Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

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Helen asks…

What form of online internet marketing is best for business?

Facebook ads?

Social marketing? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

What is the best way?
What is the best “value” (cheapest for its buck) way?

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barry0912 answers:

I think it will depend on your knowledge level, what business you are marketing, and what kind of budget you have to work with.

You can build a responsive marketing campaign using only free methods, but it may take longer to see results depending on your knowledge level. A marketer with the right knowledge might get a far better response using free methods than a less knowledgeable person using paid methods.

If you have the budget for it, you can hire someone with expertise in all the areas mentioned. What is the “cheapest for its buck” will be what gives you the best ROI, or Return On Investment. That means your ads and traffic source (audience) will need to be very targeted and already interested in what you are promoting. Any contextual advertising source such as PPC or Organic search will be best for that, but each method or site can be “best” depending on how you approach the people using those sites.

How you handle your sales funnel is also important to converting prospects to sales. You may lose money on the front end, but if you are offering something of value like a free giveaway to build a customer list and are building a relationship with them based on establishing trust and authority, you can experience a far greater return on the back end of the sales process. Even if you break even on the front end, you are at least building a valuable future customer list for free.

With social sites, you have to think about the types of people who use each site. Facebook users will likely have a different mindset and purpose for being on that site as compared to Twitter or LinkedIn. Knowing what motivates the majority of users on a given site will help you to design the right approach for each site.

I don’t think you can make a blanket statement about which is best or cheapest. Your knowledge level and willingness to test different approach methods for each site will determine what works best for you. I could say that Facebook is best, but out of 100 people that follow that advice and try advertising on Facebook, maybe one person would actually succeed in making a profit. Is it the site that is the problem or the knowledge of the person creating the campaign?

People using Google or Yahoo are likely searching on a specific topic. People using LinkedIn are professionals or business owners. People using Facebook are mostly looking to alleviate boredom or connect with friends. People using Twitter are people following a news feed, their favorite niche or hobby, following their favorite celebrity, or just have a need to tell the world what they are doing every other moment of the day.

If you design a sales approach that capitalizes on the mindset of each site user, you still have to identify who the buyers are. In organic search or PPC, that means finding buyer search terms, product names, product reviews, etc. With the other sites, you may have to do some testing, or offer a freebie for filling out a survey to find out what people are looking for.

I don’t claim to be an expert on marketing, but I have failed enough times to have learned a few lessons on the topic.

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William asks…

How to advertise for an Internet based game being developed?

My business partner and I are creating an internet based game and want to find some ideas for advertising. We thought about placing ads in gaming magazines and on other gaming websites. Any other ideas out there?

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barry0912 answers:

Some low cost ideas:

1. Create the best content you can. Your content is your best advertisement – if visitors love your content, then they will go back and spread the word to others.

2. Make it easy for users to recommend your site. Viral marketing is very important — and easy to tap on the Web. But give your users the tools. Get a Recommend this Site script from websites such as and similar directories of scripts. Some even go as far as giving incentives to those who recommend the site to their friends.

3. Rank well in the search engines (organic search results, not the pay per click). SEs can be a big source of traffic. The key is to create the best content in your niche. If you have good content, other websites will gladly link to you and offer your site as a resource to their audience. Check the on-page factors and be sure to get linked from authority sites in your topic area.

4. Send out press releases. While outfits charge as much as $650 per release, there are free press release submission places on the Web. Press releases allow you to (a) attract media attention; (b) get more back links to your website without sending each website an email request; and (c) get more visibility especially if your press release gets in Google News or Yahoo News.

5. Pay per click advertising. Check the keywords carefully and measure your ROI

6. Banner advertising. Less effective than contextual or text based advertising but the right website to advertise can draw in traffic. As always measure your ROI carefully

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

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John asks…

where can i find a top notch sales manager with internet marketing experience?

My firm, Endai Worldwide is looking for a sales manager, with online marketing knowledge and experience. I am interested and open to any new ideas and thoughts on where to find this person.

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barry0912 answers:

There are several options. If you, yourself or anyone on your team have the time and penchant to conduct the search, then make a list of companies that provide similar services to yours – ideally based in your geographical area, if you want the Manager based there (if not, it is a lesser concern). Identify, approach and recruit the people who drive the business to the funnel of those companies….etc. And there is alot of etcetera.

A suggestion would be to partner with an executive search firm, and have them conduct the search for you in a prioritized manor. Hobson Associates has one of the best reputations for your niche.

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Joseph asks…

How can I generate leads/sign ups to my domain?

I’m having a very hard time trying to find people who would be interested in joining my downline. It could be either because they’re selfish (because they’re internet marketers who won’t help struggling ones), or chicken birds (the ones who are scared), or the leads are too expensive.

I’m currently enrolled with 7 Figure Marketing School and I’m having no luck.

Is there anybody who in internet marketing and can help out? Where could I generate automatic leads or sign-ups for my downline?

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barry0912 answers:

Be careful when purchasing leads. These folks have not specifically asked you for information and you will also find that most of these leads are shared with others.

Your best results will always be with leads that you generate yourself.

It may take a bit of effort to setup your traffic and lead generation system … But it will certainly be worth it in the long run.

It is relatively easty to use social media like facebook, youtube, twitter and myspace to attract like minded people to you. Directing them to a blog is a great way to provide value to your prospect and introduce them to your business.

You can find quite a few free resources that can teach you attraction marketing and lead generation techniques.

