Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Thomas asks…

What colleges offers internet marketing?

i need to know that what colleges offers the internet marketing

barry0912 answers:

Colleges offer “marketing” courses and taking those courses would definitely give you an edge when you get into internet marketing.

Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate? They are an Internet Marketing University that teaches you to become an internet (affiliate) marketer.

If you’re new to internet marketing and are just checking things out for the first time, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a great resource for you! Here you’ll find an extensive library of solid, useful information, courses, videos and tutorials that will give you a good foundation from which to start and build your own internet (affiliate) marketing business.

WA is famous for its FORUM COMMUNITY, members from all over the world are there to help you so that you are never alone.

So check it out and I hope that helps.

Stephen Willie (WA I.D. Mywa32)

Robert asks…

How does Internet marketing differ from traditional marketing?

barry0912 answers:

Contrary to popular belief, internet marketing does not differ too much from traditional marketing.

The internet affords us a faster and more convenient way to reach our target audience. It also expands our target audience to include those globally, where traditional marketing would be focussed more on local targets. Those points would make up the main differences.

One of the very exciting things about internet marketing is that it opens the floodgates for the everyday man or woman in the street to participate in an arena where they can own their own business, for minimal outlay and small ongoing costs.

When you cut through all the hype and clutter online, its very easy to see that the traditional marketing systems, focuses and requirements are still there. Its just that many enterprising folks have found a way to make things easier and faster, via the internet.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Donna asks…

What is future in Internet Marketing?What is the Job of AdWords Representatives?

IS Google is a good company to to work with as starting of AdWords Representatives?Plz reply You all are intelligent people plz solve my query and help me in deciding me future?

barry0912 answers:

Thanks for answering but why donot u believe Quraan ?It is realy true .
Please answer

David asks…

How good is the internet job market?

I am an MCA student and I wish to get into Internet services… how good is this job market? Also, what is the pay package I should expect?

barry0912 answers:

While the market isn’t growing as fast as it once was, it is one of the few job sectors still growing. Yes, Yahoo has just laid a bunch of people off, but Yahoo has bigger problems that are resulting in those cuts. Resolution Media just posted an article about the market as a whole:

Digital is growing, web analytics and SEM are growing the fastest, especially in large companies that are starting to see the value in a medium that is completely transparent.

Most of the major job boards will have some great opportunity, but also try searching for industry organizations (i.e. Web Analytics Association). Also, try researching recruiting firms. They are a great resource. Every city has a major firm companies like to work with, so start by looking for companies within you city or the next biggest city near you.

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How To Market Iphone Apps Ebook

How To Market Iphone Apps Ebook
This Ebook Is For Iphone App Developers. It Is 50 Pages And Has 3 Main Sections. Section 1 Will Help Them Learn How To Make A Great App, Section 2 Will Help Them Learn How To Market Their App And Section 3 Is Full Of Great Resources.
How To Market Iphone Apps Ebook

Top Sources Of Free SEO Advice

We all love free stuff. From the free tasting of new food products at the supermarket to free samples of the latest liquid detergent. Even when it comes to learning more about search engine optimization (SEO), we also love to get free seo advice. Because most of us has this motto: Why pay when you can get it for free? And true enough there are many seo tips and suggestions that we can get, if only we know where to look for them.

A lot of seo experts are very much willing to share their knowledge to those people who want to get started in it. Some of these gurus, as they are often called, are out in the open and they are already quite well known in their field. Although there are also many who are working quietly and earning their high income behind the scenes without much fanfare. All the same, there is a constant demand for their seo suggestions because on any given day, there are many people who are looking for this kind of stuff.

For these reasons, here are some suggestions on where you can find the best seo tips to help you get started.

One place where you can start learning about search engine optimization is through the forums. There are specialized forums for this topic and anything related to online marketing. While it is true that most of the people there are newbies in the field, there are also those who are more advanced in their seo knowledge who are willing to share their thoughts and suggestions to those who are willing to learn. Just follow the various threads there and you can begin garnering all the basic info you need. If something is not clear to you, just ask a question by starting your own thread. That’s what an online forum is for in the first place.

Another great resource is learning through a free ebook. You can get these ebooks from various seo or online marketing themed websites and blogs and also from the top seo experts. There will never be a shortage of these free seo ebooks because these are a great starting point for those who are offering them to connect with their target market, which in this case are those who want to learn more about seo and internet marketing.

Lastly, you can subscribe to the many blogs that tackle the seo topic. Start with knowing who are the leaders in this field and subscribe to their blogs so you will always get the latest updates on their blog posts and whatever it is that they want to share with the world. Often just by joining or reading through the conversations and the articles can greatly improve your own understanding of all things seo.

There are many other places and resources where you can get good quality information about search engine optimization. Admittedly, there are also a lot of garbage out there. You just need to learn how to sift through all the free advice to get to the best ones. Just to get you started in seo, you do not have to pay anything. But if you want something more advance and thorough, you might want to consider joining workshops or buying complete courses and programs.