Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Sharon asks…

what is a good first step getting into internet marketing and what are good products to market?

I’m trying to get into the internet marketing business but when I research the topic I only up finding people that talk about Making customers and want to pay to get there advice. So my question is what are these marketers actually marketing and does anyone have a legit lead on where and how to start. Thanks!

barry0912 answers:

Market what everyone else markets over the internet (ie work-at-home scams, college loan scams, penis enlargements that don’t work, miracle cures that don’t work etc)

David asks…

How to overcome internet marketing information overload?

I have been online doing internet marketing for the last 3 years..and have often struggled with way too many opportunities and internet marketers..and then end up not achieving anything much..has anyone been successful and can share with me their experiences…

barry0912 answers:

There are many tools and servics available to help the day to day management of your internet marketing campaign. Focus on the the internet marketing avenues that produce the greatest return on investment (search, email, shopping search, and one other will usually work. Dont test new methodologies work in proven areas. Learn to say no to – to things that are overlapping what your already doing. You can always generate better results – its overload when you dont.

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