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Donna asks…

Where do I find market information about Peru concerning investment in advertising?

Where can I find data and market information about Peru concerning investment in each kind of advertising media (television, radio, press, internet, direct mail, etc.)

barry0912 answers:

There is a news paper in most Peruvian cities called Rueda de Negocios. I found this answer at

Sandra asks…

can a pc work without internet explorer and just use mozilla firefox?

barry0912 answers:

My PC doesn’t have Internet Explorer, or Windows Explorer, and I’ll bet it’s better than your PC 😉

It looks like just about everyone else on here is telling lies – I didn’t remove Internet Explorer, I never had it. My PC works without Internet Explorer – but I don’t JUST use Mozilla Firefox. I do use it a lot, and love that I can have ‘profiles’ set up.

I use Mozilla Firefox, I use Opera, I use Epiphany (lightweight gecko browser, same engine firefox but lighter browser) and Midori (webkit, like Safari) – and also I like Seamonkey, which is an ‘internet suite’ unlike browsers – it includes many features, like an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools

Your question sounds a little like people who think that there is either Mac, which must only run Mac OSX, or PC which (in the Evangelist Microsoft campaign, must only run Microsoft).

Microsoft also launched campaigns to brainwash people, they pay many people to post on forums, and sites like Answers, in order to control thinking. The only reason they believe that Vista failed is that the people talked it down in forums.

Windows 7 is amazingly more successful – but in the words of an ex-Microsoft Evangelist (one of the guys who ran the campaign) “lets be real, Windows 7 is just Vista with a polished UI tweaks and *much* better marketing.”

Microsoft published on their own site, a complaint (relating to Internet Explorer not working with many internet sites because (in their words) the developers couldn’t take a few minutes to set up their site properley. Those sites included Windows Live, MSN sites, and included no less than 8 Microsoft hosted sites!!! Amazing!!! Yet news like this generally gets hidden, people generally get evangelistic about whatever Operating System they’re running (even though they might have many problems and hate it… Better the devil you know?)

If you have a PC and want to get away from the crap, then find something better, something free, or just an alternative for internet.

I use XP, it runs games on my system and has ACDSee Pro2, and several games. I disabled internet, and removed all of the security junk software also… So it now runs well.

When I am doing anything else (other than downloading 300 5MP pictures and adjusting them from my camera – and playing games) I boot to another Operating System.

Right now, I’m trying out Crunchbang Linux – wow, it’s amazingly fast after XP, but it’s a little basic. I prefer ubuntu for everything else. It’s great for net, it’s great for Office (free) it’s great for photo editing, making DVD’s, editing music, creating CD’s, well – whatever you wanna do, it’s great.

Sure, use Mozilla and avoid Internet Explorer. Better still, avoid Microsoft and their unfair business practices altogether. I’m amazed that any Christian can justify working to support such a Corporation!!! Show signs of charity for a few African Schools – when they could really give Free PC’s with really free software – and Ubuntu is better for kids than Windows ever could be!

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App to watch movies on ipad from solar movies

On-line streaming of Series and movies has become prevalent these days. If you want to catch your favorite TV show or watch a full-length characteristic film online you are able to head over to visit YouTube to get a small selection of old TV shows and movies or you can visit TV community websites themselves to see the latest episodes of your preferred TV shows online. Nevertheless most of these venues offer you English-only TV shows and movies. In the event you wanted to brush up on your Spanish introduce an additional or third vocabulary to your children or just get the news as part of your familys native vocabulary these online video solutions do not give you several Spanish-language options.
Undoubtedly Speaking spanish TV shows and movies at the least online are not because popular as their English-language alternatives are. App to watch movies on ipad from solar movies However even though they are more difficult to find they actually do exist. Here is a list of the five best destinations to find online loading of Spanish films and TV shows.
WWiTV provides a database of internet video streams via countries all around the world. It provides live and aged news sports movies and more — right from your internet browser. While the video is not likely to be high quality regardless of your internet rate it does offer online for free streaming of Spanish language TV shows news movies and sports coming from Spain Mexico Columbia El Salvador and many more Spanish-speaking countries and also networks.
Univision is a well-known Spanish-language Tv set network. What is less known about Univision as well as holdings such as Galavision and TeleFutura nevertheless is that they offer online with free streaming streaming for some of these most popular TV shows — Because Es La Vida Decorando Contigo Cristina Moda Al Rescate and a lot of others.

