Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Betty asks…

what is the best internet marketing program?

i am looking to make money from the internet.
can you send me your ideas on links.
i want an internet marketing prog.

barry0912 answers:

Oh boy, you’re probably going to get a bunch of people who are affiliates selling their stuff here in reply – not objective answers. I just want to give you an objective reply so that you can make a wise decision about all the things you’ll read about here and online.

There are three important facets to selling online:

Traffic generation – that is getting people who might be inclined to buy to your website. Lots of different ways to do that. Article sites. Google ads. Safelists – and on and on.

The site itself – needs to be set up in such a way that it’s navigation friendly, search engine friendly and looks professional for what you’ll be marketing.

The copy – must be written in an emotionally compelling way so that people say, “Wow – I want that!” and feel like they just gotta have it. Pictures alone don’t do it. Fancy bells and whistles don’t either. It’s about the copy. (That’s my expertise more than the technical pieces.)

Oh, and a fourth – the product and pricing must be something that’s quality and that people really want.

I don’t know of one product that provides all that – and I’ve attended a lot of fancy-schmancy Internet Marketing seminars over the years where they sell more of these programs. There are different programs for different facets of internet marketing.

As far as the written copy – I have an awesome ebook that’s getting great results for people that can give you an overview and excellent step-by-step instruction to that part. Check it out at

Hope this is helpful to you.

All the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, “Testosterone-Free Marketing” and
“Secrets to Money-Making Sales Letters”
Visit me online at

Lizzie asks…

What is the biggest consistent problems and challenges faced in your internet Marketing journey?

Hello all, I am a internet marketer. I am looking for people with problems with their internet marketing life. I ask around my friends and they state Information overload, time management, traffic, conversions. What about yours? Let me know and see what i can do to help? Thanks

barry0912 answers:

My biggest problem that I run to is getting sufficient traffic. It’s hard nowadays to get into a niche or any field that has no competitors. Almost every niche has several other players in it, and with the amount of information out there more and more people jump on the IM train everyday. I have to say though, hiring freelancers from odesk and the sort is one of the biggest advantages of this industry.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Susan asks…

Does anyone know of a good internet marketing company is Orange County?

I own a small business in Seal Beach, California and I want to hire a company to handle my Internet and online marketing. Can anyone recommend a decently priced company in or around Orange County? I don’t have a large budget, so I do not want one of these companies that charges hundreds of dollars just to talk.

barry0912 answers:

I have used to handle my internet marketing for the past few months with great results. They are specifically geared towards small businesses in orange county, so I think it’ll be right up your alley!

Nancy asks…

Things are turning more tough and competitive these days. The guidance of a good Internet Marketing company ca?

Things are turning more tough and competitive these days. The guidance of a good Internet Marketing company can help me boost my online business in these times. Do you know of any?

barry0912 answers:

One great internet marketing company that has a thriving community of members is Wealthy Affiliate.
I am personally a member there and I totally recommend their services. The wealth of knowledge is unbelievable, I would not know what I know if I hadn’t of signed up for their website.


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