A free site that I direct my team to is at

Good luck with your efforts. Let me know if I can be of service.


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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

William asks…

how to find and track same people who saw the TV Ad or read blog actually bought/register the product/service?

I would like to track and find out how effective was my advertisement or web blog or Webinar. Out of X people who visited my website/blog/webinar, Y people registered for my service or bought my product?

How do marketing guru’s get this feedback ? old ideas like surveys and new ideas like american-idol-send-sms-call-page can be used to do this on TV ad. but my specific question is with regards to internet.

barry0912 answers:

Have a different landing page for each advertising or marketing campaign. Say for example your site is For TV ad, show the URL; while for the blog put

By having different landing pages for each campaign, you’ll know:

1. How many people actually come in to your website because of specific advertising campaigns or mediums (even keywords used in pay per click advertising)

2. How many of these visitors actually convert to sales or registration, whatever the end result may be

Then have a web tracking software that incorporates funnel analysis, which basically shows you what that person does from landing the page; whether that person proceeds to your predefined goal (whether purchase or registration); and if not, at what step of the process do they leave. Examples of web tracking software that includes funnel analysis are Google Analytics (free), and Webside Story’s HBX (very expensive).

Mary asks…

I have a message/idea that I want share. How do I go about writing it all down and getting it published?

I was told the following: I have to be:

– an expert on the subject.
– I should know 10 words for every word I write.
For example If I write on success, I should already be successful. If I write on money, I should already be rich. If I write on relationships, I should already be happily married.

Granted and I accept that, otherwise what is the point of the book?

I would like to hear from people who have succesfully written non-fiction or fiction. Although my topic is going to be non-fiction I would like know how you went about it? How can I use the Internet to assist me in doing so? For example, having a blog, a website, email and so forth. And what about marketing the final publication on the Internet? This looks like a daunting task on its own. I look forward to your comments.

barry0912 answers:

Well, I’m also an aspiring writer, and it looks like what you’ve been told is true. Personally I would find it much harder to write non-fiction than fiction.
Check out They have an excellent annual book that tells you where to find the info that you need to get started. Good luck!

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7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

Consider this: What’s the biggest factor thousands of individuals log onto the web daily? Simple. To obtain details. Google alone dishes out 400 thousand searches each day! So what does this mean to you? It means that you have a substantial opportunity to give people specifically what they’re trying to find – details. And when done correctly, you can make money for it, as well!

Facts advertising 101

This is without a doubt the most basic company you can start. You establish an item that is absolutely nothing more than info. And individuals pay you for the details inside it. It couldn’t obtain much less complex.

However exactly how does it all work?

We have actually developed that it’s a basic concept. Nonetheless, to succeed you’ve got to supply details individuals desire. So the primary is to find out exactly what individuals desire. Just how can you discover exactly what individuals desire?

A super easy technique is to just to examine “answer” websites. Just visit Yahoo! answers or and consider the questions being asked there. You want to discover something a lot of individuals are inquiring about. For points that are causing people discomfort. Then merely offer them the answer in your ebook.

An encouraging word

Do not fret! Details product creation is simple … Think of this: An ebook is absolutely nothing greater than a collection of information. So as opposed to taking a seat to write the whole point. Merely try to create a couple of write-ups a day. And when you have a collection, broaden and embellish them and voila! You’ve obtained an ebook.

OK, what’s so warm about electronic products? Interestingly enough, we’re back to the label of this information Here are the seven reasons

1. Simpleness

An information item company runs on auto-pilot. Customized support is all but non-existent. So you could merely set it up and let it operate. You’re constructing an entirely automated company.

You don’t have any sort of stock. You do not have to deliver anything. Your business is 100 % digital.

2. Repurposing

Once you have a few info items produced. You could integrate them together to develop new higher ticket items. It’s nothing to integrate the material from numerous ebooks. And your new item will have the ability to hold a considerably higher price tag. Your clients will gladly pay additional for a single larger ebook. Instead of a number of little ebooks.

3. Personal tag right

When you possess the item, you can offer resell rights to it. Resell rights are really warm immediately, due to the fact that it’s a lot easier to obtain the resell right than to make your own item. And the best component is you reach ask for two to three time as much for these freedoms.

4. Take advantage of

Take advantage of your ebook by using the material in different means. Damage it apart and make a multi-part e-mail collection with it. And create your listing by means of it. A listing is it’s very own incentive!

5. Additional leverage

Do not quit there … break it into several smaller sized reports. After that you can use the reports as the front-end of your product funnel. They could be complimentary or affordable. And you’re creating targeted leads for your major item all along. You could even make these viral by enabling your members to offer them away. Wait, did I point out “affiliates”?

6. An army of members

This is a genuine energy technique. As soon as you have your own item. Other people could become your affiliates. Envision having ONE HUNDRED’s or 1000’s of other people marketing your products. You can’t do this unless you have your own item.

7. Joint Ventures

I’ve saved the most effective for last. Joint endeavors are the greatest short cut to excellence understood to guy. And this is probably the leading reason to develop your own item. Without your very own items, you cannot do JVs.


If you don’t intend to offer electronic products by no.w, then you’ve probably been sleeping. You’ll be the master of your destiny. Because you’re the boss! So, don’t waste any more time:

  • Head over to Yahoo! answers
  • Find out what people need to know
  • Start providing information

Don’t make info product creation any more complicated than that. Before you know it, you’ll have your own info product.