Your Questions About Title 9

William asks…

What is the NCAA Title 9 (IX) rule?

I still don’t understand what the rule is. And why do they stop some colleges from participating in some sports in regard to the rule

barry0912 answers:

I’m very passionate about women’s sports and I’ve played many throughout my life. This is the best answer I can give you:

In 1972, Congress passed the Educational Amendments to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. One important section of this law, Title IX, changed the landscape of intercollegiate athletics, especially for women. It states: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance” (Salter 6).

Title IX meant greater opportunity for women’s participation in college athletics traditionally only available to men and effected women’s lives in a positive manner.

In the 35 years following the passage of Title IX in 1972, the federal legislation that mandates equal opportunities for men and women, has prompted significant increases in participation opportunities for high school and college female athletes. Many advances have been made for girls and women in sport, but equity has yet to be achieved. However, major discrepancies still exist in the area of facilities, travel schedules, and support services, and equity in equipment provided. We have yet to reach the point of fairness in America’s education sports programs.

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Michael asks…

When will the discriminatory law, Title 9 finally end?

barry0912 answers:

Title 9 is NOT discriminatory.

Title IX was put in place to guarantee women had equal access to sports – that’s the opposite of discriminatory.

College presidents are using Title IX as an excuse to cut sports programs that don’t make the university money.

TAHIRA- So, the 52 Americans held for 444 days in the embassy was not threatening the US? Wow, you’re dumb!

They were held hostage IN THE EMBASSY and the new IRC did NOTHING ABOUT IT. THAT IS A THREAT!!!!!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

James asks…

What can I do and can this guy really pursue legal action?

Someone on one of my forums contacted me for Internet Marketing help which I provided him. I received the payment, sent him a huge write up and answered all his questions and helped him along the way. 2 weeks later, he files a dispute on paypal for the money back. He claims that he emailed me 1 time every day for 4 days prior to the filed claim. I responded saying, so you waited 2 weeks to email me once a day for 4 days? It was pretty funny because he was clearly lying. I have all the proof with emails and everything showing that I sent him what he purchased and helped him. He was dumb enough to say in the initial claim that he was purchasing facebook help. Then after I respond to that, he goes on to say this ridiculous story of how he was in the hospital.

Basically, it is all a big lie on his part. I have been sending him emails, which he doesn’t want to argue with me about he says, because he knows he is lying and wrong. I have his address, which I told him I have and I said I will get my money back one way or another. Now my questions is: what can I do and what should I not do? Can I get his phone number and call him? Can I keep sending him emails? After all, he does owe me money and I want to get my money back. He emailed me last night saying to choose my words carefully because he would be pursuing legal action. I sent him an email responding saying to give me his lawyers contact info and was just saying, how can you file a claim and take the money back after I gave you everything you wanted and helped you. Then was saying, in the real world when a business owes a fee to someone, don’t you think they call the person for their money? Don’t you think they try to get whatever it is they paid for or did work for?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. I’m pissed because I helped this guy, and now I’m out the money too. But, I want to know what my boundries are.

barry0912 answers:

You walked right into his trap. He builds up your frustration level, while never doing anything illegal, until you screw up.

This is where you crossed the line:

“I have his address, which I told him I have and I said I will get my money back one way or another.”

This is a threat and could enable him to get a restraining order, judgments against you for legal fees and damages, criminal charges against you, etc.

How much money are you talking about? Is it worth it now???

Your boundaries would have been to sue him in Civil Court. Probably small claims court. You seriously hurt your case by threatening him though.

Donald asks…

Is anybody interested to join my Yahoo Group for Affiliate Marketing Professionals?

My group is “Affiliate_Forum”. It is a resource group for Webmasters, Developers, Netrepreneurs & Technology Enthusiasts. Keep up to date on key internet issues, and promotion opportunities that could change the way you do business online.
To join, please email:

barry0912 answers:

Yes, i am interested in joining your group!!!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Charles asks…

Media people reports on oversubscription of IPOS. how do they get these news???

if there is any internet link for the same please provide .. my question is associated with indian markets

barry0912 answers:

No there is no internet link to find out this info. The media just calls the underwriter, that is the firm that is bringing the IPO to market, and asks them how the offering is going. If they say they have more orders than stock available, then it is oversubscribed.

Michael asks…

Is the media upset that the free market has determined them to be obsolete?

The markets are rejecting them in favor of the internet, where any individuals can blog and report on news. Are they trying to backlash with all their might?
Chief-…That made…no sense. Whatsoever. You’re saying you want to forcibly prohibit the free flow of information? lolwut?

