Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Daniel asks…

What is Affiliate Internet Marketing ?

barry0912 answers:

It is internet marketing without your own product. You are essentially marketing the products or services of someone else. You, the affiliate marketer, will make commissions on every single sale you are responsible for. (i.e. If you lead a visitor to a merchant’s website and they make a purchase, you get paid)

There are many different methods and approaches to affiliate marketing so you can go about business in whatever way suits you best depending on your budget and how much time/effort you can invest in your ventures.

If you are new to marketing, i strongly advise using a guide so you can minimize the risks. Many people fall for scams, get stuck, or end up losing a lot of money trying to use a technique that isn’t suited for what they are trying to do. A lot of this can be easily avoided with proper guidance and it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Theres a website called 404 reviews that explains various internet marketing methods along with lots of other useful info about internet marketing in general that can really help you out.


Betty asks…

Email marketing.?

I am trying to start email marketing. I have my own website that sales some products. Now what I is my idea that I want to send email to my register customer about latest products.

But I need to know that should I have to take any license (spam fees) so my email will not get spam by hotmail,gmail or yahoo or any other mail provider.

barry0912 answers:

Building opt in list and affiliate marketing – effective internet marketing plan

Building opt in list and affiliate marketing have become synonymous to online success as an effective internet marketing strategy. For many online sites, building opt in list and affiliate marketing have proven quite profitable. Primarily because most online users are not exposed to any unscrupulous internet marketing strategies prevalent on the World Wide Web.

As an effective Internet marketing strategy, users are given the option to signup for information or service provided by a particular site. Building opt in list and affiliate marketing reduces the risk of spamming since the recipient voluntarily chooses to receive emails from a website. Plus, building opt in list and affiliate marketing provides a direct link to the subscriber that will help shape a formidable customer relationship that will keep on going.

The basics of building opt in list and affiliate marketing

Different websites have different ways of building opt in list and affiliate marketing. However there are some tried and tested formulas to help new affiliate marketers develop their own opt in listing for their site. The first and most important factor to determine in building opt in list and affiliate marketing is to establish the site’s target market.

Once the target market is established, building opt in list and affiliate marketing can be customized to meet their demands. This can be done using a variety of methods to convince site visitors to sign up for the site’s newsletter or e-zine. After signing up, the customer will begin to receive a variety of newsletters, e-zines and brochures that the customer had registered for.

Strategies for building opt in list and affiliate marketing

There are a number of strategies that affiliate marketers can use for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. One way of building opt in list and affiliate marketing is by purchasing or leasing a subscribers list from third-parties. This is usually done by affiliate marketers in order to get easy access to many people who have consented to receiving e-mails, newsletters and e-zines on various topics.

Although it is the fastest approach to building opt in list and affiliate marketing, this method does not provide a focused consumer group for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. In addition, it may cost an affiliate marketer more than what they expect to receive in sales. Fortunately, there are other ways for affiliate marketers to get the most out of building opt in list and affiliate marketing.

Enlisting for co-registration services is great for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. This service usually costs about 10 cents to 30 cents per subscriber but it easily translates into an average of three hundred subscribers daily to an affiliate marketer’s opt in list.

Writing articles is also an effective strategy for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. The articles can be published in various newsletters with specific links to the affiliate marketer’s site. This serves as a great introduction to potential subscribers that would encourage them to sign up for an opt in list.

Joint ventures are also a valuable strategy in building opt in list and affiliate marketing. Joint ventures are a hundred percent free and at the same time can add up to hundreds of subscribers to an opt in list daily.

Incentives for building opt in list and affiliate marketing

Building opt in list and affiliate marketing can also be encouraged by offering incentives to potential subscribers. This subtle form of encouragement for building opt in list and affiliate marketing often helps stir the interest of potential subscribers to sign up for the opt in list. There are a number of methods used in affiliate marketing to egg on potential subscribers to sign up.

Offering products and services in exchange for signing up is commonly practiced by many affiliate websites. Products may include special e-books or software that would be of interest to the subscriber. Another way to get subscribers to sign up is to offer them special services that are only available for site members.

