Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

Maria asks…

Best internet marketing forum?

What’s the best Paid internet marketing forum that has a good community and tools?

barry0912 answers:

This greatly depends on what you are looking for. There are many great online blogs and website offering tips on internet marketing. You can check this SamuraisSEO if you want to learn more about internet marketing

Lizzie asks…

Best answer gets 10 points How to get internet through usb on my laptop from phone?

I use to have pda net and easy tether on my lg ally android. I am looking for another free trial or something that uses usb and dosent need a root connection. Please help I am desperate because I need the internet right now.

barry0912 answers:

There is no way you must root. Its very easy these days.

That is for SuperOneClick (it roots it for you)

This is for z4root (auto rooting app)

After that download Wireless Tether from the market

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

 solar movies

Steven asks…

how to make your back links get counted fast?

I am new in internet marketing and in seo. I am doing directory submission, article submission plus blog commenting but i don’t know why i only see few backlinks to my site. Actually i want all my back links to show up in google. How can i make that happen is there any tool or trick.

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barry0912 answers:

Try pinging the url where your back link is placed. Visit and start pinging all your back link pages url and this will make your back links get faster indexed by google.

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Lisa asks…

how can i improve my real estate business thru internet?

I’m just staying at home most of the time, doing household chores & running a small record bar business at the same time doing internet marketing coz my husband is a licensed real estate broker. How can I contact more buyers thru internet?

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barry0912 answers:

Best to invest in a good website. NAR’s 2005 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers showed 77% of buyers used the Internet in their search! This is a HUGE number!

Everyone wants to be on page ONE of search results! If you think it will be EZ, I have a good deal on a bridge for you!
Best to….

I personally used a firm (link below) that did a 250,000 site submissions for my site. It worked great. But, results now take a few months.

Also, Get HIGH placement for your KEYWORDS!

Even when indexed by the search engines, it’s not going to help you if your keyword shows up on page 987. Sure, everyone would like their keywords to show up on page one, two or three of the returned results. But, I want to win the lottery! So? What are you going to do? One thing for sure….it will NOT be EZ!

You need GOOD/Informative content! Without this you will be wasting your time on other methods.

Below is some info that can assist you……

When someone types a specific phrase into a major search engine usually the results will show 10 site per page. These ‘organic’ sites are boxed in, usually on all sides by pay-per-click site ads.

So, in SEO theory you have to have your site placed on page one, two or three of the returned organic results to really benefit from the power of the Internet!

As an example. If someone in NY wanted a San Diego real estate broker, they would, perhaps type “San Diego real estate brokers’ into GOOGLE. If you do this today (standings change all the time), after the pay-per-click and the ‘local results’ you’ll see the first site is: You will also see (upper right)
“Results 1 – 10 of about 5,080,000 for San Diego real estate brokers.”

So, you will see that this one broker’s site (not a major real estate firm) has out ranked over FIVE MILLION other sites for this VERY POPULAR real estate search phrase!!!
Quite impressive!

After looking into the site, I also noted lots, of timely useful info in an EZ to follow site. This is VERY important! As without good ORIGINAL content you’ll NEVER have a top ranking site!

But, I also found on one of the internal pages, the name of the company that does the SEO for this site. They are:

I also visited their site, and found it too had a high Google pagerank. Plus, they had great articles on SEO and software for learning to do your own SEO.

The bad news is that any true SEO work to get on page one of Google is VERY time intensive. has a guaranteed results program…but, as it starts at $3,950.00, it’s really not for the little person.

I have downloaded their free trial SEO software, just a few days ago, so have not used it yet! But, I’m really learing alot for the free software. If they put this into an ebook, I’m sure they could sell quite a few copies!

*Also, on first link below is a website that offers about ten website and blog awards. They are FREE & even provide a link back to your site! Plus, they show the visitors that your site is a noch above the rest. Keep in mind, to get the award you have to have good info on your site and not just junk w/jumping graphics and tons of AdWords!

So, bottom line, GET THEIR FREE TRIAL SOFTWARE and even if you do NOT do anything else…you’ll learn a great deal about SEO from people who make their livelihood DOING IT!


