Your Questions About Anonymous Movie

George asks…

anonymous movie credits?

What is the name that is mostly used in movie credits by actors/directors when they can’t or don’t want to use their own name?
allright… rereading my own question, I am a bit baffled as to how an actor would remain anonymous and use the Alan Smithee name

barry0912 answers:

When a director decides to take his or her name off a film, it is called an Alan Smithee film. Interestingly, there was a movie in 1997 called An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn. It ended up actually being an Alan Smithee film when Arthur Hiller took his name off the project.

When an actor can’t or won’t use her/his own name, s/he will either simply not appear in the credits at all or will use a pseudonym. In The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Robin Williams played the King of the Moon, but was billed as Ray D. Tutto (a play on his line, “I’m sorry. You must address me by my full title: King of Everything. Rei di Tutto – but you may call me Ray. ”

I’ve never heard of a case where an actor remained on a project against her/his will to the degree that s/he wanted her/his name removed from the film.

Michael asks…

In relation with anonymous, does any one else think V for Vendetta was an excellent movie?

I mean it fits perfectly with what is happening politically right now!!

barry0912 answers:

It is absolutely an excellent film. I concur 100%

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Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

Do you see the picture of the two beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel Air Activity Coupes one in black and the other in light blue These cars are true classics.
Classic has great sketches of all the different types of 1957 Chevrolet cars sold. The author of that site lists some of the 1957 styling highlights that include a front grille fins both front and rear bumpers and the hood birds. I especially like the anodized aluminum body panel along the side of each 1957 Chevy Bel Air. For me that really enhances the look and feel of the car. The author indicated that this car would have sold for only 2299 back in 1957. Today these collector cars sell for several thousand.
My husband told me Everybody knows about 57 Chevys. The author of agrees. They both talked about the large number of high school kids longing to own one of these cars. If they cant own one of these cars they at least want to ride in one. The 1957 Chevy has been called the most popular used car in history. Hrani v amerika The author quotes one of the more alliterative of the Chevy ads that stated that this car was sweet smooth and sassy.
There were only 47562 Bel Airs created. It makes me wonder why they only created that few or that many. In other words why that specific number The 1957 Chevys traditionally had six-cylinder engines although a V-8 engine was an option. The car could produce 115 horsepower. I especially enjoy that sleek look of the two-tone paint scheme and the two-tone interior. Also notice the hood ornaments in the picture above and the rear tailfins. Is it any wonder that this car came to be regarded with so much esteem

Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

So where can you find cars like these Have you ever visited a vintage car show Every now and then you see them in malls and downtown streets.
On the 27th of June of 2009 my husband and I happened upon a vintage car show in downtown Greeneville Tennessee as we headed to one of our favorite breakfast spots called Tiptons Caf. We had to go the long way around and walk a few blocks as several of the roads had been blocked off for the 19th-annual Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In on West Depot Street. We passed by all kinds of beautiful cars on the way to eat. We also passed several tents set up to sell tee shirts food homemade ice cream and crafts. Car enthusiasts were sitting in lawn chairs browsing the cars and sharing information and favorite car anecdotes. With eager anticipation we reserved the treat of getting a closer look at our favorite cars after the meal.
The vintage car show was scheduled for 2-00 to 9-00 p.m. therefore we didnt get to see all the cars that would be shown. As we walked the occasional vintage car came rolling by to delight the senses. The show was hosted by Main Street the Greeneville Auto Club and the Volunteer State Auto Club.
Of all the cars on display which type cars would you most like to see Which cars would you most like to own What are your favorites Please feel free to share your preferences in the comment box below. Check out my slide show on Associated Content to see photos of the cars that my husband and I liked the best.

Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

Among the over 300 cars spotlighted we saw those two beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupes that I mentioned above. My husband went crazy. He said that this was one of the most famous cars ever made – a true classic. They really are sleek and a delight to the eye. According to Wikipedia the 1957 Bel Air is among the most recognizable American cars of all time. After getting a close-up view of the two 1957 Chevy Bel Airs I can see why car enthusiasts and collectors would be eager to get their hands on one of these two models.
Many people are not only eager to own or drive a 57 Chevy that car has also been spotlighted in movies and television shows. Hot shares his list of the 40 greatest car movies of all times. I checked his selections to see if any of those movies included a 57 Chevy. The 1958 movie called Thunder Road starring Robert Mitchum and Gene Barry shows the cops driving a 57 Chevy that grabs onto the suspects vehicles bumpers. He mentions that the 1980 movie called Hollywood Knights starring Robert Wuhl Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer is filled with more great-looking hot rods and street racing than virtually any other movie. Naturally that group of hot rods included a 57 Chevy. The last movie he mentions that highlights a 57 Chevy is the 1980 movie called Used Cars starring Kurt Russell Jack Warden and Deborah Harmon. The author states that wanton destruction includes a 57 Chevy driven with lunacy to induce a heart attack. describes 18 pages worth of multiple movies and television series that include a Chevrolet Bel Air from the 1950s i.e 1953 models through 1959 models. He includes links to full details about the media offering plus pictures. You will find a visit to his site definitely worth your time.
The movies that include a Chevrolet Bel Air from the 1950s only as a background vehicle include-

Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

bout de souffle 1960 A Bronx Tale 1993 Against All Odds 1984 A Hole in the Head 1959 Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo 1974 American Body Shop 2007-2009 American Graffiti 1973 American Hot Rod 2004-2007 American Me 1992 Anatomy of a Murder 1959 Animal House 1978 A Perfect World 1993 A pied cheval et en voiture 1957 Att angra en brygga 1965 Back to the Future 1985 Bad Timing 1980 Barrio Cuba 2005 Bellamy Brothers- The Best of the Best 1993 Beverly Hills 90210 1990-2000 Big Wednesday 1978 Blast of Silence 1961 Blood Feast 1963 Blow 2001 Blue Jeans 1958 Breakfast at Tiffanys 1961 Buena Vista Social Club 1999 Bullitt 1968 Capote 2005 Carnival of Souls 1962 Cars on Route 66 2006 a documentary on multiple car types Ce soir je dors chez toi 2007 Chances Are 1989 Cheech Chongs Next Movie 1980 Che- Part One 2008 CHiPs 1977-1983 Clo de 5 7 1961 Comme un cheveu sur la soupe 1957 Corrina Corrina 1994 Crazy in Alabama 1999 Criminal Xing 2007 CSI- Crime Scene Investigation 2000-2009 uses multiple car types Dale 2007 Dancer in the Dark 2000 Days of Wine and Roses 1962 Dazed and Confused 1993 Dead Poets Society 1989 Devils Messenger 1961 Die Another Day 2002 Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika 1958 Diner 1982 Dirty Dancing- Havana Nights 2004 Dom kallar oss mods 1968 Dont Come Knocking 2005 Dragnet 1967 1967-1970 Dreamgirls 2006 chappement libre 1969 Ed Wood 1994 Evening 2007 Evel Knievel 1971 Far from Heaven 2002 Fastlane 2002-2003 Fifth Gear 2002-2009 Fireball 500 1966 First Man into Space 1959 Forrest Gump 1994 Gangster Story 1960 Ghosts of Mississippi 1996 Gone in 60 Seconds 1974 Goodfellas 1990 Grease 1978 Grease 2 1982 Habana Blues 2005 Hairspray 1988 Happy Days 1974-1984 Heart and Souls 1993 Hearts in Atlantis 2001 Hollywoodland 2006 Homer and Eddie 1989 Hopscotch 1980 In Cold Blood 1996 I.Q. 1994 In Cold Blood 1996 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008 Inventing the Abbotts 1997 It 1990 James Dean 2001 Jirai cracher sur vos tombes 1959 Kennedy 1983 Kings of Rock n Roll 2004 Klassikko 2001 La Bamba 1987 Labominable homme des douanes 1963 La Donna nel mondo 1963 Lady Gaga- Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say 2009 Lge ingrat 1964 La grande sauterelle 1967 Lan des Ferchaux 1963 La leggenda di Al John e Jack 2002 La Nationale 7 40 ans aprs 2005 La nuit amricaine 1973 Larbre de Nol 1969 Larme gauche 1965 La vie deux 1958 Leave It to Beaver 1957-1963 Le clan des Siciliens 1969 Le fabuleux destin dAmlie Poulain 2001 Le gentleman dEpsom 1962 La mtamorphose des cloportes 1965 Leave It to Beaver 1957-1963 Le majordome 1965 Le petit soldat 1963 Les bricoleurs 1962 Le Schiave Esistono Ancora 1964 Les tricheurs 1958 Les Triplettes de Belleville 2003 Les uns et les autres 1981 Lethal Weapon 3 1992 Le tracassin ou les plaisirs de la ville 1961 Le Vicomte rgle ses comptes 1967 Lille Fridolf och jag 1956 Lolita 1962 Love Field 1992 Madventures 2002-2009 Mafioso 1962 Mission- Impossible 1966-1973 Mississippi Burning 1988 Mitt hjrtas Malm 2005-2007 Mondo Bizarro 1966 More American Graffiti 1979 Natural World 1988-2009 Nice Time 1957 Northfork 2003 Oceans Eleven 1960 Out of Time 2003 Oz James Big Wine Adventure 2006- Pee-wees Big Adventure 1985 Peggy Sue Got Married 1986 Phantasm 1979 Phantasm IV- Oblivion 1998 Pillow Talk 1959 Pride 2007 Problem Child 2 1991 Quantum Leap 1989-1993 Quiz Show 1994 Raging Bull 1980 Rapport till himlen 1994 Red Dwarf 1988-2009 Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel 2007 Roadracers 1994 Running on Empty 1982 Scarecrow 1973 Selma Johanna – en roadmovie 1997 Shag 1989 Shaker Run 1985 Simon Birch 1998 Sliders 1995-2000 Smultronstllet 1957 Something Wild 1986 Sous le signe du taureau 1968 Soy Cuba 1964 Stacked Like Me 2006 Svindlande affrer 1985 Take That- Back for Good 1995 Tendre voyou 1966 The Andromeda Strain 1971 The Andy Griffith Show 1960-1968 The Bank Job 2008 The Bellboy 1960 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 1982 The Best of British- The History of Jaguar 2005 The Buddy Holly Story 1978 The Crimson Kimono 1959 The Darkling 2000 The Devils Hand 1962 The Dukes of Hazzard- Hazzard in Hollywood 2000 The Flamingo Kid 1984 The Flash 1990-1991 The Food of the Gods 1976 The Fugitive 1963-1967 The Good Shepherd 2006 The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery 1959 The Gruesome Twosome 1967 The Intruder 1962 The Killing 1956 The Mechanik 2005 The Outsiders 1983 The Princess Diaries 2001 The Producers 2005 The Right Stuff 1983 The Saint 1962-1969 The Sandlot 1993 The Soul Snatcher 1965 The Twilight Zone 1959-1964 The Wanderers 1979 The Wild Ride 1960 The Worlds Fastest Indian 2005 This Boys Life 1993 Thunder Road 1958 Tintin et le mystre de la Toison dOr 1961 Top Gun 1986 Topkapi 1964 Totally Awesome 2006 Tout lor du monde 1961 Un drle de dimanche 1958 Used Cars 1980 Veronica Mars 2004-2007 Vertigo 1958 Voici le temps des assassins 1956 Voodoo Swamp 1963 Vous navez rien dclarer 1959 Walk Hard- The Dewey Cox Story 2007 Walk the Line 2005 We Were Soldiers 2002 Whats New Pussycat 1965 Wicked Wicked 1973 Windsplitter 1971 Wired 1989 Yank Tanks 2002 Zoom 2006
The movies or television series that include a Chevrolet Bel Air from the 1950s as a minor action vehicle or used in only a short scene include-

Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

Abgefahren 2004 A couteaux tirs 1964 Alias 2001-2006 American Graffiti 1973 Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959 Back to the Future Part II 1989 Birdy 1984 Blast of Silence 1961 Carambolages 1963 Columbo- Identity Crisis 1975 Crocodile Dundee II 1988 Dale 2007 Danger Man 1960-1961 Dead Poets Society 1989 Den bsta sommaren 2000 Der Tunnel 2001 Die Halbzarte 1958 Do widzenia do jutra 1960 Dragon- The Bruce Lee Story 1993 Edgar Wallace – Die Bande des Schreckens 1960 8 1963 Eine hbscher als die andere 1961 Ein Toter hing im Netz 1960 Ei ruumiita makuuhuoneeseen 1959 El Santo contras las mujeres vampiro 1962 ESPNs Ultimate NASCAR 2006 tat de sige 1972 Every Which Way But Loose 1978 Experiment in Terror 1962 First Man into Space 1959 F.I.S.T. 1978 Frhliche Zukunft – Wnsche Wunder und Visionen 1988 Fuzz 1972 Gangster 2007 Gangster Story 1960 Grind 2003 Heart and Souls 1993 Hooper 1978 Infamous 2006 Jeremy Clarksons Motorworld 1995-1996 Johnny Hallyday- Dans un an ou un jour 1992 Kaasua komisario Palmu 1961 King of the Hill 1997-2009 Knight Rider 1982-1986 Lennemi dans lombre 1960 Le petit soldat 1963 Les veinards 1963 Le tracassin ou les plaisirs de la ville 1961 Lilla Jnssonligan och cornflakeskuppen 1996 Los Das de Cabirio 1971 Losin It 1983 Lost 2004-2009 Massive Speed 2006 Matlock 1986-1995 Michael Jackson- Thriller 1983 Mississippi Burning 1988 Motylem jestem czyli romans czterdziestolatka 1976 Nice Dreams 1981 Night of the Ghouls 1959 North by Northwest 1959 Northfork 2003 Obsession 1976 Perry Mason 1957-1966 Quantum Leap 1989-1993 Rapport till himlen 1994 Reptilicus 1961 Return to the Batcave- The Misadventures of Adam and Burt 2003 Riding in Cars with Boys 2001 Secondhand Lions 2003 Sesame Street Presents- Follow that Bird 1985 Shania Twain- That Dont Impress Me Much 1998 Shag 1989 Sin City 2005 So ein Millionr hats schwer 1958 Swedish Teens Run Wild no year listed The Bridges of Madison County 1995 The Cars That Ate Paris 1974 The City of the Dead 1960 The Cool and the Crazy 1958 The Fugitive 1963-1967 The Hudsucker Proxy 1994 The Intruder 1962 Knight Rider 1982-1986 The Iron Petticoat 1956 The Man Who Captured Eichmann 1996 The Outsiders 1983 The Protectors 1972-1973 The Saint 1962-1969 The Secret Life of Bees 2008 The Simpsons 1989-2009 The Wild Ride 1960 The Worlds Fastest Indian 2005 2 Fast 2 Real II 2006 Une balle dans le canon 1958 Villervalle i Sderhavet 1963 Weird Al Yankovic- Dare to Be Stupid 1985 Wheels- The Joy of Motoring a documentary on multiple car types Yank Tanks 2002 Zodiac 2007
The movies or television series that include a Chevrolet Bel Air from the 1950s as a vehicle used by a character or in a car chase include- A pied cheval et en voiture 1957 Auf Achse 1978-1996 Capote 2005 Charlies Angels 1976-1981 Coastlines 2002 Comptes rebours 1971 Cool Cars of the 50s 2005 a documentary on multiple car types Corrina Corrina 1994 Crazy People 1990 Cuba 1979 Curb Your Enthusiasm 2000-2009 Dark Skies 1996-1997 Dirty Dancing 1987 Dr. No 1962 Ein Engel auf Erden 1960 Family Guy 1999-2009 First Man into Space 1959 Fleur doseille 1967 Gangster Story 1960 Halloween II 1981 Hells Angels on Wheels 1967 Heimweh nach dir mein grnes Tal 1960 Hot Rods to Hell 1967 Il tait une fois un flic 1971 In Cold Blood 1967 I.Q. 1994 It Runs in the Family 2003 Johannisnacht 1956 Kaiki daisakusen 1968-1969 Knight Rider 1982-1986 La chasse lhomme 1964 La grande sauterelle 1967 Le grand restaurant 1966 La Mme 2007 La vengeance du serpent plumes 1984 Les bonnes causes 1963 Les flins 1964 Love Lies Bleeding 2008 MacGyver 1985-1992 Mad Max 1979 Maigret voit rouge 1963 Mon oncle 1958 Nionde kompaniet 1987 Planet Terror 2007 Quantum Leap 1989-1993 Riding in Cars with Boys 2001 Shocker 1989 Spy Hard 1996 Taken 2002 Take the Money and Run 1969 Terrain vague 1960 The Baron 1966-1967 The Dale Earnhardt Story 2004 The Heavenly Kid 1985 The Right Stuff 1983 The Sadist 1963 The Space Giants 1966-1967 Time Lock 1957

Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

The movies or television series that include a Chevrolet Bel Air from the 1950s as a vehicle used a lot by a main character or for a long time include- American Graffiti 1973 American Hot Rod 2004-2007 A Perfect World 1993 Cypress Hill- Lowrider 2001 Dark Skies 1996-1997 Diner 1982 Drei Mdels vom Rhein 1955 Eddie and the Cruisers 1983 Golgo 13 2008-2009 Knight Rider 2000 1991 Losin It 1983 Mischief 1985 Olsen-banden ser rdt 1976 Olsen-bandens sidste bedrifter 1974 Overhaulin 2004-2009 Pimp My Ride 2004-2009 Return to Macon County 1975 Roadracers 1994 Simon Simon 1981-1988 Smokey Bites the Dust 1981 The Worlds Fastest Indian 2005 Thunder and Lightning 1977 Un drle de dimanche 1958 Yilmayan seytan 1973
The movies or television series that include a Chevrolet Bel Air from the 1950s as a vehicle that is part of the movie include- Olsen-banden gar i krig 1978 Olsen-banden over alle bjerge 1981 Olsen-banden overgiver sig aldrig 1979 Olsen-bandens flugt over plankevrket 1981
The author of also lists movies and television shows where he describes the vehicle role of a Chevrolet Bel Air as unknown. This list includes- Absolutamente Certo 1957 A Scream in the Streets 1973 Blind Horizon 2003 Der Fluch des schwarzen Rubin 1965 Down With Love 2003 Oh diese Ferien 1958 Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth 2000 Strange Behaviour 1981 The Last Ride 2004

Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

The listing put together by must have taken an incredible amount of time and expertise. It makes me feel inspired to not only watch a bunch of these movies but to divide my attention between the actors and the vehicles they drive. What about you readers Have you seen any of these movies or television series Did the role the car played in any of them impact your life in any way or remind you of a car story of your own If so please share them in the comment section below. I would love to hear them
While researching this story I was delighted to find some actual footage of 1957 commercials advertising the 57 Chevy Bel Air. Heres the links to some of those commercials for you to enjoy- This YouTube movie called 1957 Chevy Commercial includes details that the 57 Chevy was the first official Auto Decathlon Champion.
This YouTube movie called 1957 Chevrolet safety – Commercial focuses on weight distribution and the car coming to a smooth stop-
This YouTube movie called 1957 Chevrolet TV Ad- A Story for Grown-Ups is quite entertaining-
Check out the YouTube movie called 1957 Chevrolet TV Ad- Birthday. A wife receives a 57 Chevy Bel Air for her birthday. This advertising ploy is cleverly disguised as the husband and children naturally wish to show off all the key features of the interior and exterior of her new car-
Enjoy the picture of these two cars. Does it make you recall the songs called 57 Chevrolet and 57 Chevy Check out my video footage showing off different views of the cars in much greater detail. When you get a chance visit a car show of your own to enjoy the rock and roll music the food the camaraderie and the car feast for the eyes.

Saturday Nite Out Downtown Cruise-In Vintage Car Show
Neighborhood- West Depot Street in the Downtown areaGreeneville TN37743United States of America

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Kulturgter haben sich ber Jahrtausende angehuft. Sind sie bedroht durch eine vorwiegend durch WirtschaftHandel vorangetriebene Globalisierung die kulturellen Auswirkungen kaum Aufmerksamkeit schenkt und sie fr nicht viel mehr als kollateralen Schaden hlt.

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SNLs largest feature will be the mix for the most recent hot topic with spoof sketch to commend on ongoing occasions you can actually view them like a mirror of common tradition. Watch solarmovie on ipad Because the time SNL broadcast is comparatively late and so the scale relative for the regular American Tv will likely be a little greater the spoof of humor was never ever lacking topic.
All episode will have a visitor performers along with a musical visitor. Visitor performers will participate in the skit performances and audience will continually see the various aspect for the company which comedy would be the touchstone of their acting. The musical company are frequently trendy new music singer like Girl Gaga or Justin Timberlake can be dwell efficiency naturally theyve significant likely to be comedians you can expect to see that from their operation at SNL especially JT.
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