Regardless of the incentive used for building opt in list and affiliate marketing, the most important factor to consider is how to keep the interest of the subscriber. Remember, it is just as easy for a subscriber to opt out of the list as it was to opt in to the list.

You can get opt-in services at aweber or getresponse, they will do everything for you and no spam complaints!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

Chris asks…

What is a good and cheap way of marketing my website?

I need a good way to market my social website, that has been recently constructed. What are some good ways doing this?

barry0912 answers:

Hi buddy..

Here are my “Top 7 FREE Traffic/Advertising Or BLOG Visitors Generating Tips”

1)Viral Pictures
Viral is closely connected with something that may spread easily.So i suggest you to create a viral picture which is closely connected with your products and spread it.
Everyone likes funny pictures and they don’t mind sharing it with others.It’s viral.So, If you’re selling a health product, then you may create a funny picture about it and put your website’s name on it.
Next, just forward it to as many contacts as possible using e-mails. Whether it’s a 12 years old kid or 21 years old adult.They would just love and share it with others. Can you see how easy it is?

2)Viral Videos
Videos are the most famous entertainment on the Internet.People would just love it dues to it’s effectivenes in spreading the message. So i suggest you to create viral videos about your product and again put your link in it.
If you got 3 minutes video, then make sure your website’s link is visible throughout the whole 3 minutes.If you don’t have the neccessary tools to create a video, then you can simply collect 5-10 viral pictures and then convert it into video using Windows Movie Maker.
Then just upload it to You Tube or Google Videos. Now using bluetooth everyone is exchanging videos from their mobiles or computers. If your video is viral enough to attract others, it will easily spread to others.

Suggested Link

3)Yahoo Answers
I probably won’t be answering your question if i don’t know the answer. And i won’t suggest you any websites link if i think that it’s not going to help you.
So simply answer any questions that you’re knowleadgeable(your niche market) at and put a link to your websites as extra source for others.
If your answer is good and solved the questions, people would also expect for more tips and suggestion from you.If you suggested any website links, there are high chances for anyone to visit it.

4)Forum Marketing
Forum Marketing works just like Yahoo Answers. They would be a lot of tips and questions exchanged in any forums.
So start getting active and contribute to any forum members and they will appreciate your expertise and start visiting your websites fo more up-to-date tips.

Suggested Link:

5)Newsgroup Marketing
Promote your expertise and links in newsgroups by contributing your tips to other members.

Suggested Link:

6)Article Marketing
Write articles within your niche and submit it to article directories.Write good and informative articles and a nice bio box that’ll attract visitors.

Suggested Link:

7)Social Networking
Use social networking sites to promote your products and links. As you know social networking sites are self promotoable. If you got a nice profile with beautiful pictures in it, i bet you’ll get a lot of visits from other members.

Suggested Link:

Lisa asks…

Pl provide any certified internet which offered money related work?

I shall be grateful if any body provide internet work from where a person can earn money.

barry0912 answers:

I think the best way to earn money through internet is Blogging. You can use Google’s blogger for this purpose. There are millions of people looking for something interesting to read, to play, to chat with some one, to share their ideas on the web. If you are creative, start writing a story and put it on your blog in pieces. People will keep coming to your blog to read the next part of the story. Or if you do not like to stress your mind in writing stories, you can even create a blog as a warehouse of useful information. You just need to keep yourself abreast with the latest things going in the world. It could be about share market, about some news event or about some book launch. Google for it and put the best and most useful links on your blog (provided you do not do any copyright violation).
You can think of some other innovative ways too.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Richard asks…

Internet marketing and F-1 visa.?

I have a very difficult question. My just found in internet company with internet marketing system. My question is: May I work with them if I international student and have F 1 visa or not? That’s what i found when I tried to register myself in this system :

United States Federal Law and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) require us to obtain a valid Social Security Number for all United States citizens and residents, who wish to be a part of our program. The Social Security Number you specify must be accurate. Failure to provide your valid SSN can be prosecuted under federal law as identity theft.

* 11 minutes ago
* – 3 days left to answer.

