Get a site up and running and PRACTICE! Figure out how you plan on marketing (article, social media, etc) and stick to one method. Don’t try too many methods at once because you’ll only confuse yourself. If you’re serious about getting into Internet marketing you may want to take some courses to get a jump start.

Good luck!

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Andy Jenkins Kajabi Marketing Platform?

So what’s this Kajabi thing we keep hearing about? You’ve been hearing about it from the big guys lately . Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, and now John Reeseare using it, and most people are asking…

What is Kajabi?

In a nutshell, it’s very similar to WordPress or Tumblr. . A CMS (content management system) so you can easily create your marketing systems , landing pages , sales pages , video pages, and more . If you’re an online marketer you know the pain it is to setup your websites , lead capture pages, your scripts … blah blah the list goes.

Kajabi makes it super easy for you to create your sites.

Here’s a little about what they said in their most recent email:


Last week, we rolled out a new, very powerful facebook/blogging community feature into both the Video Boss and List Control Portal tentatively called “Klub”.  “Klub” features enables users to track all of their interactions with a program from their personalized Dashboard – it easily gathers their blog posts, questions they may have, and their responses to your content to their activity in one section.

“Klub” also introduces the concept of User Groups, allowing for the creation of specific topical discussions (That exist outside of the tutorial-specific coaching) on a more personalized level.  Users are already engaging in Joint Ventures, sub-contracting projects to one another, and discussing new ideas and concepts in the technical and design areas of the “Klub”.

Further development of “Klub” will introduce content consumption tracking, individual “My Notes” creation, as well as Private Messaging between members.


Kajabi’s drag-and-drop Theme & Template Publishing Engine are currently in heavy development, allowing users simple, intuitive web-page creation for online content distribution.  “Kreator” will be robust and deep enough to allow many users to replace their current blogging platform with an all in once content delivery and management solution within Kajabi.


We are in the initial stages of deploying a Cloud-Based Media Encoding Engine, which enables various flavors of Audio and Video Media Encoding to take place inside the interface of Kajabi.


We have successfully migrated Kajabi’s core database to a new, significantly larger enterprise level of service, in anticipation of the next private beta stage, which is scheduled tentatively for late May.

Do yourself a favor and sign up on the “waiting list” on the right —->

You’ll get all the updates and bonuses we’re giving away leading up to the launch of Kajabi. check out my Kajabi review here.

Multiply Your Profits with Joint Ventures

Beyond Marketing Your Own Item

Advertising and marketing your very own item is an excellent way to generate an online earnings. When you integrate an excellent total advertising and marketing and promo strategy by means of a nice product, sales will unavoidably comply with. If you have actually developed the ideal item in the best market area, you’ll delight in some respectable sales numbers.

Nevertheless, you can’t hope to experience ideal sales numbers if you’re working alone. The top internet marketing experts understand that traveling the road to treasures is easier by means of an excellent joint endeavor proposal. There’s strength in numbers.

The number of even more sales could you make if you had a group of big-time marketers aggressively marketing your item? How big could the numbers get if you had top marketing experts backing your item equally hard as they would their own? Now, think about the effect having several top marketing experts as partners could possibly suggest to you!

The Globe of Joint Ventures

Every item designer needs an associate program. There’s no better means to motivate sales than to construct a military of associates. A common member program isn’t really sufficient, though. You wish more than a handful of online marketers pitching your product as a part of their total business plan. You want major gamers to line up by means of you to transform your item in to a best-seller.

Welcome to the world of joint endeavors. There’s no better way to post sales than by developing JVs by means of leading online marketers. That’s why anyone who’s major concerning internet marketing has to get serious regarding joint endeavors.

Regrettably, it isn’t constantly easy to produce those JV collaborations. However, it can be difficult to connect and build solid JV connections. It could be challenging to recruit JV partners if you and your item aren’t understood commodities. Leading marketers are continuously receiving requests for JVs. If you don’t have a plan that stands out– and that actually makes good sense to those individuals– you’re not going to get anywhere.

Several marketers make the blunder of coming close to joint endeavor partners as if marketing their existing affiliate program is enough. That’s a big mistake. You can’t want to develop quality joint ventures unless you have a clever, certain plan. You should approach the procedure properly.

