Your Questions About Title Insurance

Richard asks…

Is Title Insurance required for a private sale of a home?

We are refinancing our home (Long Island , New York) and and open permit showed up on the title from 60 years ago! This never came up when my parents bought the house in 1977, but it was a private sale. It also never came up in 2001 when the home was transferred over to me. I should also mention that we used the same lawyer for both transactions. I am wondering if title insurance is only required by mortgage banks or if it a legal requirement for any sale of a home.


barry0912 answers:

Title insurance is never required. I always get it, I have had to use it and it is dirt cheap.

However, this will now come up in any title search, which lenders will require.

You need to get it taken care of. It is just a permit, not a big deal. Whatever was built only has to pass an inspection by the code when it was issued.

Mark asks…

Anyone know about a class action in Texas regarding title insurance?

I have some rental properties in Texas and I have had to (over)pay for title insurance. I have always heard that a lot of kickbacks were paid by the title insurance companies to banks and mortgage brokers. Anybody else hear about this?

barry0912 answers:

I sure haven’t heard of it, and I would have noticed, I’d think, being in Texas myself.

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Bridge Constructor FREE – Headup Games GmbH & Co KG

Headup Games GmbH & Co KG - Bridge Constructor FREE artwork

Bridge Constructor FREE

Headup Games GmbH & Co KG

Genre: Games

Release Date: May 23, 2012

+++ Now over 11 million players worldwide +++
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In Bridge Constructor you have to prove yourself as an accomplished master bridge builder. Play 40 different levels, and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, and rivers. Stress tests reveal whether the bridge you build can withstand the daily stress of continual use from cars, trucks and, more recently, super-heavy tank trucks.

You can choose between a range of materials for each individual bridge, such as wood, steel, cables, or concrete pillars. Use the appropriate materials and stay within budget to build the perfect bridge. The choice of different materials means that there are numerous solutions and approaches and you can build each bridge in any number of ways – your budget is the only limit. The refined grid system allows you to realize your idea of the perfect bridge with even more precision. Let your imagination and creativity run free! And if you happen to run into a dead end, you can pick up valuable tips from the brand new help system!

• 40 Levels on the island nation of Camatuga (Full Version)
• Free build mode and help system
• 5 Settings: city, canyon, beach, mountains, hills
• Improved grid system
• Map with unlocked worlds/levels
• 4 different building materials: wood, steel, cables, concrete pillars
• Color coded load indicator for different building materials
• Three different load bearing levels: car, truck and tank truck
• High score per level
• Facebook connection (upload screenshots and bridge scores)

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

 solar movies

James asks…

What are some of the best web design companies in Toronto?

I’m looking for a web site company to do my new website and some internet marketing. What are some of the best companies in Mississauga or Toronto area who can make a good solid website design? I want a really good design.

 solar movie online

barry0912 answers:

Hey there,

After some searching on the web, I found a few good ones but I really liked these guys’ website design and portfolio.


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Laura asks…

What is a quality web site design company in Rhode Island?

I need to create a website for my hotel and restaurant, but I don”t want to use a big agency. I’m located in Newport, Rhode Island, and am looking for a local company to help me create a site. They would probably also need to help me with internet marketing — stuff I know nothing about.

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barry0912 answers:

I’m a retailer in Providence and I’ve worked with a small company called Pirata Media in Bristol, RI. They gave me a lot of time and attention, and didn’t use any smoke and mirrors, like some big web companies do.

They know what they’re talking about too! They helped me with some video production I needed, as well as some pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization (which I’ll admit I knew nothing about either).

Overall, a great company with professional, high quality work for an extremely reasonable price. Also friendly, and easy to work with. I highly recommend them.

This is their site:

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

 solar movies

Jenny asks…

Where is the best place to advertise my home business on the Internet?

I live on a small island and I have recently started a home based business with a company in the US. I have been doing promotions locally but now I need to do some internet marketing. I have a website that I got from the company and would like to get people to see it. I am not familiar with internet advertising but I did try a few free sites and got no hits. I would like to know where is the best place to advertise, whether free or paid, so I can get some hits.

 solar movie online

barry0912 answers:

This day and age, I’d say post something on MYSPACE.

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John asks…

Why famous internet companies of the world avoid porn content and sexual content?

Why famous internet companies of the world avoid porn content and sexual content?
Whether there are legal restrictions or is there another reason?
for example in Instagram,picasso,flickr or in social pages like facebook and google plus.

I recently read a news that says “Google images search service” wants to limit sexual content in its results.

Porn industry is a money-making industry. Why do they ignore it? Do they realy adhere to ethics?
It is a taboo? Or an illegal act? Or an unusual act?

 solar movies

barry0912 answers:

If you want all-porn, all the time, there are plenty of sites you can visit on the internet and can drown yourself in it, print out pictures and stories and bathe yourself in, and even make clothing out of the images if you want. Nowadays you can even print out edible 3D images to feed yourself with it. Just because there’s a money-making industry behind nearly everything or everything, this doesn’t mean that these commercial markets and products are appropriate for all ages and all peoples across the world at all times to see them.

You must be young, not a parent or take the amoral approach to parenting. Regardless of how “normal” pornography is, it’s not something that belongs in places that are easily-accessible to children where they can stumble upon it accidentally. Or even adults who don’t care to see it, for that matter. Even if these sites are purposely making pornography more difficult to find on their services, it’s not eliminating sexual content in any capacity.

Laws vary depending on where you live, but I suspect in most places it’s not legal to show pornographic images to children. By sites allowing such situations to take place, they’re not only opening themselves up to problems with the law (decency / obscenity laws, for instance), but lawsuits by disgruntled users.

In regards to Google, their change was to make users looking for sexual content be more specific about what they’re looking for. They haven’t hidden anything or removed anything more than normal, rather if you want porn on Google images, you need to spell out what you want in more detail, rather than using generic terms to find sexualized content.

More info on that:

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