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Your Questions About Watch Putlocker On Ipad

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Nancy asks…

Place to watch season 3 of The Vampire Diaries?

I’m trying to find a place like Netflix or Hulu where I can watch season 3. Not a website but where I can actually watch the episodes on my iPad. I would really prefer for the place to have a free trial haha. I’m a new TVD fan that just got to season 3 but the only way I can watch the episodes (I watch them on a website that doesn’t work on here) is on the family computer. There’s so many of us and it’s so hard to actually be able to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! xoxo

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barry0912 answers:

I watch online
can you get putlocker or gorrila vid on your ipad?
They show them

or just watch it on itv2 if youre in the uk

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Ken asks…

Free online Juno link?

Does anyone know whee I can watch Juno for free, no registration, on my ipad? The iPad part is important because I can’t do anything with flash or adobe or anything. Thank you!
I know it’s shit that theres no adobe flash but it’s not compatible with apple shit :S thank you for the links though, I haven’t tried them yet but I appreciate it :’)

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barry0912 answers:

I don’t know if it works on your iPad, but you can try:

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Solarmovieso malware

Problem- Keying in a URL into your address bar involving Internet Explorer causes this browser to frost nova up. If you open up task manager the thing is that the process IEXPLORE.exe triggers CPU usage to be able to spike to 100 .
I have seen numerous discussions concerning this one and I include addressed it more than once. Bear in mind that this is just a single solution to a problem that may have numerous causes adhere to what they youve been dealing with this problem then youll know it truly is worth looking into. Firstly you should try to get rid of virtually any malware that may be skulking in your PC. Make sure your virus defense is up to date. Run scans for spywareadware having Spybot Search and Destroy or perhaps Ad-aware or BOTH Its probably also a good idea in order to scan for any rootkits to make certain your AV software packages are picking everything upwards. Solarmovieso malware If after that you happen to be satisfied that your Laptop or computer is clean then you may be dealing with a few incompatible IE Add-ons.
Its a reasonable presumption that when your computer all of a sudden starts acting curiously that you are under attack by some charlatan malware. Believe me as being a PC repair tech that is always the first thing that pertains to my mind. However often the problem is not malevolent at all. Many times its simply bad coding through an otherwise well-intentioned software developer. The problem of viruss along with Spyware though is becoming so pervasive we tend to get caught up in this mentality that it just has to be a virus therefore we wind up chasing dark areas and never really amuse the idea of a significantly less sinister cause. When you havent eliminated viruses as a possible cause of your browser lockups I suggest you make it happen first before moving on to the next suggestions outlined in this article. Download a totally free trial version of SUPERAntiSpyware Download the Free trial offer of the PRO variation for best results. When you download your content install it and attempt a FULL system check out. If you Do have any spyware and adware on your system this program will find it. After youre sure that all your bases have been engrossed in Spyware and viruses then try this-
Option- In Internet Explorer simply click Tools Internet Options. Select the Programs tab. Press Manage Add-Ons. Make sure you have picked out Add-ons that have been used by net explorer in the drop-down box. Today go down the entire listing selecting each entrance and checking the actual Disable radio button. You will definately get a message for each one particular telling you that you have to reactivate Internet Explorer. Just click OK and moving down the checklist until all articles are disabled. Youll be able to restart Internet explorer kind a URL in the address bar if the freeze-up problem has faded.
If IE isnt going to freeze then youve simply just discovered the source with the problem Now get back on the Manage Add-ons dialog box and start re-enabling the BHOs. Dont enable every one of them at once. We need to discover the guilty party. Enable two or three at any given time restarting IE right after each time and try keying in in an address. If your browser freezes you might have found the culprit. Depart any entries which have been having a problem arranged to Disabled
Other than a number of minor cosmetic differences in the interface this process is pretty much the same for all versions of Internet Explorer.
If youre dealing with this matter I know how frustrating it may be. I hope this article has already been helpful. For lots more useful information and articles please visit my website at . Solarmovieso malware