Master chief makes more compelling arguments.


barry0912 answers:

Yeah, because right wing kooks can go and only read websites ran by other right wing kooks. It certainly is making us a dumber, kookier society. The free market is the biggest danger facing humanity in the 21st century, People realized 100 years ago the doom that it does to society, yet you demand we give it another shot.

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Why doesnt solarmoviecom work on my ps3

Innovation can be a talent that everybody features. Some find it easier to express their innovative side than others however that doesnt mean you dont possess the proficiency. Just like riding a bike learning to drive and cutting it takes a bit of a serious amounts of practice to achieve your own potential. It just takes occasion practice and resolve. In this article discover a handful of tips on how you can discover your potential with your 5 self improvement solutions and bring out your progressive side.
1. Dont listen to what other folks say. If you have a perception dont let other bands input ruin ones idea. If they dont like your idea theyll likely can deal with this. You need to learn to perform things for yourself. Why doesnt solarmoviecom work on my ps3 Ya think that Einstein and other good geniuses went on to hear their friends regarding ideas I do not think so.
3. Exercise Exercising relaxes your body by delivering endorphins through your entire body. During exercise many people get a rush associated with creativity since they are so relaxed. Try it run for a mile or two and see what goes on.
3. Find your style Everyone is unique and style is also one of a kind in people also. A poet can be explained to from another one even if of the words he makes use of or a painter with the brush he employed. If you can find yourself an exceptional style that works for you individuals will learn what a beneficial asset you are because no one would have the identical talent as you.
5. Dont hide oneself behind fancy products Just because you have the most high-priced high tech equipment will not make you the best. Indeed it does give you a plus but it is only a smaller one. Take this particular for example do you think the photographer with the newest camera on the market that basically doesnt understand digital photography at all is really will make it bigger than any photographer who knows taking pictures using a non reusable camera. No The same thing goes with writing should you have an expensive laptop just what use is it for your requirements if you cant publish. Make sure that you are good along with your skill just because you might have fancy equipment wont mean youre the most beneficial
5. Add some enthusiasm Passion is that additional bit of effort which will take you to the next level. People who have talent can do a superb job but someone with passion is fine hard. Do you think which that job location will fall into ones lap just because youre the most talented Probably but others will likely be determined to get that situation and that could make these individuals virtually impossible.
Mentioned 5 of the many stuff that can unlock the innovation and hopefully you will take these kind of into consideration to bring out your innovation and make it possible for everything snowball from there. Why doesnt solarmoviecom work on my ps3 The PC may be the particular online gaming platform most people dont apply it to its whole potential. Its ok facing the thrill from the unknown by losing into a random web server but that way genuinely doesnt lead to the best gaming experience.
You may be fighting against or a whole lot worse with total mooks possibly too dumb in order to wield and M4 possibly even incredibly selfish that you or any other player is simply a sack of meat standing in their technique no matter whose part theyre on.
The real key to both making the most of and becoming better with online play is actually joining a depending of like minded folks in other words a kin.

Your Questions About Internet Marketing Association

William asks…

Does the California Energy Commision really want to get between us and our televisions?

Many organizations are opposing tough new legislation designed to cut energy usage, including groups that normally support conservation and green technology. Latest example, the LA Times:,0,1389923.story

Every state-wide and national group who’s weighed in on this subject has come down in opposition also.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) seems to only have one proponent – themselves.

In an email communication with the CEC explaining how Californians would suffer under their planned restrictions, they replied with “You’re smart guys, you’ll figure it out.”
I responded with the fact that TV manufacturers are already responding to the voluntary federally run Energy Star program. Sony’s energy usage has dropped more than 60% between 2005 and 2009 – still waiting for a reply…

I participated in this discussion on KPCC, the local NPR for the greater Los Angeles market, where guests from Visio and the Consumer Electronics Association confirmed that picture quality is directly relative to energy usage and is likely to retard due to CEC meddling.

New technologies, as they roll out, are where we see improvement. Are we supposed to think up something new real fast, then rush the research and development because the CEC thinks it’s a good idea? Apparently.

Californians will be in for some or all of the items below if the CEC passes their draconian requirements.

The nicer looking televisions tend to use more power than their cheap counterparts. Some manufacturers may be forced to stop selling the good stuff in larger sizes to Californians

If Californians are forced to use the Internet to buy larger TVs with good quality pictures, state sales tax revenue will go down as will income from trucking, sales and service organizations. Since practically everyone buys larger TVs these days, there will be significant job loss in California too.

