Your Questions About Title Vii

Michael asks…

Compare and contrast disparate-treatment discrimination and disparate-impact discrimination, and Title VII�s r?

Compare and contrast disparate-treatment discrimination and disparate-impact discrimination, and Title VIIs response to each in the context of employment.

barry0912 answers:

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Donna asks…

Can An Employer Use Binding Arbitration Over EEOC Title VII Complaints?

Based on employer arbitration agreements, It is at least implied that an employee has no right to file a valid Title IV complaint with the EEOC.
I have seen two cases that have gone both was so there really is no president that I know of.
Has the Supreme Court or Congress made a decision on this?
This is the most recent story I could find on this issue. (4 yrs. old)

barry0912 answers:

EEOC does not recognize prior arbitration agreements, so it makes no difference what an employer may or may not have implied. If you have an EEOC complaint, file it. You are protected by federal law from retribution when you file, by the way.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Thomas asks…

Will the prices of internet service will increase or decrease in the United States?

The consumers of internet service are increasing in America,but the amount of cost is increasing,can we say that we have to request price controls for internet prices? who can control the prices? federal laws or state laws? who will advocate for the american consumer?

barry0912 answers:

Deregulation is the answer. If you have a low cost of entry into an industry, then you will have more competitors. Regulations will increase the cost of doing business.

When more companies are able to come into the market for a product, there is more competition. Thus, you get cheaper prices without price controls, and innovation with the product.

That is a better option than price controls. If you impose price controls, it causes shortages. For example, you would see internet companies start reducing the amount of data you can download, or reducing the amount of time you could use it. Companies would start taking away benefits that you get because the price controls are usually lower than the market price, and they cant cover costs. Also, companies would not invest into making the internet better (whether with speed or quality) because they can not charge a higher price for it. There would be no point in innovation.

So which would you rather have?

Steven asks…

Where can I find a digital marketing program in South Florida?

I’m a advertising traffic manager who lives in Boca Raton. I want to update my skill set and take a digital media/internet marketing program, but can’t seem to find any schools in South Florida that offer any. I know there are online options, but I prefer a classroom setting. Are there any recommendations?

barry0912 answers:

This is the best you can find .

On or Off line courses .
How Does The Course Work?
Using current, reality-based theory, proven practices, and integrated tools, the course guides students by the hand through the process of creating a popular, income-generating business.
For their part, students need to bring to the course…
1) Motivation to create an online business based on a passion or special interest.
2) Ability to write simple text equivalent to an inter-office memo.
3) Access to a computer and Internet connection for homework assignments.

4) Availability of eight hours per week (outside of class time) to dedicate to site and business-building efforts.

The course’s content is divided into 10 units, each with its own focus…

* Understanding “PREselling” (vs. “selling”) — Contentarrow Trafficarrow PREsellarrow Monetize concept; success examples, entrepreneurship; accessing online resources
* Brainstorming business ideas — types of online businesses; entrepreneur/infopreneur; building on passion/hobby/experience
* Doing precise online market research — lateral and vertical brainstorming; analyzing supply and demand
Go to this webpage put it on you number and they will call you back or you can call or writte them .


Then on lateral side bar menu that you actually find in alphabetical mode choose :

The 6th Pillar Program

Selecting an effective domain name — unifying business concept; searching available names; registering a domain
* Choosing an appropriate site Look & Feel — using standard and custom templates; starting and upgrading
* Developing original site content — outlining like a book; using online resources; studying competition; writing effectively for site visitors
* Creating Search-Engine-friendly pages — analyzing page content; incorporating keywords; organizing content in tiers
* Incorporating PREselling techniques — using e-mail giveaways; offering downloadable e-books; offering free online courses
* Promoting the business in multiple ways — free Search Engine traffic (plus directories); blogging; advertising; e-zines; relationships; joint ventures
* Implementing proven money-generating techniques — incorporating content-based ads; being an affiliate for other merchants’ products/services.

The course is not about “putting up a site.” It’s all about building a real business.
Contact ourl Education Group

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Richard asks…

Internet marketing and F-1 visa.?

I have a very difficult question. My just found in internet company with internet marketing system. My question is: May I work with them if I international student and have F 1 visa or not? That’s what i found when I tried to register myself in this system :

United States Federal Law and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) require us to obtain a valid Social Security Number for all United States citizens and residents, who wish to be a part of our program. The Social Security Number you specify must be accurate. Failure to provide your valid SSN can be prosecuted under federal law as identity theft.

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* – 3 days left to answer.

Additional Details

1 second ago
This is not a real job.. This is registration of domain… I know that student can’t work. That’s why I am asking. I f I registered domain name and have will have some income from this system is it allowed for the f 1 students?

barry0912 answers:

Read your visa – NO WORKING!

Nancy asks…

Internet Marketing Centre or

Has anyone else had experience of the Internet Marketing Centre.

Maybe you have been sweet talked into parting with a large amount of cash for a guaranteed money making website.

The trouble is once you parted with the cash the person who was so keen to talk to you at first now does a disappearing act and doesn’t answer your e-mails or return your calls. No I am not talking about a customer service rep, this person is “allegedly” a Director of the company – or so he told me!

Ever get the feeling you have been spoon fed large quantities of BS and stupidly swallowed it.

Has anyone else made this costly mistake?

barry0912 answers:

That is/was Cory Rudl’s company, one of the first big internet marketers, Corey died in a tragic car accident and was succeeded by Derek Gehl, Derek recently resigned and I don’t know what is going on there.

I have purchased their Internet Training Secrets, multiple times, it used to be real good cutting edge stuff, within the past couple years their angles have changed and after I received a call from them offering me some website/coaching package I stopped talking to them and purchasing their goods.

They wanted like 5000-10,000 and told me to get a credit card to ‘invest’ in my future!

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