Your Questions About Anonymous Movie

Chris asks…

how do I make the Anonymous movie ad stop popping up?

Starting today I am getting a movie adon my mail home page that takes up most of the screen and does not go away. I am really getting upsetabout this. How do I stop this. It keeps popping up.

barry0912 answers:

Download adblock for your browser that will fix everything.

Lizzie asks…

Does the movie “anonymous” have anything to do with the hacktivists Anonymous?

If not, why is the movie called “anonymous“?
Anybody who knows anything about this?

barry0912 answers:

The movie you’re refering to is about Shakespeare and the theory that Shakespeare probaby didn’t write a damn thing ….

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Mark asks…

Best Company To Outsource Internet Marketing & SEO In Brisbane?

I am looking to outsource all of the Internet Marketing and SEO for my small business in Brisbane. I want to employee a company that is results driven but doesn’t over charge. I would also like a company that has proven results. I want to rank well in all the search engines and have my customers find me with ease.

barry0912 answers:

Every site owner wants SEO, and it’s a pretty complex topic that site owners don’t understand, so I think a lot of SEO specialists overcharge (because they can get away with it). Check out MadBeeTech SEO at They’ve got some of the lowest priced packages that I’ve seen. Check out their home page for a good explanation of SEO in general.

William asks…

I have an interview tomorrow at a Real estate internet marketing company, Z57, what should i expect?

What kind of questions would they ask?

Any great ideas..

barry0912 answers:

Expect that you will be asked questions about real estate and be sure to read news and articles about the trends in the market as well.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Mandy asks…

I need some marketing ideas for small business on internet, is there any way inexpensive and effective?

I want to promote my small business on FACEBOOK, anyone have any ideas or suggestions in how to promote this business, besides the news papers /magazines.

barry0912 answers:

“If you are going to promote your business here are some suggestion that are common and everyone using since last 4/5 decades these are :-
(1) Press Releases (2)Trade Shows (3)E-mail (4)Advertising (5)Direct Mail (6)Yellow Pages
ETC.but above of these one is most important and effective method i gonna tell you that’s “”INTERNET MARKETING THROUGH FACEBOOK”” facebook is tremendous and vast social network where million of net user give attendance every moment that is the single place where you may promote your small business on large scale you may share your product or business with hundreds of people according to your search. It need only a right decision to work..facebook require a only profile to join groups, friends, then you have to Establish a home page for your business is relatively inexpensive and can reach many people. Use newsgroups that focus on areas similar to your line of business to draw attention to the site. Always include a phone number or email address so that interested visitors can contact you. If you are a retailer, consider putting photographs of your products online, even if you’re not ready to let people to order your wares over the Internet. You may use different way to promote and market the business that’s very easy and may hire any reliable company who works for internet marketing some time back during net surfing my eyes caught a name that i read about ’em carefully everything was regarding to business promotion. In my opinion you must try out hope u will get some fruitful i hope of luck.”

Paul asks…

Do you ever notice how much advertising is in these internet web pages that show news articles?

To show my point just take any one of those web pages, then copy and paste it into yahoo mail before you decide to send it to someone but before you hit “send” manually delete all the unneccecary bannars, photos, links, ect. You will then be able to instanty see what it is about all that over marketing hype I am talking about and maybe get why too many ads can annoy me at times.

barry0912 answers:

Unfortunately, the ads are necessary in most cases to support the news businesses that write the articles.

When articles just appeared in print, the newspapers made money from subscriptions/copies of the paper bought and from print advertisements.

On the Internet, anyone can see the articles for free, but the papers still need to pay journalists to write them. Hence, they have to put up a ton of ads to make ends meet, especially as the industry is not doing too well right now.

It’s irritating, but if you get a good pop up blocker, and set your browser to block images from the site, you can get rid of most of it.

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