Your Questions About Title Vii

Daniel asks…

what are policies that companies should have in place to avoid violations of title vii and its amendments?

barry0912 answers:

Open door policy (any manager is available to hear complaints or feedback at any time, and the manager, once he/she hears a complaint, follows an established procedure to resolve it)
Sexual Harrassment policy–forbidding sexual harassment.
Policy on equal opportunity hiring.

Sandra asks…

How many employers are necessary to fall under Title VII?

barry0912 answers:

All of them excpet for the exceptions given below…

There are partial and whole exceptions to Title VII for four types of employers:

Federal government; (Comment: The proscriptions against employment discrimination under Title VII are now applicable to the federal government under 42 U.S.C. Section 2000e-16)
Federally recognized Native American tribes
Religious groups performing work connected to the group’s activities, including associated education institutions;
Bona fide nonprofit private membership organizations.


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Your Questions About Title Ix

Lizzie asks…

Does Title IX protect a college football player right of sexual identity?

I think I’m gay. I intend to be a D1 QB but I will NOT put up with any harassment.

barry0912 answers:

No, it only allows for the equal opportunity to participate in educational programs regardless of federally protected classes. Neither Sexual Preference nor Sexual/Gender Identity are protected classes under federal law. Some states protect one or the other, but not many. However, many schools have non-discrimination policies that cover those classes.

John asks…

What are peoples opinions on Title IX and how its influenced womens sports today?

barry0912 answers:

Title IX has been miss used.
It was supposed to give women’s sports an equal opportunity.
I take that to mean the same number of scholar athletes, but many interpret that to mean the same amount of money is spent on women and men.
What has happened is many schools have dropped men’s sports while adding women’s sports such as crew and equestrian.
Some want football canceled even though that is normally the one sport that makes money and funds the rest of the athletic program.
There are schools that have dropped men’s sports even though those sports were never a burden to the school, i.e. Golf which was completely funded by private donations was dropped so the 6 men lost their scholarships at no savings to the school.
I believe women should have an equal opportunity to sports, but not to the extent that men must suffer, especially since these people did not participate in past discrimination.

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Your Questions About Title Ix

Betty asks…

Why do people say it violates Title IX if college football athletes are given a stipend?

Based on all of these incidents by agents I believe college football athletes of all schools and a certain division should be paid a stipend about the same maybe about $100,000.

It is a known fact that college football brings more revenue to schools than any other male sports or female sports so I find it silly for some to say it would discriminate against athletes of all other sports to play football players more when their sport brings in more revenue.

barry0912 answers:

Technically it wouldn’t, if you also paid some women’s athletes as well, although that would be difficult to afford. Title IX requires funding to fit the “Three-Prong Test” which goes as follows:

1. Prong one – Providing athletic participation opportunities that are substantially proportionate to the student enrollment, OR
2. Prong two – Demonstrate a continual expansion of athletic opportunities for the underrepresented sex, OR
3. Prong three – Full and effective accommodation of the interest and ability of underrepresented sex.

Credit must go to Wikipedia where I stole those from because it was easier than rewording it myself. Anyway, if any of those can be proven a school is in compliance with Title IX. It’s often stated funding for men’s and women’s sports has to be equal, which isn’t quite true, though that probably helps a school be considered in compliance. Scholarships usually are equal, which is why women actually have an easier time getting scholarships in most sports compared to men, as so much money already goes to football and basketball scholarships there are very few left over for other men’s sports, whereas women’s sports generally don’t bring in much money at all and can be more evenly distributed among the sports. And that, I think, is where this would fail Title IX. It would provide more money to male athletes female athletes wouldn’t have access to. Money taken in per sport doesn’t matter, gender alone matters. If money taken in per sport was the deciding factor most sports would cease to exist at the collegiate level because most sports don’t bring in a single cent of revenue.

(By the way, “underrepresented sex” really should be written “women.” Women’s sports can outnumber men’s sports and in fact SEC schools are required to have at least 2 more women’s sports than men’s. Men can be underrepresented with no penalty at all. But perhaps that’s an entirely different discussion.)