Manufacturers may choose to dumb down the picture quality to meet the requirements. (Anyone can make a TV more efficient by turning down the brightness, contrast and color.) If all the TVs in the local showroom have the same poor picture, we won’t be the wiser.

Exciting new technologies often hit the market then become more efficient after a year or two. Californians can forget being on the cutting edge of technology.

Convenience models, ones that include a Blu-ray player or maybe a hard drive for DVR functionality, use even more power than a simple TV, but use less than having individual boxes sitting next to the TV. Sorry, we won’t get those either.

One on-the-horizon technology may be capable of meeting CEC requirements for larger sizes while maintaining good picture quality. It’s called OLED. Trouble is, so far we can only make up to 11 inch pictures and even at that small size they cost over $2000.00 to buy.

barry0912 answers:

It appears they do which is strange since they have hollywood there. Oh well. I have a 46inch Samsung on in the background which I’m barely watching and I often leave both my computers on 24/7 to help make the world a warmer place.

Donna asks…

History quiz help please!!!.?

8.Which factor contributed to increased migration of people among regions of the United States in the second half of the 20th century?
A. new restrictions on immigration from Asia
B. increases in the number of small family farms
C. the construction of the Interstate Highway system
D. increased immigration from Northern and Western Europe

9. Which action could the U.S. government employ to protect U.S. automobile manufacturers from foreign competition?
A. increase taxes on the production of U.S. automobiles
B. create free trade agreements with automobile-producing countries
C. increase tariffs and import restrictions on foreign automobiles
D. implement stricter control of competition among U.S. automobile manufacturers

10. Business organizations try to influence government, the courts, and the public in ways that will benefit their members. One such business organization is the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). If you were trying to learn about the goals of NAM, which of the following would be the most credible source of information?
A. A pamphlet published by NAM that explains their goals
B. A story on the national news about disagreements between members of NAM
C. An internet blog written by a group opposed to NAM
D. An editorial piece about the pros and cons of the organization

11. Farm organizations, business organizations and labor unions each play an important role in our society. They are all similar in that they
A. each try to protect the rights of women and minorities.
B. each try to protect the interests of their members.
C. all lobby the government to provide subsidies to farmers.
D. all gave financial support to the civil rights movement.

12. The Rustbelt is a region based upon
A. Population.
B. Economic activity.
C. Climate.
D. Landforms.

13. The growth of suburbs has caused the economic value of land around many U.S. cities to increase. One result of this increase in land value has been a decrease in
A. U.S. food production for export.
B. the availability of agricultural labor in urban regions.
C. the construction of roads, water lines and sewer lines.
D. the amount of land available for farming.

14. When the government controls all major industries and decides what products will be produced and how many of each type of product will be produced, what type of economy is described?
A. mixed
B. market
C. traditional
D. command

15. What helped to popularize personal computers with ordinary people during the early 1980?
A. The internet
B. Improved public transportation facilities
C. Better educated workforce
D. Wide range of software programs

16. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, improvements in steel technology allowed architects to design buildings taller than had previously been possible. As a result, skyscrapers began to be built in cities such as New York and Chicago. What was the result of this new technology on population patterns in the United States in the first half of the 20th century?
A. decreased growth of suburban areas
B. migration from the West to the Midwest
C. greater population density in urban areas
D. increased migration from urban to rural areas

17. Which of the following is a feature of a market economy?
A. freedom of enterprise
B. government control over the economy
C. complete lack of industry
D. economy is guided by cultural traditions

18. One effect of widespread suburbanization in the United States was
A. airlines adding routes to new cities.
B. increased reliance upon the automobile.
C. decreased immigration from Europe and Asia.
D. television replacing radio as the most popular medium.

19. How did the US government’s role in the economy change as a result of the Great Depression?
A. The federal government had a reduced role in regulating economic activity.
B. The federal government maintained the role it had in economic matters before the Great Depression.
C. The federal government expanded its role in regulating economic activity and promoting economic growth.
D. The federal government transferred its role in economic affairs over to the state governments.

20. In recent decades, a number of states have passed laws designed to protect wetlands such as marshes and swamps. These laws make it difficult for developers to begin new construction on wetlands. This trend was motivated by

A. a decrease in the economic value of wetlands.
B. an increase in the geographical area covered by wetlands.
C. a decrease in the number of environmental threats to wetlands.
D. an increased awareness of the environmental importance of wetlands.

I know its quite a few questions.
But Im homeschooled. And I dont have books!. Could someone help please!??

barry0912 answers:

8 c
9 c
10 d
11 b
12 b
13 d
14 d
15 c
16 c
17 a
18 b
19 c
20 d

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Pros involving
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