Your Questions About Internet Marketing Degree

Ruth asks…

What should I do after my Communication and Internet Studies?

I am studying Communication and Internet Studies and I’m in my 4th and final year of my bachelor’s degree.

This degree covers a wide range of different things but it doesn’t go deep into anything, which worries me.

I mean I’ve done things like Information Society classes, Flash Animation classes, Dreamweaver/HTML/PHP/Java/Javascript/PHP/MySQL/Joomla classes, Research (like surveys and analysis with SPSS) classes, Theatre/Cinema history classes, Global Media classes, Marketing classes, Social Science classes, Social Psychology classes …

Yes, a lot.

Now I am thinking that if I try to find a job in any of these subjects, I am worried that I will only have surface knowledge of each thing, example, I know how to make a flash animation, but I won’t be able to be great with effects and stuff. It’s like I’m in the beginner’s level in everything.

I am young so I don’t know how this stage of life works, after Uni and looking for a job. So if you could advise me on how to move on that would be very helpful.

Also, as a solution to this surface knowledge I thought of doing a master’s degree on something that will help me gain more deep knowledge and “expertise” in a specific subject but I don’t know which one is good to invest in…

Should I go for technical stuff like web development (PHP, HTML) or would it be hard to compete with people out of Computer Science bachelors..?
Should I go for animation/advertising/marketing? or would it be hard to compete with people from Marketing/Graphic Design bachelors…

I hope you get my dilemma and worries and hope you can help me 🙁


barry0912 answers:

Your dilemma is exactly why I have been preaching against any major with the word “studies” in it – they are academic joke programs. We refer to them as “Welcome to McDonalds” degrees because that is just about all they qualify you for –

In your case, see if you can get a job with a web design firm for a year or two, then go back for a Masters.

Sharon asks…

Changed from a Bachelor of Arts (internet comm) to Bachelor of Communications? Better option?

I want to work in publishing, marketing and pr. I was going to do a Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications) but at the last minute changed to a Bachelor of Communications and I am going to major in journalism and PR.

My thinking was that the Arts BA was very limited and I’d kind of be stuck job-wise to only online work and I don’t want to impair myself with finding a job when I graduate. Have I made the right move picking two majors in a more general degree?

barry0912 answers:

Shifting to Bachelor of Communication seems wise. Good to major in journalism and PR since content is always king even with online marketing or web marketing..

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