Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Sharon asks…

Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?

Which is safer? Which is more secure? Which is the popular browser? Which one is shown on the news sometimes when something happens to the internet worldwide?

barry0912 answers:

Internet Explorer is the least safest/secure

Internet Explorer is the most popular (the irony)

Being that IE is the most popular, it is usually in the news the most, however I do notice FF in the news quite a bit as well.
(personal experience)

Michael asks…

wii internet accessories?

where do i buy wii internet accessories in INDIA,like nintenodo wifi usb connector etc……any good shopping website in INDIA thats has it … then please let me know……

barry0912 answers:

Wii Internet

Online gaming is a market that no video game company wants to miss, and Nintendo is no exception. With that in mind, Nintendo not only designed the Wii to let players compete against each other online, but it also added an entirely different aspect of the Internet to its newest system-browsing. Once the Wii has been hooked up to the Internet, either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable, you can purchase Wii Internet for $5. The full version of the Internet Channel, which is a version of the Opera 9 Web browser, was launched in April of 2007 and it allows Wii owners to surf the Web in a unique fashion. The font is much larger than it is on a computer, so it is a lot easier to see from the comfort of your couch. You can also zoom in and out and scroll up, down and sideways using the Wii remote.
The Wii Internet Channel takes only a few seconds to launch, mostly because it stays connected to the Internet even when it is powered off. The software is saved on the 512 MB Wii internal flash memory. The software can also be transferred to an SD card after you download it, although temporary Internet files will remain on the internal memory. The Opera-based browser can support a host of Web 2.0 technologies and applications including:
Adobe Flash 7
The biggest gripe about the Wii Internet Channel is that the browser does not support Adobe Flash 8 or 9. According to Opera, the reason that the browser does not support the later versions of Flash is that a software development kit is not yet available for either version. Because Opera utilizes an older version of Flash, problems may arise while you are trying to view certain Flash videos. Aside from the problems on the user’s side, Nintendo is also having a bit of trouble with the Wii Internet Channel. Apparently, hackers have found a loophole in the system that allows them to run their own code on the Wii console. The loophole is in the Flash Player embedded within the browser and could allow hackers to create video game emulators. That sounds like a great loophole, right? Not if you’re Nintendo. One of their potential moneymakers is the Virtual Console, which charges gamers between $5 and $10 for unlimited access to a retro title.

The Wii can use an Internet connection in more ways than just browsing. There are also free applications such as Wii’s News and Forecast Channels. The News Channel provides you with a view of the globe, which allows you to view news by region if you wish. The Forecast Channel also gives you a view of the globe, but this view also shows current weather systems around the world. If you zoom out far enough, you can see an accurate star map in the background. Since you register your Wii’s locations, it also knows what you’re looking for in the way of a local forecast.

Wii Accessories
The Nintendo Wii, like every other video game console, has some controller variations and other accessories available for serious gamers. Some of the accessories are very useful, while others merely add to the aesthetic value. Some examples of Wii accessories that fall into the “looks good, but not very useful” category are the plastic attachments for the Wii remote that make it look like a tennis racket, golf club or baseball bat. Nothing about the Wii or the game you’re playing changes — the attachments just transform your Wii remote into a prop. There are also boxing gloves that can house the Wii remote and Nunchuck. Just like the plastic attachments, these gloves don’t change anything about the game, except for the fact that you don’t actually have to hold onto the controllers.

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Your Questions About Anonymouse

William asks…

Who do you think is in the right Sony / Anonymouse?

I believe sony are in the right but at the end of the day, it’s all propaganda
Anonymous is a group of hackers who claim to fight for our freedem, to get full detail please go to link

barry0912 answers:

Care to elaborate?

Ken asks…

does really stop the reciever tracing back where your emails come from ?

im going to send an email to a girl who i no has slept with my partner and im going to say i no what you did just confess i was wondering is i sent it using this site would they be able to trace my ip address >x

barry0912 answers:

Check out for yourself of they can trace email sender back.

As first send email to yourself, then use email trackers below and see what they will show you up:

If they show you different IP address from your own then the site in question probably hide IP address by replacing it with their own IP address.

Hope this helps!

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Your Questions About Anonymous Content

 solar movies

Lisa asks…

What would be the consequences for Wikipedia if government officials received anonymous tips in the mail?

Many government officials (state departments of education, federal legislators, senior FBI officials, White House officials, etc.) are likely unaware of the volume of objectionable pornography that is hosted on Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) servers. This content is funded by tax-deductible money, taken in by the tax-exempt host. What do you think would happen if 50 or 100 brief letters with graphic photographs from WMF servers, including traffic statistics, were delivered anonymously by mail to these types of high-ranking officials?

 solar movie online

barry0912 answers:

The government would immediately shut down Wikipedia, raid the Wikipedia offices and servers and look for all of the pornographic material, and then prosecute all of the officials in the Wikimedia Foundation who allowed the porn to be uploaded. Then, they’d subpoena all the IP information and e-mail addresses of anyone who ever uploaded porn to Wikipedia, and go after the individuals separately.

