Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Lizzie asks…

How to get a job with GAD and Depression?

I am almost 20 and I dont have a job.. I have pretty severe anxiety/ depression so I am litterally scared to death to even attempt to put in applications because Im scared that they wont like me, or hire me EVER (ive put in 1 application in this year).. What do I do??? My mom and my sister are getting more and more aggrivated at me.

barry0912 answers:

I’m in the same situation, I’ve created my own jobs online. Try freelancing websites or learn internet marketing and seo. That’s where jobs are going to be in the future. Try a forum called blackhatworld, read it for hours and learn different methods to make money. You can pull in some serious cash once you find what you’re good at.

John asks…

What is a good email marketing solutions?

I am looking to email 8000 users on a daily basis, emailing them about every 2-3 days by deleting old users and importing new ones. I am looking for a good email marketing solution that would send emails to my users’ inbox and not mark them spam. I am looking for softwares only, or a good and cheap site thanks.

barry0912 answers:

The best is aweber… They are simply great. Its only $20 a month, you can create unlimited email lists, you can set up unlimited auto responders, and set everything on auto and its click of a button easy.

They have a spam control generator which shows your a color coded spam setting of each email you send out, you simply have to tweak things that get labeled as spam before you send it out. There is not a better service out there… Check it out at

at the site they also have a free tour you can take and kinda test drive it. Trust me its worth the 19.99/ mnth fee..

Its makes your job so much easier.

Then if you’d like you can sign up for my newsletter that I actually use this service with… The newsletter is free and it is about tips for internet martketing and website traffic buidling at

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

Steven asks…

How to build a marketing research questionnaire?

I would like to know how to build or to construct a marketing research questionnaire ? i would like to know the steps and all details related to post-factor analysis work in addition to fine-tuning details.

barry0912 answers:

That is way too broad a subject to answer in this forum. Here are two good books that can help you with overall questionnaire construction:

The Dillman book is especially informative. There may also be some free web sites that can tell you the basics.

For a post-factor analysis refinement, the technique allows you to reduce the number of questions or items in a rating question. The items that load on the same factor are getting at the same basic issue, so you don’t need to include all of them. The standard practice is to select the 1 or 2 highest loading items to include in the final questionnaire.

Paul asks…

What is the best way to attract more people to a forum?

Hi all,

I’m an admin on a forum. I was wondering what would be some good ideas to attract more people to come and to stay. At the moment, it’s a gaming forum but we do have other areas like general discussion, debates, etc. I’m curious to hear some ideas about this. Thanks. 🙂

barry0912 answers:

U have to promote your site on the net.
There are plenty of ways to promote your site.
1)Article Marketing
Really a powerful method in getting audience. Write a good article based on your niche topic and submit it in article directories. Just go to google or yahoo and search for “free article directories”. It will suggest you a host of directories that you can easily submit your writings. When people surf in that certain directory, they might stumble into your article and you got all the fame needed to be successful in Internet Marketing.

This method is just like the article writing. You write what you want but good contents for your audience in blogs. The better you got, the more audience you get. You can also submit the same contents that you wrote in blogs in article directories. You get instant viewers if your article is in top 10 within your niche

3)Offer free stuffs
It’s always good to get free stuffs. Everyone likes it.So offer some free stuffs such as e-books or software for your audience. You will get a good, loyal and repeating audience. If you are looking for FREE e-books to market it in your site, check out this link.…. Provides a host of e-books on internet marketing. The e-books will be updated weekly. So hurry up and get your best one soon.

4)E-mail Marketing
It’s as easy as ABC. Just promote your site to all your online contacts using e-mail.Write a good email that will attract your audience. If you got the contents right and able to convince your contacts , you are on your way to success.

5)SEO-Search Engine Optimization
Check out for HOT tips on SEO

6)You Tube Videos
Use free videos from you tube and paste the links in your site. People like video tutorials better than articles or e-books.

7)Google Adsense
I strongly suggest you to visit…. And learn about google adsense.If it’s not the best, atleast one of the best income generator for your websites. Visit the link and watch the video tutorials for FREE.

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Internet Marketing Methods That Give You More Traffic

Marketing products on the Internet isn’t as easy it sounds, because it you need to give utmost dedication to it. Here are some internet marketing methods that are crucial if you hope to succeed.

Internet marketers know the power of building a good email list, so you should start building that list right away. But when you’re sending out your emails, you need to stay clear of your prospect’s spam box. You don’t want all your work on writing effective emails to end up in spam boxes. There exist a few words you won’t want to use if the spam filter is something you want to avoid. You’re working with really strict ISPs who use certain technology to make sure only solicited emails get to the inboxes. You may have your head in the right place and you may be doing things properly, but saying things like “Get rich doing this!” and “Do this to get wealthy!” will land you in hot water. Your aim here is to reach your prospect’s inbox without any trouble. Do your homework before you actually jump into your email campaign. By searching online, you can determine which words other marketers like to stay away from. You can even get on the discussion boards so that you can determine which words other marketers hate to use. Don’t leave any stone unturned, if you want to achieve true success. Though there’s no guarantee that your email will go through, you can do your part to ensure it’s successful in its journey. Once you have your hands on those words to avoid, you’ll see that spam filters won’t hold you back.

Writing a sales copy for your product is critical if you really want to achieve high amount of sales. Still, lots of marketers don’t see the fact that they need to have a sales letter doing the selling job for them. Your sales letter is like your own personal salesperson who is constantly out there doing his job. Make sure you write your sales letter with lots of consideration and always remain focused on the headline you come up with. You must create a headline that gets attention or else you won’t succeed at writing a good sales letter. You have to spend extra time on carving out a good, high converting headline, so that people get interested and read the rest of the copy.

If you hope to ever be good at internet marketing, you must give a lot to your customers. The concept is to sell them something and then keep after them so that they can continue to buy from you. You want to get as much value from each customer as possible.

In short, internet marketing merely takes knowing what steps to take. The preceding tips will help you learn what to do and how to do it to achieve online marketing success.

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