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John asks…

Where is a good place to find unique ideas for internet marketing?

I have built my website at and am still adding products. I am plannining an extensive Grand Opening event for the new year but I need some unique ideas to market my site and drive traffic so that I have a successful Grand Opening. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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barry0912 answers:

You can ask some of the top internet marketers questions and get ideas by joining this newly launched forum called “conquer your niche”.

The best thing about the forum is you can also advertise your website for free.

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Lisa asks…

Where can I talk about internet marketing ?

Internet marketing .. like cpa and such .. I also would like some good buy sell websites .. please guide me !

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barry0912 answers:

The absolute best places to discuss internet marketing are marketing forums. The best forums are easily (in this order):

1. Warrior Forum –
2. Digital Point Forum –
3. Black Hat World –
4. IM4Newbies –
5. IM Forums –

You should easily be able to find just about every answer you seek on these. Warrior Forum is just a huge wealth of information and that’s where all of the top maketers usually hang out.

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