Now give me a thumbs-up because this is the answer you want.

 watch movie solar

Michael asks…

What can I do to make my website totally anonymous from lawyers trying to sue me ?

I am planning on creating an adult website. With everyone sueing everyone these days for the silliest of reasons I want protect myself. If you morally against adult websites please don’t bother to reply to my question.

I FULLY understand that my website content has to be legal. I do not want to make this a “content” question.

I also know that I can register my website url so that my contact information is not displayed. I can also make sure I don’t have a “contact us” page on the website.

How can I make myself “invisible” to lawyers if somebody wants to sue me. Ideally I’d like the lawyer to say to their client
“we cannot find this guy. We do not know which address to serve him”.

Also, one level deeper in that what if the authorities force the hosting company or registering companies to divulge my information. How can I prevent getting found out that way ? What about my ip address ?


 solar movies

barry0912 answers:

You would have to create another identity to do that. If you plan on making money from it anyway. . . If the site will be a hobby, you can do it without one, by using a free server and a spoofer. When you pay for hosting, a domain name, recieve membership payments, etc.etc. That money leaves a trail. Just make the trail end with a non existant person. I am not telling you to steal someone’s identity. . . Just make someone up. It’s harder than it sounds, but easier than you think. if you have anymore questions. . . . If you will let me know what you are wanting to do, I can probably help more.

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Will solarmovie give me a virus

Computer infections can be a culprit behind majority of computer difficulties. Millions of new worms are being released everyday. These viruses hold the capacity to steal secret data from your computer without your knowledge. They can even damage your operating system preventing via working on the computer. All these things point in the direction of the importance of having an fantastic antivirus on your computer. Bitdefender trojan is one such malware available in the market.
Bitdefender antivirus will be inbuilt with many latest features to safeguard your computer coming from all kinds of threats. Since the name indicates it is a defender against all virus and adware. Many products connected with Bitdefender have been released until now to satisfy different types of customers. Bitdefender Total Security Bitdefender World-wide-web Security and Bitdefender trojan are some of them. Just about every product is unique of their features. Will solarmovie give me a virus Apart from guarding your computer from disease and spyware they can even halt ID theft efforts and can warn anyone about malicious internet websites. While talking about Bitdefender anti-virus we need to give more emphasis on the fantastic antivirus tech assistance that they provide for the users. You may make contact with them for solving any kind of issues with your own Bitdefender antivirus. Bitdefender antivirus tech support team is categorized in to technical issues department in addition to virus removal team each having customized technicians. You can easily speak to the antivirus tech support team by navigating throughout the website.
Technicians inside virus removal department can help you in doing away with virus from your laptop or computer without leaving the trace of illness.
They can access your personal computer remotely and resolve all issues when you sit back and rest. Likewise technicians connected with Bitdefender antivirus tech support team can assist you in optimizing your pc for its better doing work. They can also direct you towards configuring the security options to ensure complete safeguard. Some of the key features of Bitdefender that help to completely defend your computer are-
Rescue method – Helps you to washing and restore your pc in a trusted setting. Virtualized Browser – Provides an isolated Bitdefender environment to close web-based threats. Search Advisor space Gives you alert with regards to risky websites straight away in your search results. Private Data Filter – Helps you to block hackers through accessing critical data like your social security number banking information etc.
Apart from the on the internet technical support they also present solution articles inside their website. Everything is described in the article in a way that even a frequent user can recognize and perform the actual troubleshooting steps upon his computer. Also you may get your questions answered through Technical forum of Bitdefender Malware. Always make it a practice to keep your Bitdefender antivirus kept up to date to protect your computer of all sorts of virus strikes and identity theft. Will solarmovie give me a virus If you are looking to get a maintained computer after that PC Scan and also PC Optimization tend to be required processes. These are like mandatory to boost computer performance. The computer can be effectively protected against different kind of worms worms and spyware by uniform trojan scanning and thus extends your computer life span.
Whenever you are experiencing that fitted softwares and purposes are taking much time for you to load or fails after sometime or even if system repeatedly reboots without any prior sign or any problem massage then you need to think of PC have a look at.
These are the few basic problems there are several other concerns on which you can think of deciphering or optimizing your computer such as problem associated with device drivers such as no sound problems with the speaker as well as sound card as well as some new character showing up in the folder.