Your Questions About Anonymous Email

Charles asks…

Is it worth reporting an anonymous email to the police?

Hi there,

some friends of mine received an anonymous email via a yahoo email.
It says that I stole some DVDs from a music store which isn’t true.

Is there a chance to get the real name from this person if I report this to the police or is that issue too minor that the police will start investigating to get the IP address?


barry0912 answers:

Yes, report them and insist on the police following up. You just may be doing this person a favor by detering them from doing more and bigger in the future.

Mary asks…

How do I get a non anonymous email address please ?

I don’t mind paying £5.00 for one or something.

I just need to sign up to a forum, but u need a non anonymous email address.

Before anyone says you will have an ISP email address, yes i do, but it is a lnog story.


barry0912 answers:

All emails are annnonymous until you put your real name in them.,..
As for a free or even paid email, yahoo has both.
So does gmail, so does msn, etc, etc, etc…

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