ScribbleMix: Monsters University Pack (Limited Time) Free – Disney

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ScribbleMix: Monsters University Pack (Limited Time) Free

Genre: Games

Release Date: June 5, 2013

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“A perfectly hilarious expression of creativity” -Appoday

Play ScribbleMix, the hilarious and absurd drawing game played with friends! Draw and guess to earn coins and unlock treasure chests. Use your creative skills to scribble your way through the fun and challenging star map

– 200 Free Coins!
– 10 Free Gems!
– Endless Combinations To Draw!
– New Words and Categories Every Week!

© © 2013 Disney

Mulled: A Puzzle Game – Hako Games

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Mulled: A Puzzle Game
Hako Games

Genre: Games

Release Date: June 28, 2012

Mulled is FREE today with

Ranked 1st in US Board Games!
Ranked in top 10 in more than 40 countries.

Mulled is a simple yet challenging puzzle game.

The goal is so simple: Move the white balls to the golden holes. that’s it!

â—† Gorgeous Graphics.
â—† 200+ Challenging puzzles.
â—† 90+ Unlockable badges.
â—† 125 Gems waiting to be collected.
â—† 5 Amazing wood surfaces to play on!


â—† Made a mistake? Don’t worry, you can always undo!
â—† Get 3 GOLDEN BALLS for solving a puzzle without using undo.
â—† 25 BONUS levels! Get the required number of golden balls to unlock them.
â—† A lot of secret badges, go fiddle with the game and collect ’em all!


Mull (v): To think about carefully.

* Release day on Saudi Arabia Store

© © Hako Games

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In my garden you will find theres large place for sentiment. My garden associated with flowers is also the garden of feelings and dreams. The thoughts grow as unhampered as the flowers along with the dreams are as beautiful. Abram L. Downtown
Gardens are places that help us appreciate and have natures bounty. Although most gardens look gorgeous without any artificial adornments one can always possess some useful lights for your night and other ornamental statues and ornamental pieces that can help anyone enhance the natural beauty of ones garden. What better way to embellish your garden than an eco-friendly garden dcor Yes were talking about solar garden dcor.
Solar energy is perhaps the biggest source of energy on this planet. With the impending menace of fuel and depletion human beings possess wisely tapped your extensive solar energy source and are using it in several innovative applications. Solar powered energy powered products are excellent ways to decorate the gardens where sunlight is available in abundance often. Watch wwz solar movies Here is all the information with regards to solar garden dcor.
Kinds of Solar Garden Dcor
Pv garden dcor is nothing even so the use of decorative items and applications that run about solar energy. Solar backyard dcor can include a wide variety of dcor goods that are powered through solar energy. Here are the several items that can be built into solar garden dcor-
Solar garden lights should be installed in places where they shall be exposed to uninterrupted sun light. While thinking about solar power lights the most important thing that you can know is that solar lights require no wiring and hence have become safe and extremely all to easy to install. The solar garden lights include internal photocell devices that are able to convert sunshine into electrical energy thats stored in rechargeable battery packs which facilitate lighting in the night. You can use a range of lights while deciding on solar garden lights. Based on the kind of illumination you want you could have accent lighting collection lighting floodlights spotlights as well as low and extra tall fixtures.
When you set up solar lighting with your garden you have to make certain there does not occur another light source next to the device since the photocell doesnt get switched on until the around gets dark adequate. On an average thoroughly charged photocells can let the lights to stay with for as much as 8-10 hours however the time period for which the lamps will run on stashed solar energy is directly dependent on the amount of sunshine received throughout the day. Your solar lighting Directed bulbs never burn out so you dont need to replace the bulbs every now and then.
Solar garden features are also quite popular components of solar garden dcor. Similar to solar lights everybody dont require almost any external wiring but merely a surface intended for capturing solar energy. Pv garden fountains produce a great addition for your gardens and definitely boost the beauty of your garden. In addition to these normal sun dcor items you can also put solar clocks and also solar water heaters being a value addition to your home.
Advantages of Using Pv Garden Dcor
Solar energy is provided for free and will reduce your energy costs. In addition to the main installation charges solar panel technology lighting as well as water features do not require any expensive maintenance and hence have become economical. In an age where by we constantly find out the benefits and the serious need of energy conservation solar energy usage generally is a great contribution toward saving some energy resources. The use of solar power in one million houses would reduce the damaging carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 thousand tons per year. Watch wwz solar movies Solar garden lights are fun and also attractive garden dcor to increase any backyard. These kind of beauties are operated by the suns energy throughout the day and light up in the evening. Solar garden lights can be anything at all from solar light-weight wind spinners to solar light back garden stakes to photo voltaic powered lanterns in addition to lamps. There are many choices to choose from and many positive aspects to them all.

