Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Sandy asks…

What’s the best way to find a new job in marketing?

I’ve tried everything. Looking on internet job boards. Researching contacts and sending them my resume directly. I even re-vamped my entire resume. It’s hard to keep hearing “Sorry we don’t have any openings” over and over again. Please help!

barry0912 answers:

Start you own business and market that. I became an independent distributor for a company 6 months ago and am currently earning $200/week doing it part time. Stop getting doors closed in your face and take control of your career and financial security. Now that I have gotten a taste of owning a business I don’t know it I could ever go back to being an employee. It is quite liberating!

Donna asks…

How do i get people for my internet promotions job ? ?

I’m in the internet marketing and promotions business .Could you peopel please direct me on how i can get peopel to advertise to and reffer to the various sites taht i’m promoting.

barry0912 answers:

I dont understand ur question! If you’re in the internet marketing and promotion business, why are you asking for help in advertising and creating refferrals to your client sites? Isn’t that your job?

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