Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Nancy asks…

Which of the following marketing messages are consumers most likely to trust?

A TV commercial
An article about the company in a city newspaper
An Internet advertisement
A phone conversation with an employee of the company

Which of the following can help you evaluate the performance of your ads and other marketing strategies?

Asking competitors what they think of your advertising strategy
Collecting secondary data about your target market
Asking customers how they found out about your company or product
Sending out a press release multiple times

barry0912 answers:

Theres no better trust than 1 to 1. But, your question depends on the power of the advert. Plus, phone conversations are next best thing to 1 to 1, but only if they know you are calling. We all expect a sales call dont we, and we all hate em. To evaluate performance of ads? Ask the people who bothered to react why they bothered? Ask as many people as you can what they think of you ads and put the info together to get an idea.

Robert asks…

Describe several B2B technologies and applications?


Your brother owns a gourmet food company named Grandma’s Treats, and he is faced with an interesting decision. He inherited your grandmother’s recipe box and adapted the recipes to accommodate his wife’s diabetes. You, your friends, and relatives couldn’t tell that his creations were low sugar, and word of his delicious baked goods spread throughout the community. Last year, he left his full-time job to produce and sell his creations to the public, caterers, and restaurants. Recently, one of his restaurant chain clients approached him to supply all of their locations. They also suggested that he could attract more customers and operate his business more effectively if he creates a website, advertises, and sells his “treats” on the World Wide Web. You have more business experience than your brother does, so you’ve offered to help him investigate this opportunity. Starting an e-business, or expanding a current business into the Internet, involves as much planning and risk
as starting or expanding a traditional business. Some of the things that you have to consider include:

The cost of the technology.
The design of the website.
The marketing strategies you will use.
The choices of what to sell and how to sell it over the Internet.
The advantages of online communication with customers and suppliers.
The risks of doing business on the Internet.
You start exploring alternatives and seek the advice of experienced e-business professionals. There is a lot to learn, and you have heard many stories about people who have started e-businesses (or traditional businesses) and end up failing because they did not have or follow a solid plan.
You will strive to understand some of the basic principles of e-business in addition to understanding traditional business strategies so you can make wise choices as you bring your brother’s business into the Information Age. The varieties of tasks you will pursue are the development of an e-commerce plan, the exploration of different technologies that are used competitively in e-business, Internet marketing strategies, security, and ethics.

Describe several B2B technologies and applications, as well as describe several applications or ways B2C can use technology that Grandma’s Treats could utilize as part of an e-business strategy. Search the Cybrary and provide at least two research citations that illustrate examples of companies that are utilizing e-business strategies (e.g., B2B, B2C), and discuss how Grandma’s Treats could benefit from employing similar strategies.

barry0912 answers:

Visit and

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Degree

Carol asks…

I am interested in graduating in a field related to computers, but I am not sure of what exact degree I should?

What should I take up –

computer engineering/
tele communtications/
computer science/
information science/
information technology.

is there a double degree I can take up?

I am interested in web designing and Internet marketing at the same time.

please brief about it. Also, how well off are the jobs in these sectors?

barry0912 answers:

Home economics.

Maria asks…

Does anyone know of a legitimate ‘work from home’ job that doesn’t require any money up front?

I have seen countless ads for ‘work from home’ jobs that claim you’ll be earning thousands of dollars per month, but when I look into them, I see that they require me to give THEM a couple hundred dollars before I even start! Something about ‘the cost of start-up materials’ or something…? I don’t have any money to risk like that, but need to work from home while I care for my elderly grandmother. I have a marketing degree and am very comfortable with the Internet and Microsoft Office. I can type 83WPM too, so any sort of data entry/clerical/support specialist job would be perfect. If it matters, I live on the Jersey Shore. Any suggestions?
And no, I’m not kidding. Most of the work-from-home jobs listed on,, and ALL require an investment up front. Thanks.

barry0912 answers:

The only ones that arent scams are working for a company directly. Why dont you put up some flyers in your area and see what happens.

Good Luck

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Why doesnt solarmovie work on my ps3

What is a Refurbished Computer
Refurbished Computers. Remanufactured Computer systems. Reconditioned Computers. In essence all of these terms refer to the same thing. But exactly what does refurbished really suggest A refurbished computer is one that is repaid to the manufacturer for the variety of reasons refitted with some other parts as necessary and then tested along with approved for secondhand by the manufacturer. Indeed this could mean that a computer was returned as it didnt work properly. But this is not always the case. Theres a excellent chance that this problem was simply a cosmetic trouble such as a small indent on the monitor. Or even it could be that a custumer recieved the incorrect model but had already opened the therapy lamp.
Most importantly refurbished doesnt mean that youre getting a computer with a defect or something else wrong by using it. All computers go through the same testing and approval process renovated and new the same.
Refurbished Computers arent Old Computers.
Obtaining refurbished doesnt imply youre stuck with a good outdated machine. Why doesnt solarmovie work on my ps3 Although computers are for a long time becoming faster and able to hold a lot more data on larger hard disks the basics of the computer are still the same. This technology used is normally less than a year old getting processing power in addition to memory specifications which have been almost the equivalent of completely new models but in a much cheaper cost. In the event you just want an inexpensive computer to do e-mail surf the world wide web balance your check book play a few video games and do some word processing you might want to buy refurbished model. They are still upgradeable in case you want to add more recollection a larger hard drive or even a faster processor afterwards.
Who Should buy Restored Computers
Many people new at all to technology are not sure what there requirements are. It often makes sense for them to purchase a reconditioned computer. I recently does this for the grandmother. She enjoys geneology and has many containers and books packed with information about our family. The web is a great tool for researching your ancestory in addition to sharing the amazing stories that you find. My grandmother got very limited experince with computer systems but I purchased a Compaq on her for Christmas. Your woman loves it and possesses allowed her to save much of her information electronically and to talk about that information having family all over the United states of america.
Small home office buildings can also benifit from purchasing remanufactured computers. Many companies cannot afford a huge investement into computer hardware. By purchasing quality employed equipment these businesses will take advantage of the benifits involving technology without breaking your banker.
Why doesnt solarmovie work on my ps3 Youd probably never ever write a time period like this unless it had been a direct quotation- Properly I mean you know we kind of you know knocked it around many until Mel goes he wont like secure the campaign. People chat like that. Its called speaking colloquially which in turn technically means like informal spoken vocabulary or conversation. If perhaps thats how we chat and the people most of us deal with understand people theres no problem. As soon as non-standard English is been vocal someone may recognize but its gone the moment its said.