Your Questions About Internet Marketing

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Linda asks…

Where can I get some help on Internet Marketing Training online?

Need information or guides online on internet marketing. thanks in advance.

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barry0912 answers:

There are many websites where you can get notes and articles on Internet Marketing. I suggest you look at for simple articles on Internet Marketing and its growing importance on present and future businesses.

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Thomas asks…

Is there a free internet marketing training website?

I want to learn internet marketing, any free training on the web?

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barry0912 answers:

This site provides Free LIVE training every Week:

It’s nice because you can actually ask questions.

Check them out!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

William asks…

How do you make websites for internet marketing?

I have dedicated my life to internet marketing. I want to become an affiliate for some companies, or join MLM business and make alot of money following jonathan budd’s trainings. Jonathan budd’s training is state of the art, but he doesnt teach how to make websites or blogs. If you are an internet marketer, could please throw me some tips on where I can learn to make websites?

barry0912 answers:

Hey friend,

Firstly create blog on wordpress or blogspot. WordPress has many SEO plugins which you can use for SEO, write article with good keyword density.
For websites you have to do some Onpage and offpage optimization.
On Page activities consist of
Title tag,
Meta tag,
XML sitemap,
Alt tag etc creation and optimization

Off Page activities consist of :
Forum posting,
Do follow Blog commenting,
Directory submission,
Social bookmarking,
Business listing,
Article Submission,
RSS Submission,

Pay Per Click activity

All these activities help you for understand Internet marketing


Carol asks…

How to start a affiliate internet marketing and be successful?

I want to start my own internet marketing business, and I want to Affiliate. What tips can you guys give me to start and to be successful at it?

barry0912 answers:

Hi, Google Sniper 2 is your answer if you want to get loads of traffic without having to pay per click.

I started using this myself and was so impressed, that I made a review about it. I got to 1st page in Google within 3 days.

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