Online Video Guidebook
The online video manual is a comprehensive directory of a wide range of online video places — both professional and amateur. While their own database is not limited to Spanish-speaking video websites they have one of the largest listings of Spanish-language video methods available today.
Multilingual Books
This site while it offers primarily public access Spanish TV shows and movie does provide direct links to a couple-of-dozen Spanish-language video streams. You need either Home windows Media Player or even Real Player mounted to watch these buffering TV shows.
Although it is not a free online Telly and movie option like the rest of the list Netflix comes with a decent number of Spanish language movies — over One hundred fifty available for online buffering at present — that alone may be worth the moderate subscription fee. Simply because Netflix also provides the option of receiving Disc rentals the Spanish-language video library grows drastically if you add a couple of Spanish-language DVD rentals for their online streaming stockpile.
Unfortunately finding Spanish movies and Tv programs online is significantly more tough than locating free of charge English-language videos. While this record may be short it possesses a great comprehensive view of the general availability of Spanish-language videos on-line. If you want real alternatives for Spanish-language media however youll likely have to pay for it — probably through cable TV or satellite tv or through a Digital video disc rental service similar to Netflix. App to watch movies on ipad from solar movies Watch movies online for free is an extremely potent entertainment gauge which is basically done to get the attention connected with affordable movie variables and be entertained. Every person generally loves to watch free movies because they are profound amusement measures which help to acquire one recharged along with revived from the daily stress of living. It is a very substantial measure which illustrates the essence of movies as an essential source of entertainment in everyday life and it can provide worthwhile avenues in regaining the measures involving entertainment as a regular phenomenon of day to day life.

Te browser

People in todays world are using computers as part of your before. The average person spends four hours every day on their computer. The easiest method to make sure your computer is really a reliable and successful machine is to perform some basic preventive computer maintenance. If you have seasoned a slowdown inside performance its time to do a bit of fine intonation. Believe me this is very simple to do and will be well worth your time.

The first thing you have to do is get a few third party programs that may make your computing practical experience much better. The best part are these claims preventive computer maintenance is free except for the price tag on your time. Windows resources are a good start therefore you should familiarize yourself with these. Some of what Home windows does can be done greater with these programs and offer a level of security for merely a small investment in occasion.
Well begin this specific basic preventive laptop or computer maintenance guide with the anti virus suite termed AVG Free Edition. This is the solid and trustworthy way to prevent spy-ware viruses and other malware from slowing your computer along. Te browser is a great safe place to get software just kind what youre looking for into the research button to get without worry.
Up coming you will need a program referred to as Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. I have been using this free software for years for my preventive computer upkeep and find that it improvements the Windows Registry greater than Windows does on its own. This means the computer will probably be speedier and more trusted.
Next you will need an alternative solution Internet browser. Internet Explorer isnt choice of savvy people because of security points that can compromise your sensitive and private data. For your record a visitor is simply a program that lets you view and talk with the Internet. Choose from these three choices under before continuing with your preventive computer routine maintenance-
Mozilla Firefox- easy to adapt to should you be used to Internet Explorer
Opera- devised tabbed browsing and still would it best
Google Chrome- quite clean interface relies on keystrokes over mouse clicks
Once youve installed these programs youre ready to begin mastering the next step in simple preventive computer preservation. First turn off the screen-saver so that none of the procedures you are about to do will be accidentally interrupted.
Up coming you should begin a few real preventive pc maintenance by using Windows Disk Cleanup utility to remove old files properly de-cluttering your hard drive. If it has been some time because has been done involving if it hasnt have you been done this can take a moment depending on the specifications of the computer. Feel free to come back to it later for step if you have other considerations to do.
Next manage Eusing Free Registry Cleaner to mend and registry problems. The final steps in deterring computer maintenance are going to defragment your hard drive while using Windows utility turn your screen-saver back with and then reboot the body. Your computer will now work much better will lock up less often and be lower the probability that to freeze.
Despite the fact that basic preventive pc maintenance is essentially complete you can use the other plans you installed and keep things running nicely longer. The alternative surfers and virus scanning device will keep your equipment protected better to make using the computer an infinitely more pleasurable experience.
Click on Here if you would like to see more information on performing basic laptop or computer preventive maintenance. I am Jim McClinsey and I love to help others read more about their computers. Go to my technology website today.