There are so many issues with paying football players it’s hard to know where to begin. Besides the simple fact schools probably couldn’t afford it, it would finally finish off amateurism for good in college football. It would probably actually negatively affect men’s sports more than women’s. So much money would be going to football other men’s sports would have to be shut down in order to pay for it and still not wipe out women’s athletics. It would potentially be the end of college athletics as we know it.

I personally would quit watching college football the day they pay the players more than they already get paid. Besides scholarships, you ought to see some of the things they get for free from schools. I had a roommate in college on the track and field team who had all sorts of duffel bags, notebooks, backpacks, etc. He could get directly from the school for free. If track and field athletes are getting that when they bring in a minimal amount of money I can’t imagine what the football players are getting.

Charles asks…

How does the elimination of 171 boy’s wrestling teams (Thanks to Title IX) equal “gender equality”?

Of course it’s all supposed to be about ‘proportionality’. So if more boys voluntary take part in sports activities due to equal opportunity, to enforce ‘equal outcome’ the colleges are either sued, or the teams are disbanded, to allow more girls to enter these activities. Now isn’t that quota messed up? Equal opportunities should not lead to equal outcomes being mandatory forced by law.

barry0912 answers:

They should disband student governments in the same manner if it’s all about equality as they are primarily populated by females.

Really I don’t think they should do for either but if you are going to do it to one; it should be done to both.

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Your Questions About Title Ix

Paul asks…

Would females stil lbe as involved in sports if title IX had not become legislation?

would the participation of female in sports have increased if title IX had not become legislation?

barry0912 answers:

It’s hard to say. They certainly participated before Title IX, but I imagine it gives more opportunities to more women.
You can’t get a definitive answer to a hypothetical question, and I’m kind of curious about why you’re asking

Lizzie asks…

when there are more womens teams AND more women athletes, yet the male team is cut for title IX, is that right?

feminists love defending title IX.
yet i know schools with 12 female teams and male teams, and more overall female athletes.
even so, the MALE teams are still being cut.

now, what if there were more male teams and students? feminists would probably protest that the women didnt have equal opportunity.
so why doesnt interest and opportunities of male athletes count? why are male teams cut when they are the minority?

barry0912 answers:

Title IX doesn’t state how it’s suppose to be implemented, that’s the college’s choice/excuse for doing whatever they like. No where does Title IX state that there should be equal expenditure of funds on male and female athletes:

oh, and most of the small and medium colleges and universities do not have football programs that even cover the costs of their football programs-let alone cover the costs of any other sports programs (over 80% of all college football programs and almost all high school football programs lose money-see link below). High school and junior high football programs are even worse- injuries are sky high in high school and college sports-with pro teams, coaches, alumni and parents pushing kids past their physical abilities.

When coaches make millions and faculty make peanuts, these are not “sports” they are coaching, they are pre pro franchises. Public funding shouldn’t be used to “help” pro sports.

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Your Questions About Title Nine

James asks…

i need to know a lil about title nine?

i am doing a project.. i need to know more about title nine than what it states.. i understand the fact that it offer equal opportunity to women as does men in sports and so on.. but i need to know if it also mean they are allowed to play the same sports together… or if they have to funded the same .. or what not i just some things about it.. please help me

barry0912 answers:

Type in ” Title IX ” into your address bar, plenty there.

Richard asks…

Magazine Title for the topic Little Rock Nine?

i have a history project on little rock nine. i have to make a magazine cover representing the historical event. i need a title for the magazine. any suggestions would be help full. thank you.

barry0912 answers:

Justice and equality of opportunity for all
desegregation of Little Rock Central High
Journey to Justice
1957 Little Rock Nine

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Your Questions About Mlm Scams

Linda asks…How do I know on line based work at homes are scams or not? What is MLM and BBB?Most Internet based businesses requier a start up cost. where can I get a free ones?barry jennings answers:MLM is multi-level marketing. In multi-level marketing, each individual has an equal opportunity to advance in the business. At each level, there is a commission paid for a product sold. There may be a start up cost, ie. For materials, website, etc. But there should be no profit made on someone registering with the company. There can… Read full post here