Additional Details

1 second ago
This is not a real job.. This is registration of domain… I know that student can’t work. That’s why I am asking. I f I registered domain name and have will have some income from this system is it allowed for the f 1 students?

barry0912 answers:

Read your visa – NO WORKING!

Nancy asks…

Internet Marketing Centre or

Has anyone else had experience of the Internet Marketing Centre.

Maybe you have been sweet talked into parting with a large amount of cash for a guaranteed money making website.

The trouble is once you parted with the cash the person who was so keen to talk to you at first now does a disappearing act and doesn’t answer your e-mails or return your calls. No I am not talking about a customer service rep, this person is “allegedly” a Director of the company – or so he told me!

Ever get the feeling you have been spoon fed large quantities of BS and stupidly swallowed it.

Has anyone else made this costly mistake?

barry0912 answers:

That is/was Cory Rudl’s company, one of the first big internet marketers, Corey died in a tragic car accident and was succeeded by Derek Gehl, Derek recently resigned and I don’t know what is going on there.

I have purchased their Internet Training Secrets, multiple times, it used to be real good cutting edge stuff, within the past couple years their angles have changed and after I received a call from them offering me some website/coaching package I stopped talking to them and purchasing their goods.

They wanted like 5000-10,000 and told me to get a credit card to ‘invest’ in my future!

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How to watch solar movie on samsung tablet

If you are a fan associated with television and want to sit down and watch a film you might have heard of internet streaming TV shows and movies to your PC. If you have you might be wondering if this is for you or not. So if you are at present debating if you should do that here are a few reasons that might help you to decide. I will also be discussing a high-quality satellite TV to PC software that I am applying to watch more than A few500 HD Channels worldwide for free.
Getting television programmes and the movie of your choice streamed is straightforward – in fact once youve done it once you will wonder why you been doing it for years. In case you regularly surf the net you will find that using a Tv series or movie is just as easy. So why not check out for yourself -. How to watch solar movie on samsung tablet – You will not require a technician come to your own home to set you up – often if you have cable installed you should set a date to get a technician to come out along with install it. When you choose to observe TV in this way it is possible to set everything right up yourself. Even if you are an overall novice you will find that the installation of the program on your computer and running it is so simple and easy and straightforward.
You will save a lot of money – it can be genuinely expensive to pay for cable connection to be installed and this also is something that applies a lot of people off. You will not have to pay anything to possess this kind of program attached with your computer. As you can see it is a definite benefit to anybody who is looking to save money.
You can watch what you want when you want to be able to – simply get the show or motion picture you want and watch it. Its really that simple to observe anything that you want inside of a matter of moments if you use this method of using buffering TV on PC software. That is why everybody is opting to watch television programs they really like fire that personal computer rather than on their wire subscription.
You do not have to purchase costly equipment — the only things that you will require is your existing computer and Internet connection. You wont have to pay for new Television or any other satellite equipment. Clearly this can save you a lot of money and will mean that you can spend your money on other things.
You will not employ a monthly cable expenses again – you will notice that you will only make one particular payment to have the service in your home. You can wave goodbye to your regular cable bill. This really is good music all set when you find that cable television is too expensive for them.
These are merely some of the reasons why you should start streaming TV shows and films to your PC. As we discussed very easy and straightforward to achieve this and you will have a fantastic choice associated with things to watch. Thus look into it right now and you could be having a movie or a unique TV show tonight. I take advantage of a satellite TV with PC software that allows me to watch in excess of 3000 overseas television channels online and suggest it.
How to watch solar movie on samsung tablet If you want to take our most effective technical today around along with you for the easiest way to interact with your friends meet up with or e-mails or anything else make a choice of these tablets.
ASUS Eee Sleeping pad Transformer TF101-A1 10.1-Inch Tablet Computer Tablet Only
This new tablet made by Asus provides Android 3.0 with 16 as well as 32GB models for sale. With a weight of 2.8 pounds youll be able to carry it almost anywhere and will be able to gain access to the internet and sleek HD multimedia. Your Asus Eee also has a full QWERTY keyboard that is completely removable for a tablet as well as PC experience.
Samsung Galaxy Tab
This kind of tablet has not nevertheless been released yet it is still very popular along with highly anticipated.