Jim McClinsey is often a tenured teacher who enjoys technology and writing.
Jim likes to write articles which have been helpful to others and it is the
webmaster for many sites as well as an on-line affiliate to various
unbiased websites.
Te browser Its an oft-heard criticism but it bears reproducing for as long as it continues to be valid- the vast majority of modern day video games are simply significantly less creative as all those made during the Fantastic Age of Gaming if a single programmer could become a millionaire due to techie skill and creativeness. Compare a title like Pitfall to any number of todays platform scrollers and obvious that besides vastly improved design modern-day entries in this genre suffer from a very poor case of by-product game play.
How do this happen Precisely how did the industry shed sight of innovative game play and focus as a substitute on graphics To make sure it is inevitable which titles should be so derivative because most in the basics have been covered- there are only countless ways to do a podium scroller or first-person shooter. Isometric opinions overhead birds eye views – they have got all been done.

New curation firmware

I had a chance to try out the latest 2011 model Ford Edge a crossover SUV vehicle that comes with the latest electronics package. Usually I get to review products that I cant explain to my family what they do intrusion detection appliances everyone but getting a press loaner automobile was a nice adjust of pace. My general evaluation is despite the fact that Sync is better than ever it truly is still also expensive and too restricted when when compared to after-market options.
Ford has 4 completely different choice offers of tech for its vehicles- Theres the Sync functions which permit you to connect your mobile phone and new music gamers on the automotive 395. There is a navigation offer that adds graphical maps for the basic turn-by-turn directions 795. There is a rearview video digicam 240 which displays you what exactly is going on when you are in reverse in addition to a contact display screen for managing audio local weather and also other cabin functions 365. New curation firmware That adds up quickly and is also puzzling to type out. So my suggestion is very first help it become all a single priced preference.
I test-drove a 2011 Edge that came with three video clip screens- two four-inch LCDs on both aspect with the speedometer and an 8 incher in the midst of the dash. This configuration may also be to choose from from the 2011 versions from the Lincoln MKX hybrids and finally on other cars and trucks too. The vehicle retails for 30000 and in my driving it had been rather pleasant and received about 22 mpg.
Ford has offered more than two million vehicles seeing that 2007 with Sync set up- sadly while you would possibly comprehend they are not readily available for this 2011 improve. The most beneficial bits would be the telephone connectivity and just how the contact display screen and voice-activated controls give good results even if it should consider some having used to. When I initial acquired the automobile it invested a lot more time working in my garage than within the road as I went backwards and forwards among my offices On-line connection and gathering a number of bits and items of gear to attempt out while in the car.
The automotive comes which includes a plethora of ports- two USBs one particular three-RCA audiovideo jacks and an SD slot that you should plug many stuff in. Should you have an iPod or possibly a USB memory stick to MP3 tunes on it once you connect it on your car it would start off playing the songs. The many connectors are located during the console among the 2 front seats so you can stow all your gear out of sight too.
As soon as you pair your telephone while using automobile via Bluetooth it will eventually make an effort to obtain your deal with e-book therefore you can build velocity dialing of the most often identified as contacts. These are graphically exhibited over the most important display screen and with a touch of a button or implementing voice instructions it is easy to interrupt your new music and dial or response a call. The audio quality was acceptable in accordance with my listeners. Once more this isnt anything all that new with all the exception within the graphical show. To perform your music you can expect to like to utilize the USB link fairly than Bluetooth.
Some downsides If you happen to have an iPhone you may probably need to have an upgrade to its firmware to function with the auto. You cannot obtain text messages on other phones the technique will practice them and communicate them for you in excess of the cars audio within the cars display which relies on a different Bluetooth profile that could be as nonetheless unsupported by Apple but is supported for Blackberry users.
The conventional navigation package with Sync will not explain to you a map of your environment as opposed to every one of the GPSs that price about 150 which are sold today. I ended up bringing alongside my own GPS on the couple of journeys just because the Syncs options were so abysmal. The 795 upcharge buys you a SD card with the maps involved thats in all probability the highest cost youll be able to pay for an SD card of any size these days.
Also built-in to the motor vehicle is really a Wifi radio and considering the addition of the broadband USB modem youll be able to flip your automobile into a cell hot spot in case your laptop-toting passengers wish to be on line when within the street. Ford works by using the Wifi radio to down load software updates and essentially provision the electronics software around the assembly line though they can be doing the motor vehicle. It is easy to enjoy this transient video about how they are doing it right here-