When developing your garden consider adding solar garden lights all throughout or when you prefer in one place. You can make a path using stepping gems and place solar garden lights directing this path into the night. What a great way to enjoy the night and your garden at the same time. Solar garden lights also gives excellent reasons centerpieces in any back garden or yard. In case you have a flower plot or small lawn place a solar light wind rewriter or solar driven wind chime on a land stand in the middle of the flowers or plant life.

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What are solar power bird baths
These are lawn ornaments which have a design that has the characteristics of going water like a fountain or fountain apply. Instead of cables regarding electricity they are run by solar energy. An inferior version of an built-in group or mobile is used to provide solar powered energy in the bird bath tub so you do not need the use of long ropes cables and electrical factors and outlets. The river is then distributed along with reused in the form of a central register to get distributed through the varied component repeatedly before the sunlight is sufficient to give enough energy.
Do you attract wild birds within your garden Then it does not spark interest in over a lot of splashing in addition to running water. Solar movie on tablets And you can accomplish that with solar powered bird baths.
Alternatives various designs of solar power bird baths you are able to choose from the massive amount patterns and colors and so are made of resin ceramic or metal. You will find pedestal birdbaths available and ground bird bathing pools too. of the two the previous are much more popular in terms of solar design because of its elevation to maintain the best fountain or chicken bath away from the floor litter or squander that can mask this solar cell.
When it comes to inspired elements – colour size shape for example. some styles have become different but youll find relatively few basic styles that are regarded as favored among the many. Plus the most typical solar power birdbath designs are- any The design tiered waterfall having stones artificial gems and the like. b the lone basin having fountain jet mister nozzles with spray. h two-layered basins with a central water fountain.
Well lets see – if youre still confused if you want your own fowl bath solar power well examine the advantages and disadvantages.
a Shifting water is much more very likely to eliminate annoying pesky insects such as mosquitoestThe water current is extremely effective to attract birds of various species.hDoes not need electricity to perform as intended in addition to therefore does not soon add up to your utility bills.dNo more cables connects and cables which means less hassle and even more comfort.
And for the drawbacks of your bird shower solar power-
a Certainly not entirely appropriate to make use of during the winter because it can cause breakage.tWe need more frequent refills due to evaporation and full natural light strategic location.dSensitive and therefore tricky to clean without damaging this pump.d Optimum and full sun is necessary to operate effectively and therefore cannot be used in the shade.e You cannot run dry with no risk of breakage with the pump.
In previous statements although there are more disadvantages of having a chook bath with solar energy but the owners of many gardens continues. Yard owners favor the convenience of solar chicken baths without working with electrical outlets. Also the additional benefits of a lovely fountain to draw focus to a large number of birds is one thing that the avian fans are after so they merely write off most of the damaging factors anyway.
Solar movie on tablets An overview of using solar rock lights in your yard how to choose install as well as design your solar power lighting scheme.
The most effective way to go about garden lighting without spending too much on your own light bulbs is to buy solar rock lights which cost only one half of the standard LED light sources. They are ready to place in your garden as is also. You wont need to devote any more money to correct the bulbs straight into some kind of support with regard to propping them in place. Only drop the rock everywhere on your lawn and it is all set.
The rock is often made of hard polyethylene as well as hardened polyresin
The reason why solar rock lights are less costly is because the rock itself is made of more cost-effective materials than precious metal. Notwithstanding their cheapness polyethylene and polyresin are very durable weather resistant and wont corrode.

Your Questions About Internet Marketing Association

Mary asks…


Please critique my resume. Anything will help.