Making Joint Ventures Work for You

Creating joint ventures the wise method requires a couple of things. First, you should know the different methods to structure a JV Secondly, you should understand how to assemble a JV proposition that offers benefits to both celebrations. Third, you must learn how to connect with the type of individuals you really need as joint endeavor companions. Fourth, you should be totally accustomed with the different approaches, techniques and details that could transform a level JV in to a world-class champion. Finally, you have to practice the process of arranging and applying your strategy.

If you do not hit all 5 of those nails on the head, you won’t experience JV excellence.

In shorts, you need to visit JV college if you’re severe about making the most cash feasible from your item.

You can try to find out the ropes on your own, obviously. If you do, prep to experience a lot of failings prior to you taste excellence. One slip along the way is all it takes to hinder an or else promising JV plan.

That’s why you should seriously take into consideration finding out the specifics of JV building and application from a person with extensive encounter. This is one location of web marketing that truly requires assistance and instruction. This is a location of IM that really validates a financial investment in quality training. You ought to make a point of discovering proven JV recommendations and details. When you have actually learned the ropesand have a good blueprint in your hands, you can use internet marketing joint ventures to transform your product into the next Big Thing!

7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

Consider this: What’s the biggest factor thousands of individuals log onto the web daily? Simple. To obtain details. Google alone dishes out 400 thousand searches each day! So what does this mean to you? It means that you have a substantial opportunity to give people specifically what they’re trying to find – details. And when done correctly, you can make money for it, as well!

Facts advertising 101

This is without a doubt the most basic company you can start. You establish an item that is absolutely nothing more than info. And individuals pay you for the details inside it. It couldn’t obtain much less complex.

However exactly how does it all work?

We have actually developed that it’s a basic concept. Nonetheless, to succeed you’ve got to supply details individuals desire. So the primary is to find out exactly what individuals desire. Just how can you discover exactly what individuals desire?

A super easy technique is to just to examine “answer” websites. Just visit Yahoo! answers or and consider the questions being asked there. You want to discover something a lot of individuals are inquiring about. For points that are causing people discomfort. Then merely offer them the answer in your ebook.

An encouraging word

Do not fret! Details product creation is simple … Think of this: An ebook is absolutely nothing greater than a collection of information. So as opposed to taking a seat to write the whole point. Merely try to create a couple of write-ups a day. And when you have a collection, broaden and embellish them and voila! You’ve obtained an ebook.

OK, what’s so warm about electronic products? Interestingly enough, we’re back to the label of this information Here are the seven reasons

1. Simpleness

An information item company runs on auto-pilot. Customized support is all but non-existent. So you could merely set it up and let it operate. You’re constructing an entirely automated company.

You don’t have any sort of stock. You do not have to deliver anything. Your business is 100 % digital.

2. Repurposing

Once you have a few info items produced. You could integrate them together to develop new higher ticket items. It’s nothing to integrate the material from numerous ebooks. And your new item will have the ability to hold a considerably higher price tag. Your clients will gladly pay additional for a single larger ebook. Instead of a number of little ebooks.

3. Personal tag right

When you possess the item, you can offer resell rights to it. Resell rights are really warm immediately, due to the fact that it’s a lot easier to obtain the resell right than to make your own item. And the best component is you reach ask for two to three time as much for these freedoms.

4. Take advantage of

Take advantage of your ebook by using the material in different means. Damage it apart and make a multi-part e-mail collection with it. And create your listing by means of it. A listing is it’s very own incentive!

5. Additional leverage

Do not quit there … break it into several smaller sized reports. After that you can use the reports as the front-end of your product funnel. They could be complimentary or affordable. And you’re creating targeted leads for your major item all along. You could even make these viral by enabling your members to offer them away. Wait, did I point out “affiliates”?

6. An army of members

This is a genuine energy technique. As soon as you have your own item. Other people could become your affiliates. Envision having ONE HUNDRED’s or 1000’s of other people marketing your products. You can’t do this unless you have your own item.

7. Joint Ventures

I’ve saved the most effective for last. Joint endeavors are the greatest short cut to excellence understood to guy. And this is probably the leading reason to develop your own item. Without your very own items, you cannot do JVs.


If you don’t intend to offer electronic products by no.w, then you’ve probably been sleeping. You’ll be the master of your destiny. Because you’re the boss! So, don’t waste any more time:

  • Head over to Yahoo! answers
  • Find out what people need to know
  • Start providing information

Don’t make info product creation any more complicated than that. Before you know it, you’ll have your own info product.