Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

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Mark asks…

In what ways can marketing research influence the development and implementation of marketing strategy?

does that mean that organizations that conduct market research will perform better than organizations that does not? what is the example of it?

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barry0912 answers:

In some case yes they can but it’s all about your R&D dept and strategy as well. I personally did the reseArch for my startup co business and I found that it helped me not go down certain paths when talking about company direction or investment back into the co or whatever.

I know it gives you more options when things come up that are to be expected and things that are unexpected. And that almost always saves time money and resources not including jobs and man power.

Example: I did a project to help a client startup his own Internet web design store online and a brick and mortar location. And we spent some money looking at the average money spent on which types of sites and how long the task tool to build and so on. For that reason he saved a lot of trial and error with his pricing structure on each client and he also was able to market To specific people to where the price really never came into play. In some cases his prices were the best and just a given with others. It made the sale and then service of each of his clients a lot easier to handle and carry them through the his process. He’s retention stayed up and he invested in some technology that he saw through dealing with his customized client base that has catapulted him into a revenue stream that he never thought possible. So yes it does effect things i say always know where your going and give yourself options. My late grand father said who was in the Gas and Oil business for 40 years said “always make sure you have plenty of windows to jump out of when the house catches fire”!! And that can apply to just about anywhere in a company and even life. Also make sure the company doing the research etc doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. There is a lot of those types out there as usual. Hope this helps!!! :).

Good luck !!!!


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Lisa asks…

What is the best internet medium for marketing a health care product on line?

I work for a company that markets a popular, health related, nutritional suppliment. I would like to find a site where I can safely list a brief add, web link, e-mail address and phone number where people will find it and can respond. Recommendations, please?

Thanks in advance!

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barry0912 answers:

You can use ppc, blogs, forums and SB for your strategies but be careful that your services or sites don’t get in spam otherwise you have to pay a penalty. This thing gives fast results, you can check out the difference within a week. But running an effective ppc campaign is very essential to make your services on sale.

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