John Smith
78 XYZ Avenue (123)456-7891
San Francisco, CA 94124

Career Summary
Seeking an entry level Marketing position which will enable me to apply my educational background and work experience to the growing success of the company

B.A. in Business Management Economics, June 2009
University of XYZ, XYZ

 Proficient in Excel 2007, Word 2007 and Photoshop CS3
 In-depth knowledge of marketing concepts and strategies through relevant marketing course work
 Creative and able to identify current trends for marketing and advertisement
 Excellent written and oral communication skills
 Ability to multi-task and adapt to fast paced environments
 Work well independently or in a team-setting

(07/07 – present) Freelance Marketing Consultant, Self-employed, San Francisco, CA
• Design business cards, promotional flyers and price lists for family-owned and operated salon business
• Maintain updated content and images for website
• Review online customer feedback and escalate issues to management for salon improvements

(04/09 – 06/09) Marketing Intern, Barrios Unidos, City, CA
• Designed the company’s official business card and promotional flyers for advertisement
• Researched new leads through the Internet
• Performed email marketing functions through creation of email ads and sending emails to prospective clients

(09/05 – 06/09)
Computer Consultant
Instructional Computing,
City, CA
• Researched and troubleshot complex application issues
• Provided one-on-one application training for lab students
• Assisted students in computer setup and logins
• Enforced lab rules and regulations to ensure equipment operability and cleanliness
• Safeguarded equipment against student vandalism and/or theft
• Escalated non-functional hardware issues to management
• Maintained and order lab supply and computer hardware inventory

(07/08 – 09/08)
Sales Cashier,
IMPARK Parking
City, CA
• Collected parking fees from SF Giants staff and affiliate partners
• Maintained high customer experience and satisfaction through providing a professional and positive demeanor at all times
• Collaborated and worked efficiently with peers and Area Managers to reduce long customer wait-time and traffic during parking peak hours

(07/07 – 12/07)
Sales Associate
Banana Republic
City, CA
• Ensure that each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly environment, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer, maintaining solid product knowledge and all other aspects of customer service.
• Maintain an awareness of all promotions and advertisements.
• Performed inventory checks to assist customers in locating merchandise from various retail locations
• Communicate customer requests to management.
• Assist in completing price changes within the department.
• Complete customer transactions at register for merchandise sales

05/2006 – 06/2009
Vice President and Publicity, Psi Pi Alpha, City, CA

• Responsible for outreaching and maintaining good relations with other college fraternities and sororities
• Promoted and publicized the organization and its events through creating flyers and t-shirts using Photoshop as well as using online social networks such as, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and the organization’s website
• Organized an on-campus event for Bone Marrow Drives for the Asian American Donor Program

04/2007 – 06/2009
Publicity Chairman and Core Member
Vietnamese Student Association
City, CA

• Promoted and managed all aspect of public relations for the organization
• Raised funds through design and creation of organization’s official t-shirt

Extracurricular Activities
Santa Barbara Senior Center
Habitat for Humanity
Breast cancer awareness marathon

Reference Available Upon Request

barry0912 answers:

As a hiring expert, I recommend you take out your bottom two jobs as they were pretty short and you want to look like you’ve had stable jobs. The first three are fine. And a few more job descriptions. 3 may be too short. Have 4-6 job descriptions.

You should rename your activities section as “Other Experience” and name your regular experience section as “Professional Experience”. Take out “References Available Upon Request” because you should already have your references on hand when meeting an employer.

All of my advice is very detailed on my website so find more tips here: I also only charge $7 to edit resumes, so my services could be useful for you.

Good luck

Lizzie asks…

How can I find an energetic and potential Person?

I am a manufacturer of jewelry and have my own small lapidary enough for my jewelry.
And locally I am doing all Business, I have a burning desire to change My current situation? Now when I browse internet I find that all Prices are very High on the jewelry webstores as Compared to what we are Producing Here all our Jewelry and Gemstones say 65% Less Price.
Now when I wanted to make my own Web store then I found, that “DHL” or “Fe dax” or any other courier services, in my country only shipping Documents and other things they ship from here not any Value able Like Jewelry or gemstone,
and also I contacted PAY PAL they also not open Account here – I contacted PAY PAL in this concern they told me that they are working on this soon they will open but Not know in how many days it will take
I was very regret on that Time.
Then I found Yahoo Answer Community – So it came in my mind that May be some one can help Me in How I find a Energetic Person in USA and EUROPE, who can handle
All about sale of my jewelry and gemstones in the market and in Ebay or any Place I only want sell. Moreover, I will provide all concern securities what he wants and I want securities from this person. Who often wish that he/she would find a home based business? May be this is the opportunity for some one
Can any one help me how I furnish all this and am there any site where I find my required Person? My Firm is government registered and registered with Association of gems and Jewelry all country. I can provide any document for satisfaction. May be it will change my Life as well as that Person.

In addition, you can contact me for your suggestion on Email:

barry0912 answers:


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some of these links might be useful:……….
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