Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Linda asks…

Does anyone know any legitimate ways to make money on the internet?

I have a job, but I need to make some extra income. My work schedule is pretty random, so taking a second job is kind of out of the question. I know people make money online, but everything I seem to run across is a scam! I am open to pretty much anything, thanks for your help and ideas!
More specific? I have heard of people grading papers for schools, writing papers for people, etc. I don’t want to invest any money.

barry0912 answers:

Don’t bother with PTC, surveys or answering emails. They are all a waste of time. Unless you think your time is only worth 2cents an hour… Forget about them.

Selling on ebay is a quick one, but you have to have something to sell… And there are fees and listing takes a long time and if the item doesn’t sell it’s a pain to relist and you wasted a bunch of time. That’s why I don’t do that anymore.

I started Internet marketing using free sites…,, blogger, wordpress, snipsly, xomba, squidoo … All free. You can do reviews of affiliate products and make a good solid income… Don’t expect a landslide of money from any one site… Build a lot of niche sites and you some will do well and some won’t. Just keep building and you will make money. No cost to you except time…

The downside of going the free route is… You own nothing, you built nothing, but you spent a lot of time doing it… If you are going to spend time… I would spend a little bit of money on a domain and hosting, building a list… And you will be investing your time in building a business that lasts…

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions… I have tons of resources available… Free training, etc.


Robert asks…

What’s the best recipe for your favorite dish found on the Internet?

On the Internet, there must be a gazillion recipes for any dish you can dream up. Give us the name of the best dish you have personnally made that you found on the Internet. Give the link to same, so that the rest of us can cook it too.

Right now, I’m looking for a good Holiday chutney made with tomatoes.
I guess I should have mentioned that the tomatoes are from my garden. Times running out for them. Green now, but not for long.. Only about 3 -5 lbs. of the Roma’s left to ripen.
I may end up just drying them. They always taste sweeter that way. Yum.
These all sound yummy. Keep them coming guys. I have extented the time frame to max. the input. We could all use a best recipe.

I’ll throw in a favorite of mine: Baked Salmon . My wife and I use to dine at this expensive restaurant to get their tastee Salmon dish. Then one day the first wife discovered the secret, and we no longer go there. This is as simple as it gets.


Salmon for two or four
Sesame seeds
Bottle of Garlic Expression (Salad dressing) found at Krogers (Market Basket) in the refrigerated Produce area (packaged leafy vegetables area).
Oven ready dish 8 x 8 or 12 x 12 (two or four servings).

Cut servings for each party and remove skin.
Preheat oven to 350
pour Garlic Expresions over fish, leaving 1/8″ pool in dish around fish.
Put in oven for 25 – 35 min. depending on thickness of servings. Remove ten min. prior to taking out, and sprinkle Sesame seeds over fish, coating entirely. Cook 10 min. longer. Serve with favorite side dishes.

barry0912 answers:

This ‘basic quiche’ recipe —

1 1/2 cups of heavy cream is a lot, but it’s delicious, and a foolproof recipe. Beat my old ‘basic quiche’ to bits.

Add 2 cups of mushrooms — sauté them first to get out the extra water — and 1 cup of your favourite cheese(s). You will not be disappointed…

Marketing boards have great recipes, I find. For obvious reasons. I mean, the Canadian egg people did a great job of getting me to eat more eggs with just that one recipe.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

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Carol asks…

What kind of website is recommended for internet marketing?

I want to create a website for internet marketing business . but what kind of website should i need shared web hosting, vps or dedicated server? I am confused because i don’t know how to manage the website

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barry0912 answers:

Internet marketing websites are all over the place today. I’d recommend a shared hosting if you are starting out small. Just make sure they have the available bandwidth to handle your internet marketing campaign.
I prefer utilizing blog based with aggregator sites that bring fresh content in every other day.
Then monetize around your niche as well with adsense, amazon, etc etc.

Always good to keep up on all the internet marketing news available to help guide you as well.

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Charles asks…

I would like to begin internet marketing at age 11. Where do I start? What informational pages should I read?

I’m currently a middle school student, age 11, and would like to begin internet marketing, as I love technology. I’m confused on where to start, what to do, and how to begin with absolutely no money whatsoever. To anyone who helps me on this issue, thank you.

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barry0912 answers:

You can try to write your own free ebook and give it away via a squeeze page. This one you can create either by yourself, or let it host at aweber (get the first month for $1).
When you have some subscribers from your squeeze page, try to promote a product from one of the famous affiliate networks like clickbank, rapbank, jvzoo, warrior plus…. But not sure how old you need to be to register there….

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

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Richard asks…

How to make your own website and start an e-business?

Hi I’m a newbie in the internet market. I’ve searched the web for hours to find the right website to teach me some tricks and basic stuff. I’ve found many so called gurus but have many doubts. But can anyone recommend me a site to start internet marketing and create a website?

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barry0912 answers:

Hey there,

Creating your own website isn’t that difficult. You just have to find the right website to start. It depends wheter you want to create sites with wordpress or with WYSIWYG converters.

I am very pleased with Chris Farrell’s site

He is a down to earth guy and one of the best explaining teachers. And affordable compared to others. He’ll give you tons of information. Even free hosting when you become member.
So for me he’s one of the best. Another good suggestion to start your search is the Warrior Forum.
Have good luck.

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William asks…

What is the best way of protecting my affiliate links?

Im quite new to the internet marketing game and im looking for every advantage i can get. Can anyone show me a website that has some videos about maximising profit? Im into Clickbank and things like that. Many Thanks, Derek.

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barry0912 answers:

Easiest way to protect aff links is php redirection
create a php file with this code:

save it as “somelink.php”
then link to somelink.php instead of your aff link.

What do you mean by maximising profit?
There are too many variables to consider, like traffic, conversion, offers etc. Try looking around IM forums like digital point and warrior forum.

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