Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Lisa asks…

What are some secrets to network marketing?

I am planning to do network marketing, does anyone have any suggestions or hints or warnings? Thank you very much

barry0912 answers:

I have to say YES to Blaze8 answer and would have said: the secret is that you have to OWN the network marketing company in order to profit from it.

You should rather do AFFILIATE NETWORK MARKETING instead of dealing with network marketing, as it is straight forward and you are not married with a specific company.

What you need to know is a lot of MARKETING know how first!

The key for NOT BEING SCAMMED is know ledge.

DO NOT JOIN A COMPANY. Invest in yourself first.

What makes you money is SOLID Internet Marketing Know How.

If you do not know how to promote offers on the Internet, you will fail.
The way to make money online can be done in two ways:

1.) create your own digital products and sell them and get paid for it
2.) offer your service as web designer or marketer and get paid directly
3.) market OTHER products from companies that pay you a commission

for 3.) which is in my opinion the best potential you need to do a research
on which companies you can trust, HOWEVER! – i you need the same know
how that is needed for 1.) and 2.)

You need to understand the marketing basics.

NO Product sells itself. Do not fall for stupid websites that claim
that their products sell literally “themselves”. (I personally even promote
a lottery network and people love to play lotteries, but you still need to know
how to read people that are willing to PAY FOR LOTTERY TICKETS!).

OK, you need to learn the following things:

1. How people move online – what is “traffic” – how do people find websites online
and buy there?

2. How to create a website that sells – this is a know how you need either to sell
your own OR other products. It is important that you understand that it is not so
difficult to create COMPELLING websites that make people WANT TO BUY from

3. Learn psychological strategies and sales processes.


without this know how you will fail with all companies,
whether they are legitimate or not.

Do not join anything before you have solid know how.
No magical program will make you reach, only getting yourself
to the point to know what you need to do.


1.) Learn how to manage yourself first (free!)

2.) Learn the basics on marketing and Internet Know How

(those resources are not free, but solid)
be careful with a lot of “free resources”, they always
still want to sell you something are are never “independent”

3.) Master the basics, then you can choose any product
or company and make money with them.

invest in yourself first and do not believe false claims of
websites that tell you unbelievable “over night” riches.

Steven asks…

How do you start an internet store?

I would like to open an internet store, but dont know what steps to take in order to get it started. I’ve heard yahoo store is a really good place to start, any advice comment would be helpful.

barry0912 answers:


Nice day to you.

There are many online experts can help you to strat up your internet business from zero until fully operation of your online business.

The services they provided:

-Graphic Designers to create images and beautiful graphics for your web site.

-Experienced Internet Business Consultants to advise you on the proper strategy to use for your web site for maximum impact

-Keyword Masters to generate and find the right keywords for your Web Site

-Search Engine Optimizers to optimize your web copy to be relevant to the major Search Engines for specific keywords

-Linking Masters to seek out and get other web sites to link to you for improved Search Engine listings and traffic

-Internet Marketers to help you market your web site effectively so that you can focus on the running of your business

-Online Support Team to answer any problems or questions you may have

-You also can learn the lessons step by step how to bring your business to success and gain profit from it.

Feel free to send me an email for any further queries.

Best wish.

Kindest Regards,

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Donna asks…

How to promote an event in Jamaica?

Hi everyone,

Please help me. My friend has an upcoming Internet Marketing Summit to be held in New Kingston, Jamaica 2 weeks from now. He needs to promote the event but seems couldn’t find any good places to announce this for free. Only a very few free, if not, paid classified ads targeted for Jamaica audience.

Most likely someone from Jamaica who is very knowledgeable on internet marketing/online advertisement could greatly help.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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barry0912 answers:

The best chance you have is to promote your event through Jamaica related blogs, online forums, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Also try some free giveaway promotions. It wont be easy because you will have to put in a lot of time.

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Lizzie asks…

How do I make money from my personal blog?

I have a personal blog which is pretty much me talking about stuff in my everyday life. We all know you can make money from blogging, but how can i make money from my personal blog since i’m not offering a service.

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barry0912 answers:

Hi Smanatha,

You and I have the same thought process. You see, I was trying to figure out how to make some extra money but don’t have a lot extra time. I was searching and searching until I settled upon internet marketing or more directly, affiliate marketing.

Internet marketing is where you put up a niche site about something that interests you. It can be anything from dogs to camping. You develop content and drive traffic to your site. In almost any area there are companies that are selling services or products. You link to these sites as an affiliate and earn commissions when people buy the products. You are a marketer by doing this. For example, let’s say you are really passionate about guitars. You could start a site about guitars and set up affiliates with companies selling guitars and teaching people how to play guitars. This would satisfy your hobby requirement because you love guitars and also you can earn cash on the side.

I started to do internet marketing and put up my first site a couple weeks ago. I was totally new to it and taught myself everything. My site is not perfect but I am learning everyday. I have people visiting my site and clicking my affiliate links. My site is about making money through internet marketing from a beginner’s point of view.

Check it out and I can help you if you want to go this route.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

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Sharon asks…

Where can i get a ‘genuie internet marketing course’ for Free?

Where can i get a ‘geniue internet marketing course’ for Free or at moderate price? Not system that promise heaven and earth but, does’nt work.

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barry0912 answers:

When i started marketing online my greatest challenge was finding a geniue internet market course.After years of struggle i finally stumble into ”pay it forward for profit”.which i can truely recomment to any one that wants to start his business online.And the best part of it is absolutely free.with free online video training sections for members.

Check below to find out more about the website:

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Richard asks…

What are the main points of the online(internet ) marketing ,?

Pl. pl ans me What are the main points of the online(internet ) marketing , and how can we increases the sales with use of e-marketing. Which tables create for the E-marketing?

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barry0912 answers:

I dont understand your question. But, Google AdWords is a good place to start your online marking campaigns. This will most likely increase sales dramatically if you do it correctly.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

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John asks…

Where is a good place to find unique ideas for internet marketing?

I have built my website at and am still adding products. I am plannining an extensive Grand Opening event for the new year but I need some unique ideas to market my site and drive traffic so that I have a successful Grand Opening. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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barry0912 answers:

You can ask some of the top internet marketers questions and get ideas by joining this newly launched forum called “conquer your niche”.

The best thing about the forum is you can also advertise your website for free.

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Lisa asks…

Where can I talk about internet marketing ?

Internet marketing .. like cpa and such .. I also would like some good buy sell websites .. please guide me !

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barry0912 answers:

The absolute best places to discuss internet marketing are marketing forums. The best forums are easily (in this order):

1. Warrior Forum –
2. Digital Point Forum –
3. Black Hat World –
4. IM4Newbies –
5. IM Forums –

You should easily be able to find just about every answer you seek on these. Warrior Forum is just a huge wealth of information and that’s where all of the top maketers usually hang out.

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