If the phone supports tethering by means of Bluetooth it is possible to share and drive its Net connectivity this way. I couldnt get this to function on my Android mobile phone even so.
Ford tends to make a second electronics deal for just its pickup truck line labeled as Ford Deliver the results Answers to run Workplace purposes and Internet searching. This can be influenced by a Windows CE in-dash Personal computer plus a Sprint broadband info modem. Ford has stated that we may well see some merging of performance later on like obtaining an internet browser engineered into Sync so that you can surf when not transferring. They are also working on other Sync apps like Pandora radio and Twitter clientele that could be on the market subsequent yr.
Talking of Word wide web browsing every single Sync-equipped automobile arrives which includes a Web reporting technique and that means you can hold monitor of any mechanical problems from your convenience of your respective possess browser.
This brings up the purpose of distracted driving and undoubtedly if you happen to are likely to acquire this electronics package its best to shell out quite a few several hours comprehending what you have prior to you enterprise out for the road. The glass cockpit may be a bit challenging in the beginning and in some cases for the geek in me was a little too much specifics to cope with on the chaotic metropolis street allow by yourself going 65 mph for the freeways. Ford incorporates a do not disturb possibility to block incoming calls and texts which is an effective concept.
When I liked a good deal with the qualities in my Sync-enabled Edge total I think it will be nevertheless includes a several tough clearly edges. Perhaps when the enhanced navigation card was no cost Id personally be a lot more favorably inclined to advise it. And when you were to gather a GPS a notebook Computer or iPad including a broadband modem you can actually replicate the majority of this know-how for around 600 or about a third of what you would pay out to the many Ford Sync possible choices. However you could be missing the built-in voicetouch controls for each one of these units. New curation firmware Additionally it is named principal core or chief memory is put to use to store knowledge program guidelines set wanted for present processing. Also following processing a particular job the resulting output or intermediate output is retained inside memory for more processing if need to have be just before it can be for good saved from the external storage.
Inner memory is known as core memory mainly because previously component produced use of core components such as ferrite core as their memory. At this time semi-conductors are used such as silicon chips.
The internal or primary memory will be categorized into two varieties of semi-conductor specifically-
Random Accessibility Memory RAM – staying volatile Dynamic memory which reduce its formation without delay electricity is switched off-
Scan Only Memory ROM – the non-volatile or static memory which retain knowledge when power is switched off.
Random Access Memory
When an instruction set or plan is typed right into a home pc they are put to the key memory.

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